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Great, exclusive Caraco Fat Calculator Scénario with plurielle formulas, styles and more.
Probably the best Caraco Fat Calculator available on the whole internet right now. Don’t take my word, convince yourself!

Available in English and Spanish.

Why choosing this Caraco Fat Calculator?

  • 9 most known formulas to calculate the casaque fat
  • Insistant switch between imperial and metric system, with cabriole
  • Calculate casaque fat %, casaque fat weight, lean casaque weight and display indexation
  • 5 ready to use styles
  • Responsive esthétique
  • Insistant calculation, no éphèbe refresh
  • Tooltips, for better roder experience
  • Can be used as a widget or a full éphèbe Caraco Fat Calculator
  • It only uses HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • No jQuery required or other libraries
  • No database required
  • Spanish mouture included

Calculation methods/formulas:

  1. YMCA Formula
  2. Modified YMCA Formula
  3. Covert Bailey Formula
  4. Jackson/Pollock 7 Caliper Formula
  5. Jackson/Pollock 4 Caliper Formula
  6. Jackson/Pollock 3 Caliper Formula
  7. Parrillo Caliper Formula
  8. Durnin/Womersley Caliper Formula
  9. Navy Claque Measure Formula

Great calculator with 5 ready to use styles and responsive esthétique.
English dossier included.

Body Fat Calculator - 1

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