BARK is an effective, adaptable, very easy and also durable WooBusiness Products Filter Plugin that prolongs capability of WooBusiness plugin to permit your website visitors make looking of items by its groups, items features, tags, items taxonomies and also cost.

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WOOT - WooCommerce Active Products Tables

This ecommerce plugin has a great deal of expansions: Taxonomies search STATISTIC module within, Color, Image, Meta Filter, Search by Text, Search by SKU, Taxonomy Range-slider, Hierarchy drop-down, Labels, On sales checkbox, In supply checkbox, etc …

If you are WP+PHP designer and also you intend to produce something uncommon for your job – utilizing BARK expansion API and also default expansions as an instances you can produce virtually any type of expansions for the search kind and also also personalized woo-products loophole layout for your very own objectives. Maximum versatility!

WooCommerce Products Filter presentation

  • Are you tired with the criterion WooBusiness choices?
  • Do you desire you could include advanced Filters for your consumers?
  • Wouldn’t it behave to have even more capability and also versatility on your shop?


Don’t miss this chance, take it for an examination drive PRIOR TO you acquire. You can download and install and also attempt
free of charge prior to you dedicate to anything. No problem, no responsibility!

WooCommerce Products Filter for free

Advanced Filters Help Customers Discover More

Here are simply a few of the several choices that BARK gives your internet site:

  • Widget
  • Product Shortcodes
  • AJAX item Search
  • Taxonomy show selections: radio, checkbox, drop­down and also even more

With this Premium Plugin you can go additionally and also consist of much more sophisticated filters as:

And much more – you can gather Statistical data of the search demands on your website to enhance performance of your company!

Check out this Live Demo!

Take a check out several of the opportunities with our Demo ­ experiment with the website listed below, see
what can be attained ­ we won’t let down!
WooCommerce Products Filter demo site

Not simply for programmers, this sophisticated plugin will certainly permit every customer a much better degree of
versatility than your stock­standard screen WooBusiness shop – ideal method to prolong the capability.


✔ Representation
BARK can be made use of as Shortcode, so as the Widget. Special shortcode [woof] permits insert item filter in any type of component of your website. It is feasible to reveal items taxonomies and also features in the search kind as: radio, checkbox, drop-down, multi-drop-down, radio switches in drop-down, shade, picture, tag, power structure drop-down, attributes/taxonomy range-slider, checkbox switches in drop-down

✔ Products shortcode
Products shortcode [woof_products per_page=8 columns=3 is_ajax=1 taxonomies=product_cat:9] permits to show and also filter targeted items in a solitary web page or as component of an article web content, and also naturally items there are filterable in redirect or ajax setting. Using shortcode feature custom_tpl it is also feasible usage personalized design templates what offer broad versatility in various jobs.

✔ Products looking by AJAX
(additionally) permits filter woocommerce items without web page reloading. Works for 95% wordpress motifs and also ought to be examined prior to launch to the manufacturing website as it depends of the present wp style capability and also incorporated html code there

✔ Dynamic items recount
This effective function permits to show in the search kind the number of appropriate variations will certainly be discovered if to click chosen html-element in the filter search kind

✔ Filter woocommerce items by Meta Data
Allows with utilizing unique capability in the plugin setups web page include meta areas information in the search circulation (message and also number kind)

✔ Search items by SKU
BARK permits filtering your store items website by SKU as component of the large search kind, so as the unique shortcode [woof_sku_filter]

✔ Search items by Price
Can be shown as array slider, so as drop-down with arrays option

✔ WooBusiness items message search
By title, web content, passage and also their mixes. It is feasible to make use of unique shortcode [woof_text_filter] which you can put in the area you desire.

✔ Step by action items filter
This modern technology permits to produce items wizard for your store consumers where they can detailed choose items they intend to acquire

✔ Statistic
You can constantly assess search information and also recognize what is even more interested for your consumers, and also naturally such information will certainly aid expand your bussiness

✔ Quick Search
This modern technology developed particularly for BARK and also permits make instantaneous search no matter the items amount of items without AJAX or web page reloading

✔ Products Messenger
Allows your logged-in consumers register for the items filter mixes and also constantly be notified if in your store showed up specific items they intend to acquire. Such device can expand conversion of the store. Use it as widget, so as shortcode [woof_products_messenger]

✔ Saver of Search inquiry
This expansion permits your consumers conserve search mixes and also accessibility them in future by one click what makes your consumers extra insightful and also attenditive concerning your store items

✔ Infinite Scrolling
Allows lots and also see woocommerce items on the store and also directory web page without click pagination switches

✔ Images can be as filter html-elements in the search form

✔ Colors can be as filter html-elements in the search form

✔ Price filter as range-slider OR as drop-down

✔ Showing covert search kind as BUTTON

✔ In the plugin setups for radio and also checkboxes html-elements in the filter kind can be chosen various skins

✔ Possibility to produce items personalized format design template and also utilize it with shortcode [woof_products] in ajax and also reroute setting, see features custom_tpl and also tpl_index

✔ Possible to produce any type of expansions for the plugin (for programmers just). See folder ‘ext’ for the code instances

✔ BARK has actually broad API explained in CODEX

✔ BARK makes use of indigenous WooBusiness API which permits existing side-by-side and also participation with an additional plugins developed for WooBusiness

✔ Compatible with WooCommerce Currency Switcher

✔ Compatible with WOOT – WooCommerce Active Products Tables

✔ Compatible with WPML

✔ PHP 5.4.x – 8.x complete compatibility

✔ Simple, durable AND ALSO abundant choices panel

✔ Strong technological assistance which every day deals with tones of code!

From the effective back­end editor you can consist of just what is essential, or for even more complicated
demands with big item varies ­ include every sort of filter possible.
WOOF backend screen

With our Advanced Tab you can include personalized CSS to design the plugin to match the requirements of your
internet site ­ due to the fact that uniformity is very important!

Custom Extensions take your shop to the following degree and also offer consumers the alternative to type by
Author, Sales, SKU or Colour.
Using Extensions you can produce personalized shortcodes that permit you to show your items in a
variety of means.

With BARK powering your eCommerce shop, your company possible expands offering
consumers the sophisticated capabilities to look and also filter by the info that fascinates them most.

With BARK – WooBusiness Product Filters you can do every one of this and also a lot more…


Still not persuaded? Download it currently free of charge and also take it for an examination drive on our very own website!

WooCommerce Products Filter for free

Of program BARK includes comprehensive online documentation for any one of those worrying
concerns, consisting of a committed area on collaborating with the API and also personalized areas for
programmers, exactly how to arrangement your front­end and also usage Shortcodes along with Tips & Tricks for obtaining
one of the most out of your brand-new plugin

WOOF documentation

Achieve extra with WooBusiness Product Filters

Perhaps you are a programmer searching for also more versatility? You can make use of the
BARK expansion API to produce various other products, or perhaps create your very own Woo­items loophole
design templates.


Quick start with WOOF


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WOOF rates


WOOF support

Item assistance consists of:

  • Availability of the writer to address concerns
  • Answering technological concerns concerning thing’s functions
  • Assistance with reported insects and also problems
  • Help with consisted of third celebration properties


v. - December 09, 2020
    - jQuery code repair for WordPress 5.6 compatibility

v.2.2.4 - April 16, 2020

v.2.2.3 - September 23, 2019

v. - 07-11-2018
    - 1 warm repair with rerouting from solitary web page to go shopping web page. Reset website cache as js/front.js and also js/front_comprssd.js documents was altered!!

v.2.2.2 - 29-10-2018

v.2.2.1 - 20-06-2018

v.2.2.0 - 06-03-2018

v.2.1.9 - 09-02-2018
    - compatibility solutions for woocommerce 3.3.x

v.2.1.8 - 03-12-2017

v.2.1.7 - 24-04-2017

v. - 06-12-2016
    - 8 little solutions
    - brand-new alternative for taxonomy array Slider - "Enable dynamic recount" 

v.2.1.6 - 04-11-2016

v. - 09-07-2016
    - 1 warm repair

v.2.1.5 - 08-07-2016
    - Some little insects taken care of reported from consumers
    - 2 Security Vulnerability problems taken care of - many thanks to
    - Adopting to WooBusiness 2.6.x
    - New connect tax_exclude: [woof tax_exclude='pa_size,pa_test']
    - New hook filter 'woof_use_chosen'
    - New hook filter 'woof_main_query_tax_relations' included, wacth even more right here:
    - Toggle enhancement based upon demand from
    - Disable the tooltips alternative for the shade filter just
    - New hook filter 'woof_text_autocomplete_items' - the number of established products mto program if message autocomplete setting allowed
    - Links to messages in pointer - brand-new alternative for message search if autocomplete allowed
    - A great deal of small renovations in the code

v. - 16-05-2016
    - Fixed 2 insects with terms buying and also non-latin personalities
    - In the package included brand-new expansion "Color 2" for WPML lang websites

v. - 31-03-2016
    - Fixed 1 pest with concealing terms from choices

v.2.1.4 - 29-03-2016
    - Fixed insects from consumers
    - A great deal of the code has actually been reprise
    - Extension setup capability from backend is included and also its API is completed and also can be made use of in manufacturing
    - Using default expansion php programmers can produce: sorts of filter components utilizing any type of
      personalized html design templates, any type of items loophole design templates
    - Possibility to compose personalized design templates for woocommerce items loophole utilizing expansions
    - Improved SKU looking for variable items and also autocomplete included
    add_filter('woof_text_autocomplete_items', feature($matter){
           return 2;
    }); (allowed additionally from admin panel)
    - Improved by Text looking and also autocomplete included
    add_filter('woof_sku_autocomplete_items', feature($matter){
       return 2;
    }); (allowed additionally from admin panel)
    - Improved InSupply looking for variable items
    - Toggles for taxonomies on the front included
    - New feature: [woof_author_filter role="author"]
    - New feature: custom_tpl for [woof_products]. Example: [woof_products custom_tpl='themes/twentytwelve/woo_tpl_1.php' per_page=8 columns=3 is_ajax=0 taxonomies=product_cat:9]
    - New feature: [woof_products get_args_only=1] - opportunity obtain variety of disagreements just
    - New feature: [woof excluded_terms="33,44,55,66,77"]
    - New feature: [woof_products predict_ids_and_continue=1]
    [woof_products_ids_prediction taxonomies=product_cat:8] - usage for AJAX setting just for right cost array slider job
    - New alternative: Range-slider skin - tab Design
    - New alternative: Init plugin on the following website web pages just - tab Advanced
    - New alternative: <solid>In the terms slugs makes use of non-latin personalities</strong> - from currently doesn issue which language makes use of in slug names - tab Advanced
    - New hook included: add_filter('woof_title_tag', feature($tag){
           return 'h3';
    - New hook included: add_filter('woof_widget_title_tag', feature($tag){
           return 'h3';
    - New hook included: $price_slider_html = apply_filters('woof_price_slider_html', $price_slider_html, $price_slider_data);
    - New hook included: $orderby = apply_filters('woof_get_terms_orderby', $taxonomy);
    - New hook included: $order = apply_filters('woof_get_terms_order', $taxonomy, $orderby);

v. - 28-01-2016
    - Image expansion included

v. - 04-01-2016
    - Hot repair for 1 js mistake

v.2.1.3 - 03-01-2016
    - Fixed insects from consumers
    - The backend style is altered
    - New wp filter: $wr = apply_filters('woof_products_query', $wr); in [woof_products]
    - New associates included: [woof tax_only='pa_color,pa_size' items_only='by_text,by_author']
    - Color kind enhanced, currently its feasible collection history picture as well
    - Search by message: by passage, by web content OR passage, by title OR web content OR passage
    - Added brand-new shortcode: [woof_text_filter]
    - Added brand-new shortcode: [woof_author_filter]
    - Added brand-new shortcode: [woof_search_options]
    - Improved shortcode: [woof_price_filter type="slider"] //slider,choose
    - Improved shortcode: [woof_products behaviour='recent' per_page=12 columns=3]
    - Improved shortcode: [woof redirect="xxx" autosubmit=1]
    - Improved shortcode: [woof redirect="" autosubmit=1 ajax_redraw=1 is_ajax=1 tax_only="locations" by_only="none"] - brand-new features - tax_only,by_only,reroute
    - Disable swoof impact alternative
    - Custom front css designs submit web link alternative
    - Additional message in the widget additionally
    - Additional choices in the widget additionally
    - Custom expansions opportunity executed
    - Show assistant switch alternative

v.2.1.2 - 15-09-2015
    - Fixed small problems from consumers
    - Added: Search by SKU
    - Added: Filter by cost as drop-down
    - Added shortcode: [woof_title_filter placeholder="custom placeholder text"]
    - Added shortcode: [woof_price_filter additional_taxes="product_cat:9" placeholder="custom placeholder text"]
    - Added shortcode: [woof_sku_filter placeholder="custom placeholder text"]
    - the shade summary selectable to make sure that it can be highlighted and also pasted right into colour selector by the term summary textarea
    - Added problem feature 'taxonomies': [woof taxonomies=product_cat:9 sid="auto_shortcode"][woof_products is_ajax=1 per_page=8 taxonomies=product_cat:9]
    - Added: the “eyeball” search symbol picture - can be altered in the plugin setups -> tab Miscellaneous
    - Added: vibrant recount cron cache durations of cleansing
    - Added: alternative - Hide woof leading panel switches
    - Added: alternative - storage space kind: session or short-term
    - Added: alternative - Hide terms count message
    - PHP code optimization

v.2.1.1 - 15-07-2015
    - Fixed number of insects + 1 stringent notification
    - included compatibility for WOOCS 2.0.9

v.2.1.0 - 26-06-2015
    - Fixed number of insects + 1 crucial pest
    - included send switch in textinput for looking by title by JavaScript
    - Added alternative: capacity to transform 'Search slug' in the BARK plugin choices - ? ???
    - Added alternative: placeholder additionally for search by title textinput
    - Compatibility: Display Product for WooBusiness, partitional just, read:

v.2.0.9 - 19-06-2015
    - Fixed number of insects
    - Added alternative: Image for subcategories - open
    - Added alternative: Image for subcategories - close
    - Added alternative: Loading word - tab miscelanous
    - Added alternative: Reset switch message - alternative none
    - Added alternative: Image for examined shade kind checkbox
    - Added alternative: Price filter title message
    - Added alternative: Overlay skin - speculative
    - Added alternative: Use icheck - setting 'none'
    - Added alternative: woof_is_mobile - variable for programmers for mobile sight
    - Added alternative: Show switch for "Filter by price" 
    - Compatibility: WooBusiness Products Per Page

v.2.0.8 - 26-05-2015
    - Fixed number of insects
    - Compatibility: WooBusiness Currency Switcher

v.2.0.7 - 21-05-2015
    - Release of the costs variation


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