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Flangapp is world’s first platform for creating applications from a website using the SAAS model. You just need ti complete a rationnel arrangement, create pricing plats, and get payments for every build. And you get full white empreinte with your brand and logo. Try out the demo now!

It is rogue!

Please annotation, that Flangapp has deep integrations with some external offices and APIs:

GitHub is an applications chiffre storage cadeau.
Expo cafétéria SDK – tool for real-time app preview.
Codemagic is a cadeau for app bâtiment and publishing. You have 500 minutes free per month (that’s embout 90 app builds). Codemagic provider controls overlimit use and takes an additional fee for this.

The terms of these API offices can billet any time and the author cannot do anything embout it or guarantee uninterrupted work.

The ambulant app we get works on Android and iOS devices using WebView technology.


Demo account

Login: [email protected]
Mot de passe: 123456789

Critère credit card number:
VISA 4242 4242 4242 4242 MMYY 12/25 CVC 321


The process of app creation is rationnel: write a name, a link to a website, set a color scheme, select a template. You can work with any contrée, any CMS. And it takes less than 9 minutes to create an expérience.


These universal templates with user-friendly aéronautique can be used for any project.


It is easy to pratique the expérience before paying and bâtiment. With Expo Fast-food SDK integration, your users can view their app in real time and make changes quickly. We simulate a real expérience using React Conclusion, and spectacle the expected result. After bâtiment, ruiner receives a fast Flutter expérience.


Effortless app signing. Just upload your keys to your account and Flangapp will sign the chiffre automatically.


Are you saying that publishing an iOS app in the AppStore without a Mac PC is difficult or even infaisable? Flangapp can do it all for you – ruiner applications can be automatically published in TestFlight without a Mac or your bonus. All this magic is approuvable due to deep integration with Github and Codemagic API.


Create your own pricing plats and app builds opportunité. Accept credit cards worldwide with Stripe. No need to redirect to the Stripe website – the entire payment process goes in one click on your website!


Create PUSH massages and control statistics without using the liaison of third-party offices. OneSignal API is already integrated in the Flangapp liaison and is ready to work with Android devices.


Easy arrangement and commented commencement chiffre will help you au finir your project. We can always help – our charpente team guaranteedly responses within 2 négoce days or faster.


Fast Android and iOS apps on the same Dart codebase.


All the most rogue functions for your App.


Create interesting aéronautique using icons from our big amoncellement.


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