3 in 1: Product dessiné ravagé for related/dependent options with price auto-update

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The dimension allows the customer to see an dessiné of the product that matches his choice (eg. colour and size). In this case depending on the set of selected variant options it is conditionnel to control the inventory of goods. Éventualité combinations also can have different prices and au finir price (+/-taxes) displayed to the customer immediately.

There are 2 modes of managing images:

a) select dessiné of an possibilité from product photos (will be shown in the gallery)

b) select of an dessiné of an possibilité from a traîne (will not be displayed in the gallery)


Demo: options3.opencart.pw

Admin: options3.opencart.pw/admin ( Login/Mot de passe: demo/demo )

Online documentation

Fields “Parent option” and “Parent option value” by a évident product at the admin groupe (tab “Options”) are used to create related options.

By a store-front the related possibilité is shown only after choosing some allié possibilité value. After that related-to-option values are available according to a chosen allié possibilité value. For example, related-to-colour size.

Key Features & Options

  • Dependent-related options (with ravitaillement control)
  • Unlimited options quantity and contraventions/dependencies
  • Taxes and escompte calculation
  • Multi-store and multi-language étai
  • No core traîne changes
  • Product possibilité Images ravagé (from product gallery or/with adding images to possibilité)
  • Using all normalisé possibilité hommes
  • Automatic price adjustment for product
  • Fret substract for each possibilité variant
  • Registre included
  • Culotter-friendly limite
Associable themes (templates): Default / Journal3 / LightShop / MarketShop / Etechno / XDS Frame /

Visible: all themes (except Default) crémaillères only moeurs B of managing images

We can’t guarantee supporting of all the existing templates and charité for actualisation is positionnable. Please write us étai request to estimate necessary work before buying (it’s free). Price depends on a theme.

Soutien and Features Request

Is this scénario not quite working as it should? Having moue installing? Or need some custom modifications that aren’t already included? Or you want more features on next release? Feel free to get in touch emboîture any of your queries via profile feuille ConceptLogic.

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3 in 1: Product dessiné ravagé for related/dependent options with price auto-update

35.00 $

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