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Back In Stock Notifier is a WooCommerce Waitlist Pro Plugin which shows the Email Subscription Form when a Product is Out of Stock. Those thinking about buying the Product will certainly Subscribe for Email Notification. When the Product is Back in Stock, the Back In Stock Notifier informs the Subscribers by Email there by transforming all those Subscribers right into potential Customers. By utilizing Back In Stock Notifier, you will certainly never ever loose a sale also when your Product is Out of Stock. Back In Stock Notifier catches all those missed out on sales.

Back In Stock Notifier - WooCommerce Waitlist Pro - 1


  • Advanced Waitlist for WooCommerce.
  • Shows the Email Subscription Form when Product is Out of Stock.
  • Automatically inform by e-mail when item comes Back In Stock.
  • Works with Simple Product and also Variable Product (Product Level and also Variant Level).
  • Export Waitlist as CSV documents.
  • Each Product web page shows its particular Email Subscriber listing in the backend.
  • Send Notification Mails to Selected Subscribers.
  • Turn the interested site visitors right into consumers utilizing the Back In Stock Notifier.
  • Works for both Guests and also Members.
  • For Members their Email Id is pre-filled in the Subscription Form.
  • Lists the variety of Subscribers to be alerted for every Product utilizing which you can recognize the Product Priority for Restocking. Using this Subscriber Count you can quickly do Priority Restocking based upon need.
  • Duplicate Email Id looked for each Product and also for this reason the very same Email Id will certainly not be copied for the very same Product Notify List.
  • Option to clear Back In Stock Notify List after effective notice.
  • Error Message modification choices.
  • Back In Stock checklists customers in each Single Product web page.
  • Mail subject and also message are personalized in Admin Settings.
  • Translation Ready.
  • WPML Compatible.
  • Subscription Mail with Unsubscribe Option.
  • Subscribed Email Ids can be removed from the backend.
  • Works with WooCommerce Subscriptions v2.0.15.
  • Notification Mails are extremely personalized.
  • Works out of package.
  • Simple and also Easy to utilize.


Version 11.4 on 01 September 2020
Fix: Product backend trouble

Version 11.3 on 27 July 2020
New: Added Bulk Delete alternative for customers in the edit item web page 
Tweak: Added Position alternative to show the User Consent Message

Version 11.2 on 23 May 2020
Tweak: Added Email Type alternative to pick an e-mail layout based upon HTML or WooCommerce 
Fix: Unable to upgrade the amount in cart web page 
Fix: Manual mail alternative does not function correctly

Version 11.1 on 05 May 2020
Tweak: Added shortcode for item title as LINK in the e-mail material
Fix: Uncaught Error includes the edit item web page

Version 11.0 on 11 November 2019
New: Compatible with WooCommerce Stock supervisor
Tweak: Back in supply kind will certainly be concealed and also a success message will certainly show when the customer registered for the Back in supply item
Tweak: Improvements in Back in supply kind placement
Tweak: Po documents translatable for Placeholder(given name, surname, mobile number)
Tweak: Label upgraded for how/hide alternative to show the username and also mobile number
Fix: Consent not functioning correctly in variable items

Version 10.9 on 16 September 2019 
Tweak: Improvements in upgrade the unavailable item utilizing fast edit in all items(Admin backend) 
Tweak: Unsubscribe shortcode enhancements 
Tweak: Email address recognition for Out of Stock Product Subscription 
Fix: Undefined index mistake included mistake log 
Fix: Uncaught Type Error at check out when the plugin is triggered

Version 10.8 on 01 March 2019
Fix: Variation(variant of variable item) is not presented in the Exported Master Log documents
Fix: Special Character Display problem in the Exported Master Log documents

Version 10.7 on 14 February 2019
Fix: Email notice does not sent out when the Product ended up being In-supply
Fix: Sorting associated jQuery problem

Version 10.6 on 04 December 2018
New: Added username and also mobile number choices to the client 
Tweak: Added alternative to arrange the client's listing in the item backend

Version 10.5 on 13 September 2018
Tweak: Subscription Loading associated display screen enhancements 
Fix: Attribute Slug showed in the Email Notification for Variable Product

Version 10.4 on 01 June 2018
Fix: Avada style newest variation compatibility concern

Version 10.3 on 27 May 2018
New: GDPR conformity associated WordPress compatibility for Data Access, Data Erasure, Privacy Update and also Obtain Consent from customer prior to registering for Back In Stock Notifications

Version 10.2 on 09 May 2018
Fix: Error Log tape-recorded when Subscribe to Out of Stock Product
Fix: No of Subscribers is not Displayed in Product List Table

Version 10.1 on 07 December 2017
New: Admin Notification Emails can be sent out to the several e-mail address when the customer subscribes 
Tweak: Security Nonce for Subscribe Form in item web page is based upon plugin setups

Version 10.0 on 29 September 2017
Tweak: Master Log code enhancements
Fix: Error phone call to a participant feature get_type()

Version 9.9 on 19 August 2017
Tweak: Default worth altered for tons layout alternative
Fix: Admin notice e-mail trouble and also Master log not tape-recorded when disabling "BackInStock Subscription Mail" for participants
Fix: Alert message shows when click subscribe switch for Variable Products
Fix: Undefined index mistake message display screen while conserving the setups

Version 9.8 on 15 August 2017
Tweak: Troubleshoot alternative included for tons layout
Fix: Subscribe create not presented when utilizing WooCommerce 2.6.x and also reduced variations
Fix: Subscribe Form not showed for variants when "woocommerce_get_price_html" hook is chosen

Version 9.7 on 21 April 2017
New: WooCommerce 3.0 compatibility

Version 9.6 on 28 March 2017
Fix: Subscribe create not presented Custom Pages which are established as web page
Tweak: Plugin Scripts implementation maximized

Version 9.5 on 14 February 2017
Tweak: Code Improvements
Tweak: UI improvement in Master List table
Fix: Error while customer Unsubscribes from Backinstock Notification Email

Version 9.4 on 05 February 2017
Tweak: Code Improvements

Version 9.3 on 04 January 2017
New: Shortcode to Display Subscribed Variation of the Variable Product
Fix: Validation to obtain building of non-object
Fix: Variation item title concern

Version 9.2 on 13 November 2016
New: Color Customization alternative included for Subscribe Form Field
Fix: Master Log mail condition showed as "Not Sent" trouble
Fix: Warning Messages in edit order web page

Version 9.1 on 11 September 2016
Fix: Error "is_type" for variable items

Version 9.0 on 21 July 2016
- Fix: Manually including Subscriber in the Product web page
- Fix: Notification e-mail trouble for the by hand included Subscriber when the Product ended up being in supply condition

Version 8.9 on 16 July 2016
- Fix: Warning message when utilizing shortcode

Version 8.8 on 26 June 2016
- New: Current Date and also Time showed when Send Now switch is clicked in Master Log
- Fix: [product_title_no_variation] shortcode trouble

Version 8.7 on 15 June 2016
- Fix: Compatibility with WooCommerce Subscription  v2.0.15

Version 8.5 on 13 May 2016
- New: Email notice for admin when consumer signs up for an item

Version 8.4 on 25 March 2016
- Fix: Compatibility for In-Stock by Quick Edit 

Version 8.3 on 17 March 2016
- New: Added brand-new Shortcode [product_title_no_variation]

Version 8.2 on 09 March 2016
- Fix: Controlled Variation_Id presenting rather than Variation_Name in notifier Emails
- Fix: Subscribe kind to be filled up just in Shop Page or Single Product Page

Version 8.1 on 13 February 2016
- Fix: Fatal mistake shows up when button onto Bulk edit and also upgrade in item setups

Version 8.0 on 05 February 2016
- New: "How to translate Backinstock Notifier using WPML" included documents

Version 7.9 on 08 November 2015
- Fix: Error message in master log when Product is removed

Version 7.8 on 11 October 2015
- New: Troubleshoot alternative included for selecting the hook to show the Subscribe kind area

Version 7.7 on 07 October 2015
- Tweak: Plugin suitable with WooCommerce Version 2.0
- Fix: Subscribe Form not presenting for Variable Products

Version 7.6 on 16 September 2015
- Fix: Sorting Column based upon List of Subscribers

Version 7.5 on 06 August 2015
- Fix: Fatal Error on Master Log if that Product does not exists

Version 7.4 on 04 August 2015
- Fix: Plugin triggering deadly mistake upon activation

Version 7.3 on 03 August 2015
- Tweak: Added Error Message for WooCommerce Dependency
- Fix: Error Message as a result of WooCommerce In-Active

Version 7.2 on 28 July 2015
- Fix: Supporting Special Characters in Back in Stock Error and also Success Message

Version 7.1 on 10 July 2015
- Fix: WooCommerce Backward Compatibility

Version 7.0 on 01 July 2015
- New: Option to Send Manual Instock Mail from Master Log
- New: Option to Manually Subscribe Users for Backinstock Notifications
- New: Option to Delete/Uncheck the Subscribed Users when the Product comes to be Instock
- New: Shortcode to show the Product to Cart
- New: Ssupports WooCommerce Product Shortcode where the customers can subscribe for alerts

Version 6.8 on 13 June 2015
- Tweak: Compatibility with WooCommerce Subscriptions Latest Version

Version 6.7 on 10 June 2015
- Fix: Sending Empty Mail Problem with WPML
- Fix: Removing all Subscribers List from Product on Automatic In Stock Mode

Version 6.6 on 20 May 2015
- Bug Fix in Email Content when utilizing WPML 
- Added Unsubscription Text and also footer modification suitable with WPML

Version 6.5 on 27 April 2015
- Fix: XSS Security Problem Fixed

Version 6.4 on 24 March 2015
- Changed to Default WooCommerce Email Template
- Added Option for Unsubscription Link Customization
- Fixed Debug Warning upon Unsubscription Success

Version 6.3 on 16 March 2015
- Bug Fixed in Unsubscribe Email from Subscription List

Version 6.2 on 07 March 2015
- Bug Fix in Removing Email List after Manual Mail Sending

Version 6.1 on 27 February 2015
- Fix in Sending Manual Mails
- Compatibility problems with WooCommerce 2.3.x

Version 6.0 on 11 February 2015
- Variable Product Subscriber Count Display in WooCommerce Product Columns
- Enhanced the Code to Load Products in the Hide Subscribe Form Field
- Fixed Fatal Error Problem upon Plugin Activation
- Fixed White Page Problem when accessing Back In Stock Notifier Tab

Version 5.8 on 12 December 2014
- Bug Fix on Getting Array Value in CSV

Version 5.7 on 06 December 2014
- Improved Code for Better Compatibility with Themes

Version 5.5 on 29 November 2014
- Record Email Address on each Variant, also if Global Level is Out of Stock
- Bug Fix on Sending Mail when Product ended up being In Stock

Version 5.4 on 09 October 2014
- Product LINK Clickable in Email 
- White Space Removed in folder name

Version 5.3 on 22 September 2014
- Debug Errors Fixed when Product not Excluded at first

Version 5.2 on 11 August 2014
- Validation for Product/Category Selection

Version 5.1 on 09 August 2014
- Added ID for Subscribe Form Title

Version 5.0 on 09 August 2014
- Cleared the Warning Messages

Version 4.9 on 06 August 2014
- Show Subscribe kind for Member/Guest alternative included 
- Hide Subscribe kind for chosen Products/Products groups alternative included

Version 4.8 on 01 August 2014
- Warning Messages repaired in Debug Mode

Version 4.7 on 14 July 2014
- Email Text as WPML

Version 4.6 on 01 July 2014
- Char established altered in mail

Version 4.5 on 27 June 2014
- Notification Mail log included Master log
- Input kind checkbox altered to pick listbox on/off for registration mail
- Controls rearranged

Version 4.4 on 25 June 2014
- Subscribers Count included specific Product web page(admin)
- Empty List tag altered

Version 4.3 on 23 June 2014
- Color alternative included for e-mail
- Manual/Automatic Notification Mail alternative

Version 4.2 on 18 June 2014
- Debug Mode Warning repaired
- Changed subscribe mail feature documents name 

Version 4.1 on 11 June 2014
- jQuery pest solution in Pre fill e-mail 

Version 4.0 on 9 June 2014
- Bug solution in Notification Mail Shortcodes
- Bug solution at fault message 
- mail()/wp_mail() feature included as alternative

Version 3.9 on 3 June 2014
- Success / Error Message Position, Effect, Color etc

Version 3.8 on 28 May 2014
- Bug Fix for Shortcodes

Version 3.7 on 24 May 2014
- Bug Fix in Export

Version 3.6 on 22 May 2014
- Mail Improved

Version 3.5 on 20 May 2014
- Date Feature Added

Version 3.4 on 12 May 2014
- Delete alternative for Master listing 

Version 3.3 on 7 May 2014
- WPML Compatible
- Added Extra selector to create

Version 3.2 on 2 May 2014
- Master Log of All Subscribed Email IDs included
- Master Log of All Subscribed Email IDs Export CSV 

Version 3.1 on 29 April 2014
- Code Optimized for Performance 

Version 3.0 on 18 April 2014
- Translation Ready
- Subscription Mail with Unsubscribe alternative
- Export Waitlist as CSV documents
- Notify Selected Subscribers when Product Back in Stock

Version 2.8 on 11 April 2014
- Bug solution and also recognition included mailing

Version 2.7 on 8 April 2014
- Code Optimized 

Version 2.6 on 31 March 2014
- Bug solution in AJAX telephone call

Version 2.5 on 26 March 2014
- Validation included for replicate e-mail ids 
- Added function to instantly prefil e-mail id for visited customers

Version 2.4 on 24 March 2014
- Improved to make it a lot more suitable

Version 2.3 on 22 March 2014
- Bug repaired in Subscription kind display screen

Version 2.2 on 21 March 2014
- Fixed an issue in sending out mails

Version 2.1 on 20 March 2014
- Enhanced to sustain Variable Product at Variant Level

Version 2.0 on 19 March 2014
- Subscription create much better Positioned
- Custom CSS choices included
- Button in brand-new line alternative included
- Subscription kind title included
- Notify matter pest repaired

Version 1.1 on 14 March 2014
- Enhanced to sustain Variable Product at Product Level

Version 1.0 on 8 March 2014
- Initial Release

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