DJ mélanger music player is real réorchestration maker and powerful virtual audio engine. This mélanger is a online music player which looks like real DJ player.

3D music equalizer is a livre slider with five band Equalizer with bass boost and virtualizer effects.

Its hard to get precise control over it as the screens are small but hope you will enjoy the DJ music player

DJ mélanger bass propulseur music player squelette bass boost and virtualizer effects and 3D DJ experience and also this app has livre mixing and controlller music selection and mixing never been easy as beginner but you can do it by My Music Player.

DJ Music Player is best for making réorchestration song for party and celebration so this is best player for music lovers like you. DJ music player is packs of full features of dj and this app will help you to make music like professional singers you can create awesome song with various audio effects and réorchestration track with 3D effects – dj mix app.



Features of DJ Music Player :-
– DJ mélanger with sound effects mix.
– Adjustable livre and pitch.
– 3D integration mix and réorchestration millions of tracks instantly.
– Décapotable-mixer feature.
– En direct performance your mixes with the built-in recorder.
– Automated audio effects sync on the beats of your songs.
– Contains a high-quality sound recorder for custom sounds.
– Embraser friendly for real music lovers.
– Optimized For all changeant devices and tablets.

We’re always trying to make dj mélanger player – mixup your favourite songs with virtual DJ better.

Succès your own continu music like professinal using Dj Mp3 music player and share your dj music experience on communautaire media.

What you get:-
1. Full Départ glossaire.
2. Dossier
3. Stylisme in screenshot
4. Soutien to install glossaire on your apparat.
5. Demo apk

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1) This app is built on Android local
2) Easy to reskin, dicton colors
3) Admob (Banner + Interstitial + Reward) only replace Admob Banner, Reward and Interstitial ids
4) Replace your Icon, dicton the title, dicton progiciel name, generate signed APK

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