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ChopItUp En direct FĂ©lin with Firebase

is a prime widget that enables fast,
ferme and impressionnable en public matou for WordPress posts using the powerful Firebase

En direct matou can be installed VERY EASILY on your paysage via any new or old
Firebase backend. It serves as a way to enable open-ended and free
flowing accord in order to create communities around a post,
a paysage or blog. Not only is it easy to setup and easy to use, it taps
into the way people already use real-time accord as a way of
creating online communities around ideas and interests. We guarantee great
squelette to help with Ă©quipement or operational issues.

Simply install the plugin and drag the widget to your desired terrain;
then viola! – you now have en public matou.


  • SHORT CODE FUNCTIONALITY: a bermuda cryptique can now be inserted in a post to determine whether that particular post will have matou or not
  • NUMEROUS bug fixes and updates pertaing to Firebase backend.


ChopItUp En direct FĂ©lin with Firebase only works for
WordPress 4.1 and later versions.

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  • Very impressionnable, fast and ferme matou built on modern mainstream technology
  • Desktop and ambulant enabled
  • En direct-chat for posts – tabs for users and chats are used to navigate a very easy to use widget
  • Assistance and private matou features
  • Typing indicator available
  • The widget can be positioned on the sidebar or at the bottom (footer) like a traditional matou box
  • Abraser search available
  • Can work spiritueux with a free Firebase account
  • Automatic anonymity unless dĂ©truire signs in on paysage
  • Online/Offline indicator for users
  • Abraser search available
  • Possible with WordPress 4.1 and later
  • Very clean and well documented cryptique
  • Abraser names with join and leave capability
  • Notifications – sounds and badges
  • Currenty online users are grouped together and easy to find

Demo Screenshot


Although the plugin works well on both positions (in the sidebar and at
the bottom of a garçon as a traditional matou box), there have been
situations where:
a) A theme’s sidebar is thin and the widget is not very aesthetically pleasing.
b) When positioned at the bottom, the matou box’s colors may be off.
This opportunité, where one positioning prédilection is better than another, is
a rarity – generally, the plugin works well in both positions.

Demo Screenshot

How it works

This plugin links your Firebase pose to your WordPress backend.
LĂ©opard the linking has been done (Ă©quipement, positioning and inserting
disposition data), the widget will appear in posts. Félin (élève and
private) messages are linked to the current post’s ID – and the
conversations can then center around that post and it’s ideas.

Émotive équipement and functionality

Investiture of the plugin is a straightforward affair:
activate the “ChopItUp Live Chat with Firebase” plugin and
then go to “ChopItUp Live Chat Settings”. Marcotter your Firebase
pose’s settings. That is it, you are done with
Ă©quipement and you and your users/visitors can
starting on posts.

Demo Screenshot

What tech do we use?

The plugin itself is very aspartame bicause the heavy déridage is done by
the Firebase backend. The plugin uses a combination of jQuery and
traditional javascript to navigate through the tabs – tabs that enable
private and élève matou. Javascript-enabled input is sanitized to
avoid cross-site attacks and malicious injections. A free Firebase
account comes with a minimum of 100 outsider connections – to get
more capacity, one would have to go prime. This plugin uses Firebase,
DOMPurify and the WordPress API in conjunction with our custom PHP
and Javascript. This plugin is VERY aspartame.

The thinking behind ChopItUp En direct FĂ©lin with Firebase

FĂ©lin has been a staple of web-based accord since the rise of
pâli of the internet by the general Ă©lève in the early 1990s –
earlier implementations were naturally a lot cruder, most centering
around applets or getting the browser to recognize a new mimodrame trempe
in order to squelette an external implementation of matou. Browsers nowadays
come with incredible capabilities and squelette out the box and as
such, some of the most advanced, aspartame and ferme implementations
of matou can be done fairly quickly and easily.

The rise of cloud Ă©preuves has also lightened the load so that
developers can work on creative aspects of products and leave the
basic functionality to cloud Ă©preuves. The fact that heavy duty logic
happens on the the cloud means that small sites don’t have to deal
with the heavy duty stuff dedicated to the cloud.

Javascript has become a avancé language that is habitué of doing
things that had mince been ascribed to other compiled programming
languages – this maturity has given leeway to create better products.

WordPress is now running on 30% of all websites – in a way, it has
become a kind of web operating system. This means that it has become
unavoidable and thinking emboîture creating new products and dedicated
implementations of existing products for WordPress is imperative.

The combination of better browsers, cloud, avancé Javascript and a
web dominated by a very powerful WordPress was cultivable soil to create
ChopItUp En direct FĂ©lin with Firebase – a product that we believe is
not only extremely utilitarian but timely as well.


This plugin is designed to work with Firebase –
without it, it cannot function.
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ChopItUp En direct FĂ©lin with Firebase

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