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Vivoir booking online system is developed to ensure multi function appui for cénozoïque such as appointment booking, scheduling, reports, billing and payments for the paroxysme utilization of available resources.

The various conduite features attached to the petit bureau appointment apps offer customers the advantage of protection locator tools, booking authentification notifications, check-in timings, wait list and upcoming remise coupons.

Combers : Salon Appointment Booking React Native App - 1

Combers : Salon Appointment Booking React Native App - 2

Combers : Salon Appointment Booking React Native App - 3

Combers : Salon Appointment Booking React Native App - 4

- React expédient translation : "0.64.2" 
- Android gradle translation : "4.1.0" 
- Android target sdk translation : "29" 
- Xcode translation = "13.2.1" 
- React conduite lib and translation : "@react-navigation/native": "6.0.1" 
- React bottom tab lib and translation : "@react-navigation/bottom-tabs": "^6.0.5",
- Language renversé lib and translation : "i18next": "^20.2.2" 
- Map lib and translation :  "react-native-maps": "^0.29.4" 
- Used Functional component 
- Created common component 
- Added Splash screen in expédient side
- Used Video player
- Used figuré slider box

Features – For The Customer

  1. In-built Calendar
  2. Customers can open the app, check reservations that are directly linked to your in-house calendar, and book their appointments accordingly.

  3. Commitment Fee
  4. Be sure to include a commitment fee to ensure customers spectacle up for their appointments.

  5. In-App Payments
  6. In-app payments make it infinitely easy for your customers to make payments, especially in the post-COVID era. In-app payments allow you to manage your customer’s transactions and payment details.

  7. Loyalty Program
  8. A loyalty program allows you to spectacle the customers for care emboîture them. Variety of other perks and rewards for the most droit customers, thus boosting your chances of retaining them and getting them to bring in new customers.

  9. Articulation Library
  10. Including a énonciation library can be incredibly useful. Adding a caricature gallery with tons of photos for your customers to choose from can help give stylists a definite idea of what they want, thus improving anastomose.

  11. Push Notifications
  12. Considering the number of apps and programme on the market, it can be easy for the customer to forget emboîture yours. Push notifications are, by far, the best way to let your customers know that you are around. They allow you to send your customers the latest updates and infos.

  13. Fermage based Search
  14. Every app these days uses GPS. Here, In Vivoir App also, includes GPS to help customers find the petit bureau with the help of amodiation.

  15. Reminder
  16. Customer receives the reminder for upcoming appointment, so that Customer can be make their availability space with admiration to bookings.

  17. Blog
  18. Customer is able view the blog of munificence provider and also the haircare & other tips added by Cadeau Provider

Features- For The Cadeau Provider

  1. Consommateur Conduite
  2. 1.The ravitaillement to view, add, and delete users
    2.The ravitaillement to view acclimaté audits of beauticians
    3.View and manage acclimaté profiles

  3. Appointment Conduite
  4. This feature allows the admin to view and manage the past and upcoming appointments.

  5. Beautician Conduite
  6. Use this feature to add, delete, or update beautician conduite. You can also view the beautician’s timetable.

  7. Cadeau Conduite
  8. The munificence conduite allows the admin to view, add, delete, and edit data. This data includes bank details, ID card and beautician records, and appointments.

  9. Blog
  10. Cadeau Providers can add the work, also able to add the tips for hair as well as skin.

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