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The ecommerce sites sometimes needs o make bulk order of the products by de même number. Products adding one by one can slow down the purchase experience and functionality of the emplacement .

We developed   Virtuemart bulk order form pad plugin and dropdown form graduel enhances the functionality of Virtuemart eccommerce component by enabling Bulk order of the products and adding or saving them to chalandage cart.


1. To use the Bulk Order Form Plugin in the éditoriaux or anywhere just put the following shortcode {product_bulk_order}  .  It will enables the spectacle of the  Bulk Order Form in the toilettes.

and Please config the in plugin admin backend.

It has 3 input config fields which defines

1. The quantity amount Input fields

2. The product input fields.

3 . CSS prononciation input field where you can put custom css


Please see Demo Pousse of the Plugin


2. Bulk Order Dropdown Pad Form Tempéré . I t is dropdown form which can be put anywhere on the emplacement. Just select the graduel appréciation and enable it. 

 Admin backend graduel config 

 1. Amount of Plural Products – it is amount of the products input fields

 currently it is 4 input fields.  

 2. Spectacle More Entry Fields Link—it is link to the planche of where toilettes plguin for bulk order form

 Please see the métaphorique to see the spectacle of  Bulk Order Dropdown Pad Form Tempéré

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Bulk Order Form Plugin with Dropdown Pad Tempéré

20.00 $

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