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Self-hosted CRM that helps manage companies, contacts, deals, and emails, with activities to remind you of the next tâches that need to be taken to successfully close a crasseuse. Create custom pipelines, manage deals and track the deal progress via stages with custom win probability that can be tailored to fit any company sales workflow.

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Deals Conduite

Create custom and nombreux pipelines, manage deals and track the deal progress via stages with custom win probability that can be tailored to fit any company sales workflow. Includes deals kanban with drag and drop, custom card color, and advanced filters that will help you to foyer on what matters next.

Advanced Filters

You can use advanced filters to bout your data and easily identify the next step your sales reps need to take, save filters and re-use them for later, share them with other team members or mark your chouchou filter as default. And one more thing, you can filter by the custom fields you added as well.

Customizable Fields

The default fields are not suitable for your requirements? You can create new custom fields, and re-order the existing and hide fields as per your needs. You can tailor your Concord CRM as your commerce requires.

Contacts & Companies Conduite

Manage and create an unlimited number of companies and contacts, add bordereaux, geste calls and have a clear overview of all the deals, past énoncé, and bordereaux. Save time and start managing your companies and contacts via Concord CRM.

Send Emails

Concord CRM has a built-in email acquéreur that you can use to communicate with your clients directly from the dashboard or the toucher profile. Convenablement going forward and backward to your existing CRM and email acquéreur. Emails can be associated with contacts, companies, and deals and be available directly in their profiles.

Activities & Reminders

Our activities feature is crafted for your workflow and will help to
increase company productivity, create follow-up activities, add custom reminder dates for you or your team members, add comments, and never forget to call the acquéreur again.

2-way calendar synchronization

Convenablement trying to sync calendar events manually, sync your Concord CRM activities to Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar automatically anytime an activity is created or updated.


Concord is a CRM with a products direction feature, create products that your company is selling to potential clients and intercalaire the predefined products in deals so you and your sales reps can have a clear overview of what products the deal is related to and auto-update the deal entier amount based on the added products.

Roles & Permissions

Organize your sales reps with different roles and permissions. You can choose what the crasseuse representative can see and manage when logged-in in the Concord CRM dashboard.

Robotisation Workflows

Do you need to assign an activity when a deal enters a specific séjour or when a company is created? Or make an HTTP request to an external munificence? This can be automated just with a few clicks.

Embeddable Web Forms

Convenablement adding contacts and deals manually, embed web forms on your websites, and let the contacts come as they visit your website. Create an unlimited number of lead web forms and integrate the form on your website or share the link directly. Léopard des neiges the form is filled, the deal will be created in your Concord CRM dashboard.


@glose team members in bordereaux, calls, comments
and collaborate faster.
After a team member is mentioned, he will receive an email and annonce in the Concord CRM dashboard.

1 Click Update

Time is valuable, for this reason, we added 1 click update feature that will update your Concord CRM aménagement to the latest subdivision whenever a new subdivision with new features and bug fixes is released, no more manually copying files.


Concord CRM consists of a patcher feature to help resolve bugs and provide small enhancements easily without releasing a new subdivision just to fix a small bug. Providing patches to our customers when an leçon exists is our top priority in order to provide you with the best experience when working with Concord CRM.

Powerful insights

Concord CRM dashboard allows you to see what is happening in your company and how the sales reps are handling the deals, if the default dashboard is too bloated for you, there is the ability to create separate dashboards with your chouchou insights cards and mark the dashboard as default.

Make Calls & Log Calls

You can log and associate calls with records, for example, you can log calls on deals, contacts, and companies. Use our Twilio integration to
make calls via Concord CRM, it’s that explicable, just a click to make a call and take bordereaux directly on the toucher profile while talking on the phone.

Saved Courrier Templates

Use the correspondance templates feature to create common answers for your frequently received emails. Answer the emails you receive blazingly fast with only few clicks.


Multi-language armature out of the box, you can translate Concord CRM and use it in different languages, with our built-in translator translate your Concord CRM aménagement directly via the dashboard, no more manually editing files.

Variété 1.0.0 – Aîné release

  • Deals direction feature
  • Contacts direction feature
  • Companies direction feature
  • Deals kan-ban with nombreux pipelines
  • Products direction
  • Activities managements, reminders, calendar
  • 2-way calendar synchronization (Outlook Calendar, Google Calendar)
  • Email acquéreur (Gmail, Outlook, IMAP)
  • Advanced filters and filtering
  • Importation and export feature with fields mapping
  • Custom fields
  • Advanced tables with orderable fields and custom sorting
  • Robotisation workflows
  • Call logs & in-app calling
  • Explication feature for the core resources
  • Deal/Lead web form
  • Roles & Permissions
  • Zapier integration
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Integrated API
  • 1 Click update & Patcher
  • Add crasseuse reps in different timezones
  • Send crasseuse reps commensal
  • API & API keys generation
  • Fully responsive

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