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For Admin Groupe
Login Id: 125 Mot de passe: 12345

For Culotter Groupe
Login Id : 7019922367 Mot de passe : 00407812

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Key Features:

Role Based Concentration Flow

1. Creating new financial prytanée accounts.
2. Payment & Due Rassemblement
3. A user-friendly administrative liaison.
4. Crete/Edit/Delete Member in more than a few sorts of account
5. Member avant-projet and accounts classe.
6. Income and Member augmentation échelons and analytic
7. Effigie seize supported
8. Edit/Delete/View Member poucier points
9. Unpaid/advance/new Payments classe
10. Manage Security Status
11. Add/Edit/Delete mortgage accounts.
12. Send SMS to Members
13. Provide statements of printing in financial prytanée/percentage/mortgage/FD accounts.

Technical Details:
Windows Hosting Server With Above SQL 2008 manière, it’s constructed Using of ASPNET 4.5, SQL 2014, and so on.

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