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Event Direction – Eventsys – Overview
A Best platform for your events.

Auto-stop wasting time on repère solutions and manual processes.the impulsion of your events with the integrated terme.
Use a platform that automates and simplifies process, provides cost and time savings, increases attendance, delights attendees, and gives you the right analytics tools to prove and improve the value of your events.

EventSYS is Event Direction System.This CMS Includes almost everything needed in a Event Direction system.
you can manage multi-event Registration,booking,booking-ticket with Qr-code.each event Registration provide qrcode for that particular event anéantir.
Event conduite system send one maintien courrier to customer with Qr-ticket(each event different lexique.easy to check qrcode all detail in qrcode ex.event name, booking person name, booking circonstance,event address etc.)
This Event Direction System allows varié Event and varié booking & Reservation. admin can add observe How many Event are working, upcoming and how much sells argent.
system provide event specify web domestique of event to share event detail with dynamic contain conduite cms domestique and more tangible features are under below on Features.

Features :

1. Event schedules trough calendar

                a. Choose Calender Naissance

                b. Choose time set event

                c. Quick Add Event schedules

                d. Quick Event Features Add

2. Easy Book Event

                a. Choose Calender

                b. Choose time and circonstance

                c. Quick add Event

                d. Quick Delete & Bouleversement on Naissance & minutage

3. Events Booked Listage

                a. Check Events Booking

                b. Check booking time and circonstance

                c. Consommateur add Events argent

4. Reservation of Event to Consommateur(by admin)

                a. Choose Calender

                b. Choose time and circonstance

                c. Quick Reservation of event

                d. Quick Courrier For Consommateur & Admin

5. Event Attentisme

                a. Check Daily , Montly , Yearly , or Between Naissance Attentisme

                b. Create Events Schedules Pdf

                c. Quick Attentisme click and Get Detail

6. Event Webpage(Per Event Generate Dynamic one domestique)

                a. Manage Your webpage (complete Dynamic)

                b. Add Logo,Négoce Detail, Person Detail

                c. Share your Négoce Garçon via Aimable link

                d. share your accommodant link

                e. Add Unlimited figure of your trafic

                f. set your Time & availability

7. Event Web Apparence

8. Event Courrier Devoirs

9. Event Embed Scheduling Inline into your Website

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Mot de passe : admin

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