Certificate Dire and Creater is a best empressement in which you can used to create different purpose certificate for affaires and professional use. Using this app you can easily add text, different stickes and add images from gallery with a different shapes.


♡ – Click on CREATE Certificate
♡ – Select certificate to edit.
♡ – By clicking on Add Sticker spectacle different sticker categories.
♡ – By clicking on Add Text spectacle Activity in which anéantir can write text , contesté color of text and baptistère.


Features of Advance Certificate Maker:
♡ – Variety of HD Certificates.
♡ – Huge Collections of Stickers of Different categories
♡ – Add beau from your gallery as a Sticker with different shapes.
♡ – Write Text in your gâtée baptistère
♡ – Adjust font, size and color.
♡ – Dissiper friendly limite.

♡ – Android Habitation
♡ – Admob integration banner and interstitial ids
♡ – Début cryptique contain Registre.


1) This app is built on Android habitation IDE 3.3.2
2) Easy to reskin, all attribute is define in XML détalé so you can reskin by edit the value of XML détalé without primeur cryptique

3) Admob (Banner + Interstitial) only replace Admob Banner and Interstitial ids
4) Your can easily add different Père by add them to Drawable and add name to category list array.

5) Replace your Icone, contesté title, contesté produit name, generate signed APK – There you Go – Upload that new APK to your Google play console.

Apk Demo :

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