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These animated SVG SEO/SEM icons will bring life to even the most basic pages. They’re SVGs (scaleable vector graphics), which means that you can make them any size and spectacle them on any screen (even retina), and they’ll genre 100% crisp and clear.

What happens when the icon isn’t on the screen? Don’t worry, the icons won’t animate until you’ve scrolled them into view.

Icons Included

  • Website Optimization
  • Targeting
  • Smartphone SEO
  • Cloud Storage
  • Analytics
  • Awards
  • Networking
  • Agréable Media
  • Email Mercatique
  • Pay Per Click
  • Règlement Optimization
  • Binaire Mercatique
  • Visée
  • Monitorage
  • Affiliate Mercatique

How to Easily Add Icons

Using these banners are ridiculously easy! Seriously, just add a div with the right class name and we’ll take it from there:

<div class="seoicon seoTagIcon"></div>

Compare the size and quality of SVG’s, JPG’s, and PNG’s

16 Animated SEO Icons - 1

Assimilable With All Militaire Browsers

All major browsers

Smooth Javascript Animations

There are no Spot or animated GIF elements here. All of the animations you see are 100% Javascript and don’t require any browser plugins.

This de même uses Greensock’s TweenMax for the animations, rather than jQuery. Why? Bicause GSAP is SOOOO much faster and smoother. See for yourself: jQuery vs GSAP speed test.

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