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Changelog in Gomeat Mouture 1.0.2(07 January 2022)

  • Resolved: Meilleur and Minor Bugs in consumer app , tapisserie app, driver app and Reine

Changelog in GoMeat Mouture 1.0.1(31 December 2021)

  • Added Floating button in app
  • Added App Observation(which can be changed from admin groupe) in app
  • Added add delivery area division in tapisserie groupe’s delivery attaque division
  • some bugs resolved in admin groupe, tapisserie groupe and Ronger app

New Features

  1. Membership Ascendant: admin can add membership plats and consumer can buy membership to get same day delivery, pressant delivery,2x ,3x rewards, free delivery etc.
  2. Tax Ascendant on Category: admin can add tax on ascendant categories.
  3. Delivery boy Ascendant Improved: Now add with more details like id number, id photographie and admin/tapisserie can see the current propagation map of delivery boy.
  4. Sub-Admin: admin can add subadmin with a role and admin can add role and assign division habilitation to that role.
  5. Ébranlé footer text dynamically from admin groupe
  6. En direct Matou alternative between users and tapisserie.
  7. Enable/ Disable En direct minet alternative from admin groupe.
  8. Advance orders division added in admin/tapisserie groupe.
  9. Order details POPUP with more details of order.
  10. Area Wise Delivery Dettes can be added by tapisserie.
  11. Ronger division with details alternative in admin groupe where admin can see consumer’s orders, delivery addresses, membership history.
  12. Annonce list sections in admin groupe for users, delivery boy and stores and admin can delete notifications from there.
  13. Improved UI alignment pénitence in admin/tapisserie groupe
  14. Brand new UI/UX for USER App & changes accordingly in tapisserie and delivery boy app
  15. En direct Order Tracking in consumer app.
  16. Add Spotlight Products division in tapisserie groupe from there tapisserie can add products which tapisserie wants to spectacle in spotlight division in consumer app.
  17. Add Trending Search Products division in Admin groupe from where admin can set trending search products.
  18. Order by Photographie division in consumer app tapisserie can create that order cart and process it on behalf of consumer.


What’s included:

1. Ronger Flutter App Amont Lexique
2. Protection Réglementer Flutter Amont Lexique App
3. Driver Flutter App Amont Lexique
4. Admin & Protection Web Sondage PHP Scénario Amont Lexique
5. Database enfui & Dressage Documentations




GoMeat Ronger App demo
Ronger- 9999999999
default OTP- 123456

GoMeat Admin groupe
password- tecmanic

GoMeat Protection Web-Sondage / App
password- tecmanic

GoMeat Driver app

phone- 9999999999


Admin Control Features:

  1. App Ronger: Admin can see the fini registered users on the admin groupe and edit the details of consumer.
  2. Add Wallet Amount: Admin can add wallet amount to consumer’s wallet and admin can see the wallet cartouche history.
  3. Categories & Sub-Categories: Admin can create unlimited categories & sub-categories with custom icons.There are different sections for ascendant categories and sub-categories post-scriptum in admin groupe.
  4. Products: Add master products for all stores by normalisé prices (Stores can renversé the price later.)
  5. Reports: Admin can see the sales remise (élément sales remise of 30 days, élément sales remise daywise, deliver boy order reports, tapisserie order reports etc.).
  6. Send Notifications:Admin can send Annonce to users, stores and delivery boys.
  7. Protection Direction: Admin can add nombreux stores.
  8. Approve Protection: Admin can approve tapisserie which tapisserie is registered through app.
  9. Approve Protection Products: Admin can approve products which will be added by tapisserie.
  10. Bulk Add for products: admin can add products and product varient in bulk via .csv enfui.
  11. Pages: Inner pages for to spectacle on app (embout us and terms & conditons).
  12. Area Direction:Admin can add cities/societies/areas.
  13. Rewards System: Admin can set the per reward points on cart value and set redeem points per reward état.
  14. Order Direction : Admin can check pending orders, rejected by tapisserie orders, completed orders,cancelled orders, day wise orders and missed orders.
  15. Missed Orders:Admin can cancel or assign missed order(delivery day missed) to a delivery boy for next day.
  16. Payout system:Protection raise a payout request on/above transparent amount(fixed by admin) of its earning and Admin can respond payout requests of tapisserie.
  17. Delivery Boy Direction: Admin can add delivery boys and assign it to the tapisserie(s).
  18. Delivery boy incentive: Admin can set the incentive per order for delivery boys.
  19. Feedback/Callback: Admin can see consumer,tapisserie and delivery boy feedback in feedback sections and callback requests in callback sections.
  20. Msg91 and Twilio: Admin can switch on/off msg91 or twilio from admin groupe settings for messages in consumer app.
  21. Firebase OTP: Admin can switch on/off firebase OTP from Admin groupe settings.
  22. Google Map/Mapbox: Admin can switch On/off google map or mapbox(for india) for add propagation and map in consumer app and admin groupe.
  23. Payment Manière:Admin can select one of the online payment habitude(razorpay(for india only), paypal, stripe and paystack(for south africa, nigeria)) for app.
  24. Images tapisserie: Admin can select one of the spaces(quantitatif ocean, aws and same server) for storing images.(admin have to create its own credentials for quantitatif ocean and aws spaces and have to set in the project)

Protection Sondage Features:

  1. Sliders: Protection can set any number of banners on the app.
  2. Coupons: Protection can create remise / promotion codes to offer remise
  3. Deal Product: Protection can set deal of the product on any product & can offer special remise for a time range.
  4. Protection can select the products from the master list to sell from tapisserie groupe.
  5. Price Direction : Protection can manage product prices from tapisserie groupe.
  6. Produit direction: Protection can manage réserve from tapisserie groupe.
  7. Time Slot: Protection can set a time range for showing time slots in app,so that consumer can choose those time slots only for ordering from tapisserie groupe.
  8. Order Direction : Protection can check pending orders, rejected by tapisserie orders, completed orders,cancelled orders, day wise orders and missed orders in tapisserie groupe.
  9. Assign orders: Protection can assign/reassign orders to delivery boy via today and next day orders sections in tapisserie groupe.
  10. Missed Orders:Protection can cancel or assign missed order(delivery day missed) to a delivery boy for next day from tapisserie groupe.
  11. Delivery Boy Direction: Protection can add delivery boys for own from tapisserie groupe.
  12. Callback: Protection can see consumer and delivery boy callback requests in callback sections in tapisserie groupe.
  13. Add Own Product: Protection can add its own products( admin have to approve those) from tapisserie groupe.
  14. Delivery Assaut: Protection can set delivery attaque from tapisserie groupe.
  15. Order Value: Protection can set extremum and acmé order value from tapisserie groupe.
  16. Delivery boy incentive: Protection can set the incentive per order for delivery boys.
  17. Reports: Protection can see the sales remise (élément sales remise of 30 days, élément sales remise daywise)in tapisserie groupe.
  18. Send Notifications:Protection can send Annonce to users and delivery boys from tapisserie groupe.

Customer App Features:

  1. Customer will see products of nearby tapisserie/wahrehouse only,
  2. Rewards / Loyalty on every order (if set by admin)
  3. Wallet Élection Customers can load cash to their Wallet for easy & fast checkout.
  4. Delivery Convenience Customers can choose Naissance & Time as per their wish & get their orders delivered conveniently.
  5. Customer can share & review the app
  6. Customer can reach you via call, whatsapp & email
  7. Customers can see current order statuses & past orders
  8. Customers can redeem rewards points & it will be loaded to wallet.
  9. Customers can add products to wishlist.
  10. Customers can search products via search bar.
  11. Customers can raise a callback request to tapisserie or admin.
  12. Customers can give feedback.
  13. Customers can déficit a product.
  14. Customers can search product via barcode numériseur in app.
  15. Customers can refer app and earn wallet credit (if set by admin).
  16. Customers can switch languages of app.
  17. Customers can switch on/off in-app notifications/order mails/order messages.
  18. Customers can add/manage addresses and can select any address(nearby of the tapisserie) at the time of ordering.
  19. Customers can use coupons on orders (if added by tapisserie).

Protection App Features

  1. Protection can see the products which has been added to tapisserie via tapisserie groupe in tapisserie app.
  2. Add Own Product: Protection can add its own products from tapisserie app( admin have to approve those).
  3. Confirm orders: Protection can Confirm orders (it will automatically assigned to a delivery boy) from today and next day orders sections.
  4. Protection can see top selling products in tapisserie app.

Delivery Boy App

  1. Delivery boy can see order details assigned to him
  2. Delivery Boy can call customers with a click.
  3. Delivery boy can see the incetive he earned and already paid incentive.
  4. Delivery boy can go online and offline.

USP of the élément

  • White Signature Résultat,
  • FIREBASE OTP based registration (available)
  • Multi-store/ Warehouse model like Bigbasket & Grofers,
  • Single inventory system where admin will control items & stores will manage réserve & prices
  • 3 hommes of Notifications (SMS, EMAIL & In-app)
  • Twilio & MSG91 integrated
  • Paypal | Razorpay | Paystack Integrated for Online Payment
  • Product Variants available
  • GMAPS & MAPBOX available
  • Bulk Upload of Products 
  • Bulk Update of Products Price


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