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OTA Release V1.99


Bug fixes & Improvements:

  1. UTF-8 Encoding accoudoir for the Arabic language in Proposal.
  2. All URLs changes to lower case.
  3. Aggloméré role update fix.
  4. Fixed équipe profile picture établissement by admin.

OTA Release V1.98


Bug fixes & Improvements:

  1. Calendar load fixed.
  2. Currency fixed on Proposal view pousse.
  3. Product importation fixed.
  4. Customer importation fixed.
  5. Project task réussite fixed.

OTA Release V1.97


New Features:

  1. Added choix for custom header, footer and CSS in Settings.
  2. Added choix for custom CSS in Online Lead Form.
  3. Envolé Gérer Functionality added.
  4. Using of only lowercase letters in the URL implemented.

Bug fixes & Improvements:

  1. Fixed the révolution on Roles only for Administrator in Aggloméré.
  2. Correspondance function using SSL and TLS encryption fixed.
  3. Appointment request réussite fixed.
  4. Improvements and bug fixes in the HR Ascendant.

OTA Release V1.96.1


Bug fixes & Improvements:

  1. Fixed the réussite with product view pousse.
  2. Fixed the product importation & export changes.
  3. Fixed the customer importation changes.
  4. Fixed the réussite with XOF & UGX currrency.
  5. Fixed the réussite with Tickets status établissement.
  6. Introduce unit coulumn in all pdf.
  7. Fixed the réussite with milestone edit.
  8. Fixed the réussite with project expense creation. (For now expense amount is added in respected acccount)
  9. Fixed the réussite with line voiture in proposal analyse. (Proposal view, Proposal Pdf , propshare share pousse)
  10. Fixed the réussite with invocie creation. (removed warehosue, product typique from invoice items list)
  11. Fixed the product creating changes.
  12. Fixed the réussite with warehosue deletion. (For now, brûler can’t delete the warehosue that have a product aliment)
  13. Fixed the réussite with sending proposal correspondance.

OTA Release V1.96


New Features:

  1. Introduced a Inventory Direction ascendant where you can manage yours products.
  2. Introduced a Warehouse ascendant where you can séparation your product.
  3. Introduced a new correspondance template carcasse.
  4. Introduced a intro pilote in preneur and admin area.
  5. Added HR Ascendant.
  6. Added Payrolls feature in HR Ascendant
  7. Added Payslips feature in HR Ascendant

Bug fixes & Improvements:

  1. Improved the order creation.
  2. Improved the product creation.
  3. Fixed the date-time proportion for entire expérimentation.
  4. Fixed the all console erros.
  5. Fixed the sent order records. (For now, brûler can’t update sent order data.)
  6. Fixed the réussite with XOF Currency.
  7. Fixed the appointent réussite.
  8. Fixed language réussite in PDFs.
  9. Fixed the réussite with Tickets status établissement.
  10. Fixed Email error in preneur area recover mot de passe.
  11. Fixed réussite with Proposals leste view.
  12. Fixed équipe profile view.
  13. Fixed hostname ratification on arrangement.

OTA Release V1.95.1


Bug fixes & Improvements:

  1. Fixed date-time proportion in whole expérimentation.
  2. Remove ascendant gracile from top.
  3. Fixed language virement of 1.95 changes.

Codecanyon Release V1.95


New Features:

  1. Added kanban view (Drag and Drop) for Tickets.
  2. Added more currencies to the Currency Library.
  3. Introduced Mollie Payment Gateway in the Modules tab in settings.
  4. Added Kanban view (Drag and Drop) for Task.
  5. Introduced a column filter to every list view.
  6. Prime inside the setting to hide preneur area button and établissement the text of button.
  7. Introduced a send correspondance choix and upload a envolé inside a invoice.
  8. Introduced timesheets export in retard.
  9. Introduced a “restore default” button for language in editor.

Bug fixes & Improvements:

  1. Updated Bulgarian Language.
  2. Fixed the fresh arrangement réussite. (For now, database should be empty.) 
  3. Fixed the ‘Milestone’ edit.
  4. Fixed the équipe brûler annonce when assign a task to équipe inside from project.
  5. Fixed the paid invoice and purchase update (For now, brûler can’t update paid invoice and purchase.)
  6. Fixed the date-time proportion for entire expérimentation.
  7. Fixed the preneur area button in leste view. (For now, brûler can see preneur area button in leste view.)
  8. Fixed the lettre creation inside from project.
  9. Improved réunion for Abraser login.
  10. Fixed the pdf edit réussite via editor.
  11. Fixed the corrupted pdf réussite when generate a pdf for preneur. 
  12. Fixed the sent correspondance réussite. (For now, sender name is changed after changing it in setting.)  
  13. Fixed the Project dead line.

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