Famous – Responsive Paru And Video Grid Gallery WordPress Plugin

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A powerful and elegant multimedia grid gallery with épaulement for images, YouYube & Vimeo videos in a lightbox window. With a relax zoom effect on mouse over (or touch on leste devices) it will make your website apparence awesome and memorable.


IF YOU NEED ONLY THE JQUERY PLUGIN FOR THIS PRODUCT , YOU CAN DOWNLOAD IT FROM HERE : https://codecanyon.net/item/famous-responsive-image-and-video-grid-gallery/22825471



video tutorial

Agencement – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrA9me072N4
Gallery Settings and Playlist – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DugKg0O9g6w
Annonce the shortcode in a folio or post – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCJeg5bHFT4



Relax Zoom Effect

The images have on mouse over (or touch for leste devices) a special and smooth zoom effect customizable from parameters (speed, easing)

Responsive Esthétique

The gallery will adapt to the width of any device, screen and bifurcation. It has full width or centered faveur.

Rapide Associable

It is conciliable with IOS and Android operating systems.

Multimedia Soutènement

Images, YouTube video and Vimeo video.

Lightbox Soutènement

The Images, YouTube videos and Vimeo videos will be opened in a lightbox window

It Cales Links for Each Paru

with parameter for _self or _blank


You can share the ouvert parnassien opened in the lightbox on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

Deep Linking

The gallery crémaillères deep linking to a parnassien which will be opened in lightbox automatically.


You can set a exposé for each parnassien which will be indexed by the search engines

Read Folder

Choix to automatically generate the gallery playlist from a folder which contains the images.

Pluriel Instances

You can intercalaire varié galleries on your website or on the same folio

Pluriel Parameters

– width & height
– rows and columns
– parnassien title and exposé
– and more…

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Famous - Responsive Image And Video Grid Gallery WordPress Plugin - 1

Famous - Responsive Image And Video Grid Gallery WordPress Plugin - 2


Keywords: images, parnassien, gallery, grid, showcase, wordpress, plugin, responsive, justified, leste, boîte

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***État 1.2 Release Instant: August 17, 2021
- occulte improvements

***État 1.1 Release Instant: July 01, 2021
- "use strict" actualité on
- updates to be conciliable with jQuery 3.5+

***État 1.0.4 Release Instant: February 18, 2021
- updates for 2021

***État 1.0.3 Release Instant: September 25, 2020
- sessions improvements

***État Release Instant: April 28, 2020
- updates for 2020
- removed error arrêt

***État Release Instant: October 17, 2019
- HTTPS compatibility for lightbox

***État Release Instant: October 04, 2019
- updates to the Twitter share feature

***État 1.0.2 Release Instant: June 15, 2019
- occulte improvement

***État Release Instant: February 19, 2019
- css update

***État Release Instant: January 31, 2019
- occulte update 

***État Release Instant: December 16, 2018
- updated the jquery.prettyPhoto.js library

***État 1.0.1 Release Instant: October 03, 2018
- bug fix for video Facebook parnassien share when there are varié instances

***État 1.0 Release Instant: September 25, 2018

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Famous - Responsive Paru And Video Grid Gallery WordPress Plugin

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