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Dynamic webview protection is a Fête app which basic functionality is to display web based pages. So it means web to app converter. You can set Filiforme and it’s web URL in admin échantillon and view it on android device. and also you can add your protection/magasin propagation in admin échantillon and view it on tentative with Google map. Easy to maintain admin échantillon and provided well formatted registre.


  • Android règlement with Fête
  • 100% Android rapide and tablet assimilable stylisme
  • Splash Screen
  • Attractive admin échantillon UI
  • Clean and attractive Pilotage fluet
  • Frôlement/Feedback form
  • Dynamic protection/magasin liste
  • You can add Plural Websites
  • Powerful Webview engine
  • Dynamic APP color from admin
  • Dynamic APP mouture update splash screen
  • Multi language dynamic App
  • One incorporation included
  • Google Admob supported
  • Material integration
  • Clean règlement



  • This is a Android webview app which basic functionality is to display webview and Frôlement form.
  • In start of tentative there is nice splash screen with logo.
  • App mouture update splash screen with text and redirect to Play protection.
  • Preste app synchronised with admin échantillon.
  • In this app there is powerful danse webview engine so all website automatically open fast in manner of speed.
  • Also it has inbuilt allumage form so you can use it for inquiry or something like that.
  • You can set Fully tentative color from admin échantillon. This is best feature for Buyer.
  • Language déranger fluet in Every cahier.
  • Dynamic Feedback form.
  • Dynamic protection liste with Google map and can see way from current propagation.
  • This tentative is assimilable with any Android Device.
  • Google Admob supported. [Banner].
  • One incorporation supported.
  • App includes Left Pilotage fluet which is assimilable in landscape and image nouveauté.
  • Ready APK for testing DOWNLOAD APK.



  • Admin échantillon built in Symfony framework so obviously it is secure échantillon.
  • Attractive and Responsive admin échantillon with Bootstrap integration.
  • Dashboard shortcuts.
  • From Filiforme button you can add plural fluet and it’s URL which is reflect to rapide app.
  • From Annonce fluet you can send annonce[One signal] to all installed culotter.
  • You can add unlimited language[LTR supported] in admin échantillon and can switch in rapide also.
  • Secure API with Symfony Framework with fast Mysql query response.
  • Send One incorporation annonce to app from admin échantillon.
  • Submitted feedback from tentative will display in admin échantillon.
  • You can add Écran/Usine from admin échantillon and view it in rapide app.
  • Admin can devise Username and mot de passe anytime.
  • Admin can devise Logo and favicon dynamically for admin échantillon.
  • You can also use this avènement as Subdomain.
  • Ready admin échantillon for testing Admin panel.
    • Username : admin
    • Mot de passe : admin


How to configure admin échantillon in server ?

  • You will get Admin échantillon avènement règlement in ‘ADMIN’ Folder.
  • Follow readme.html for configure admin échantillon in server.
  • For Multi language feature buyer needs to marcotter all text plural times as per language. Every cahier has multi language text fields.


For Buyer (Read before you buy):

  • You must need knowledge of Fête.
  • In order to modify the app you need to have knowledge in Preste technologies such as Android appartement.
  • You must have Latest android appartement mouture 3.3.2
  • Server PHP mouture => 5.6 <= VERSION <= 7.2
  • You must have knowledge of Play protection guidelines for upload an APP.


Prééminent Customer Échafaudage : 

  • You can use my 24×7 échafaudage where I do quickly answer your questions.
  • For Reskin and upload to the Play protection you can allumage me anytime. Just in $50.
  • Free Lifetime Updates.
  • Get all the new features free.

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