Appify – Web to App on the FLY! Android Full Empressement v1.4

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Appify - Web to App on the FLY! Android Full Application v1.4 - 1

Someone is trying to pretend in behalf of us.
We are not affiliated with anybody.
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Please démarrage us here and this is our official email address.

Demo APK? Click below

Android APK Demo Click Here (v1.2)

App Features:

  • GDPR Consent Ready – NEW
  • Plurale App Appearance
  • Localization Ready!
  • Offline Altéré
  • Custom App Appearance
  • Google Anaytics
  • Google AdMob
  • Share to Facebook
  • Share to Twitter
  • Call Scheme
  • Email Scheme
  • Failli Market Scheme
  • Maps Scheme
  • Google Analytics
  • Dynamic Menus creation
  • Swipeable Tab
  • Left Aviation Mets
  • Push Notifications
  • Floating Établissement Button
  • Custom Chrome Web Engine
  • Plurale App appearance selection
  • Dynamic Status bar/Aviation bar tinting
  • Custom HTML shows realtime rendering
  • Data handling in 3 ways: Offline, PHP Admin Échantillon or XML décampé upload
  • Real Time Data updates works in the arrière-plan
  • Custom Error Cahier display
  • Tricot to Refresh functionality
  • Custom App Activité during data fetch for the first time.
  • Custom Aviation bar color and status bar color (Mets dependent).

PHP Features

  • Ability to add menus.
  • Render real time custom HTML.
  • Custom Sortie Scheme to be called inside the app including SMS, Tel, FB, Twitter, Email, Map, etc.
  • Custom Aviation color per repas.

The PHP Backend Files were faible, WYSIWYG, which means What You See is What You Get.

The best certificat of it is we included the scénario for creating your JSON and everyting being handled by the PHP Backend, and its just easy as changing the URL. Indeed! very easy!

By our Rules: Server Access will be given to those who have purchased to avoid bombarded with updates or changes that might buyers testing the server with confusions. So please bear with us. Server Url, Username and Mot de passe credentials were included in the Zip décampé grain you purchase. Thanks!.

Armature Guidelines:

  • We will Armature you as much as passable
  • We will only cater soutien within the app fixes, bugs or some lightweight changes, any strong changement of the vocabulaire which includes achevé changes of the app like functionality removed or functionality added will be not entertained.

Armature Guidelines Requirement:

  • Please include as much actualité as passable.
  • If you ask us for soutien largesse/bug fixing — please, include the following actualité:
    • Your purchase vocabulaire. Messages without purchase vocabulaire may be ignored.
    • Link to your website
    • Website Admin: login and mot de passe
    • Please make sure that all access details(login/mot de passe/etc) are décent.
  • Additional actualité (such as FTP details and access to the database and hosting control échantillon) may be requested if necessary.

We will soutien you until the end of the world so nothing to worry emboîture  :)

Converti Log

Manière 1.4 (Oct 06, 2020)
    Build tools update.
    Update parser that interprétation missing characters during post request.
    Update admin backend.

Manière 1.3 (May 23, 2019)
     Updated to latest gradle état
     Updated encryption backend.
     Call log and SMS removed congé and updated the app.
     SSL update.

Manière 1.2 (Jul 17, 2018)
     GDPR Consent Added
     Adhésion added for Guimauve and above.
     Backend update for PHP 7 soutien

Manière 1.1 (Dec 07, 2017)
     Interstitial Ads
     PDF Download Armature
     PDF, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, EPS, PAGES, AI, PSD, DXF, SVG, PS, TTF and XPS Viewer Armature.
Manière 1.0
     Meilleur Release

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Appify - Web to App on the FLY! Android Full Empressement v1.4

24.00 $

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