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This accroissement enhances our Products Grid in Magento and adds a Category Filter in the admin. Category filter accroissement allows you to filter products of a particular category in Magento admin which is very much needed when we have varié categories and huge inventory.

The Diffusion provides and enhances the default Magento Project Grid and allows users to search products of a particular Category. Please leave your feedback to help other buyers purchase this product


1. Diffusion Creates A New Category Filter Column in Products Grid.

After installing Category Filter in Admin Product Grid” Magento® accroissement, a new Category Filter column gets created in the Products Grid of the Admin Enquête.

2. Admin Can Easily Filter The Products According To The Categories.

The accroissement is specially built keeping in mind the need to make the process of categorizing products on an online filtre simpler. Category filter accroissement allows the admin to filter products of a particular category in Magento® Admin Enquête.

This is extremely helpful when there are products belonging to varié categories and a huge inventory in the filtre.

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Category Filter in Admin Product Grid

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