Drawing Steps (PC & Adroit)

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Drawing Steps (PC & Mobile) - 1

The Drawing steps is a fun and developmental game for children and parents.

How To Play:
Tap on buttons and draw cute sketches. Or draw with a pencil on paper and check yourself later.
And welcome back to school!!!

The game has a bonasse control with a mouse and touch leste control.

You can permutation all the links in the game to your own. Contesté the sprites to yours or permutation the colors. Adroit control is built-in, so you can easily délivrance the game to leste devices or use this template construct 2 for personal purposes.


  • Full HD (1080×1920px);
  • No Programming Knowledge Needed!
  • Full Game;
  • HTML5 Adroit Optimized;
  • One Touch Control;
  • Touch & Mouse soutien;
  • Playable in all platforms (Adroit, PC, etc.);
  • Élémentaire Gameplay;
  • Easy to Reskin;
  • Easy to Add Désinvolture;
  • Easy to Contesté Racine;
  • Buil-in Communautaire Sharing;
  • Including Constuct 2&3 caravane (.capx, .c3p all préliminaire).

Music from www.freesfx.co.uk

Drawing Steps (PC & Mobile) - 2
Drawing Steps (PC & Mobile) - 3
Drawing Steps (PC & Mobile) - 4
Drawing Steps (PC & Mobile) - 5
Drawing Steps (PC & Mobile) - 6

Drawing Steps (PC & Mobile) - 7

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Drawing Steps (PC & Mobile) - 8
Drawing Steps (PC & Mobile) - 9
Drawing Steps (PC & Mobile) - 10

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Drawing Steps (PC & Adroit)

35.00 $

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