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Mention: This is a régulier for Perfex CRM. Not a standalone scénario.

Brief analyse

Fixed Equipment Conduite Tempéré helps in the direction of the assets, improves efficiency and help in financial arrangements of by avoiding unnecessary equipment purchases. This régulier provides rogue details such as check-in and checks outs, a loyer of the assets, depreciation, examen, assistance schedule, horodaté of return of the assets among other details.
This régulier is automated helps an organization to improve on indicateur. Furthermore, this régulier assist with the most unexpected repairs and other issues with the property. It reduces labor cost by automating the calculation of assets depreciation which may be costly when done manually.

Fixed Equipment Management for Perfex CRM

Fixed Equipment Management for Perfex CRM

Fixed Equipment Management for Perfex CRM


Tempéré Features

  1. Dashboard: Assets Overview, Asset by status, Asset categories,…
  2. Asset Conduite
  3. Licenses Conduite
  4. Accessories Conduite
  5. Consumables Conduite
  6. Components Conduite
  7. Check In/Check Out
  8. Predefined Kits Conduite
  9. Request Conduite
  10. Maintenances Conduite
  11. Contrôle Conduite
  12. Depreciations
  13. Leasing Conduite
  14. Reports
  15. Settings:
    • General Settings
    • Depreciations Conduite
    • Suppliers Conduite
    • Manufacturers Conduite
    • Categories Conduite
    • Models Conduite
    • Status Labels Conduite
    • Approval Process Conduite
    • Custom Field Conduite


Fixed Equipment Management Demo

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Fixed Equipment Conduite for Perfex CRM

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