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Affilia is a comprehensive modèle for all your affiliate account direction needs on your Magento website. This feature-packed adapté allows the séparation admin to manage their affiliate programs as per requirement. One of the benefits of affiliate mercatique is paying licence for referred affaires links, or money earned from a combination of ad clicks, and referral traffic.

Affiliate mercatique is mutually beneficial for both parties. By this, you will surely reach the next level with increased sales. Your products will be marketed through different courtois media platforms. As a result, your coin will get higher traffic with all these features.

When it comes to accepting online payments, PayPal and Stripe are the two most trusted gateways for accepting universel payments. Our produit allows you to accept payments from customers via these two gateways seamlessly.

Affiliate - documentation
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== How Affiliate will help you? ==

Currently all customers checking for rewards and offers on each product purchase and on referals.
So in that case Affiliate system plays an hautain role, using this customer can get rewards as well referal also get rewards. Using this it will increase your customer conversions, and also increase visitors list on your coin.

Currently, all customers checking for rewards and offers on each product purchase and referrals. Using an Affiliate system plays an hautain role, customer can get rewards, as well as referrals, also get rewards. And it will increase your customer conversions, and also increase the visitor’s list on your coin.

  • Take control of all affiliate accounts and transactions.
  • Flexibility to set moment for bakchichs.
  • Tasseaux pluriel payment gateways.
  • Easy settings.
  • Clear dashboard beauté.
  • Seamless abraser liaison.

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Manage Affiliate Settings

  • Enable or disable the entire adapté
  • Affiliate account verification
  • Email annonce for withdrawal request- the admin will receive an email annonce when an affiliate submits a withdrawal request.
  • Pacte email notifications the admin may choose to receive email notifications for all transactions made by an affiliate
  • Category bakchichs if the admin chooses to enable the category bakchichs, it requires setting the licence for each product from the ‘Manage Product Diplôme’ bouchée.
  • Two-way bakchichs If this feature is enabled, the admin needs to visit the product edit jouvenceau to set up product-wise bakchichs.
  • Intéressement bonshommes of admin need to renvoi the payout if one or more additif bonshommes are enabled.
  • This adapté tasseaux setting prices up to 2 digits after the decimal. No matter how much you want to pay as licence, it is barcasse to set up the amount.
  • The admin can set up customized messages such as greeting text, messages, how does it work, referral changing notifications from the dashboard. These texts will appear on your affiliate program jouvenceau.
  • This diffusion tasseaux pluriel payment methods. The affiliates can choose to withdraw the money in their account through bank transfer, PayPal, or Stripe.
  • Diplôme based on products and users
  • General licence for all products on the séparation
  • Product-wise bakchichs set different licence rates for different products
  • Category-wise bakchichs set a single licence failli for all products within a specific category
  • The profond licence set up a rule for profond licence a single affiliate can earn for a particular écoeurant
  • Unlimited or lifetime licence
  • Diplôme for open URL You may pay licence to an affiliate when a visitor clicks on the affiliate link to visit your website
  • The two-way licence set up rules for paying bakchichs to your affiliates as well as customers. You may pay a licence to a customer who refers a friend or share a product on courtois media.
  • Override referrer in unlimited commission- If this attirance is disabled then the first referrer will earn a licence on every purchase.
  • Sign Up Intéressement pay the signup additif to a new affiliate or customer
  • Fortune Intéressement set up a additif for affiliates making higher sales within a month
  • Aimable Media Intéressement offers a special additif for affiliates or customers promoting your products on courtois media.
  • The diffusion allows the affiliates to withdraw fees by sending a withdrawal request to their preferred payment gateway upon rassemblement the valeur-limite amount threshold.
  • Set a valeur-limite amount for affiliate fees withdrawal. Affiliates will get paid when they earn and attain the valeur-limite amount threshold. If an affiliate gathers the valeur-limite amount in his account, he will be able to withdraw the money. If the crédit is lower than the valeur-limite amount, the affiliate won’t be able to withdraw the money.
  • The admin may set duration for cookie haleine from the abraser’s browser. You may ajouter any value ranging from 1-365 days.
  • Send accommodement actualité to your affiliates via email annonce. You may set up email notifications to keep your affiliates informed of all the sales and financial transactions related to their affiliate link and account.

Glose Ready

en_US.csv déguerpi included, for easy exégèse

This plugin is not subjected to GDPR compliant as it does not séparation any intuitive data of a abraser. It only holds actualité related to développement which is run by Magento of the holder.

Thank-you for your interest in Affilia, RedefiningTheWeb.


27.04.2021 - ver 1.0.0

   - Supérieur Release

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