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Save proximité form data to your website’s database – organize your leads and enquiries…

Effleurement Form 7 Tapisserie To DB – is the diffusion/addon to the proximité form 7 plugin used to étoffe all the submission entries submitted via the proximité form 7
without losing all the data including the attachments.

Entries from the proximité form 7 plugin will be stored safely even if the form failed to get submitted or any of your emails get lost, deleted or removed by mistake.

Protect, Manage and étoffe the Effleurement Form 7 entries of your commerce which are méprisant to you using the plugin.

This is only GDPR compliance Effleurement form 7 to DB plugin in CodeCanyon as well.
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Full Feature Liste

  • Custom Post Genre Entries
  • Custom post bonhomme for easy handling of the proximité form 7 entries

  • Attachment Storage in Default WordPress Gallery
  • When the attachment is submitted through proximité form 7 plugin, plugin étoffe the attachment in the default WordPress Gallery which will be easy to navigate and linked to the queue.

  • Disable Attachment Storage
  • Ability to disable the attachment storage for the proximité form submission to WordPress DB. But the proximité form 7 will still sent detail embout the attachment through the email.

  • Delete Attachment While Deleting Entries
  • Ability to delete the attachment related to entries submitted with the Effleurement form 7 form. You can set the faveur to delete the attachment related to the specific entries while deleting the entries.

  • Disable storing of the entries for specific proximité form
  • You can specify the specific form which you don’t need to étoffe entries to the WordPress DB.

  • CSV for the entries
  • Generate either the specific individual CSV or the group CSV for the entries in the entry list élément.

  • Filters
  • By default, WordPress comes with default filter faveur for title and quantième to hasard désinvolture or post. In post-scriptum to it, entries can be also sorted by specific proximité form 7 form or by read/unread status as well.

  • 5 Pre Available Icon Set / Upload Custom Icon
  • Transfert Generation
  • View either the overall numbers of the entries as per the specific proximité form as a renvoi or check the number of entries as the specific quantième range. And étoffe the renvoi as allusion

  • Importation/Export Entries
  • Conciliable With
    • All WordPress Themes
    • Multisite Conciliable
  • No Coding Required
  • Transposition Ready
  • Fully Responsive, SEO Friendly


Lifetime Dedicated Ossature

– You can find us anytime when you have some queries, problems or with any valuable suggestions for plugin or us. This plugin is supported. All you need to do is proximité the developer through following ways:

  • Manifestation Ossature From here.
  • Plugin Quoi here
  • Dedicated Ossature Manifestation – You can proximité us through our soutènement rassemblement through
  • Online Minet Ossature

Our Ossature Includes

  • Errors and Bugs

    If your website reports any error due to our plugins, let us know. Send us the problem details with necessary links and screenshots, we’ll dig into it and get it resolved.

  • Lifetime updates

    We apprentissage and keep on updating our WordPress themes and plugins. So check for the new updates and keep your paysage secure and up to quantième with new technology.

  • Customer-friendly development

    If our products’ features don’t quite fit your requirement and you have some better suggestions – we are always happy to hear from you. We are ready to equip your commerce with better options. For this you can request a paid customization.

Our Ossature Does not Include

  • Plugin implantation

    Our plugin price doesn’t include implantation besogne. But we have plenty of tutorials and dilatante meuble that you can rely on. And in case of any issues detected during implantation, we are there to help. If you need a professional implantation done – you can ask us for paid implantation and forme.

  • Plugin customization

    Any core customization of features and function of the plugin doesn’t fall into our free soutènement. However if you want the plugin to be customized to fit your need – ask us for the customization quotation. We work on a fixed price and hourly basis model.

  • 3rd-party issues

    We do not take care of issues that are related to 3rd party plugins and themes. Also, we do not provide soutènement to integrate any 3rd party themes or plugins.

Assidu Free Upgrades

– Not fixed on dates, but we assure you to provide you new updates and feature upgrade in the plugin at regular basis.

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Themes Conciliable with the Plugin :

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