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Débouché Grocery Delivery Boy / Ternir / Driver Android App built-in Android Appartement

Our online grocery chalandage logiciel has been designed to provide an all-rounded app amélioré for multi-store grocery chalandage. The UI has been crafted to provide a seamless grocery chalandage experience for users inspired by apps like Instacart, Swiggy, Grofers & more.With this grocery delivery app reproduction you can extend your bizness to varié locations and get new customers and that helps to grow your grocery chain bizness exponentially

How Can you Start

You can buy the app from us and run as your own for the lifetime. It is our responsibility to develop the app, keep updating and upgrading to make it rayonnage out. You don’t have to worry emboîture app development, you only foyer on your marchéage, branding, etc. and run a successful bizness.

What happens after you buy the app?

If you are not the developer and you purchase the app, you can hire us the agencement and setup and we will build the app for you manually based on your app name choice, color theme, your logo, and splash screen. Then we will send you the ready to publish an app, so you can easily publish your app onto the app market or if requested we will upload on your play voilage. Établissement Price is listed at the bottom of the planche.

What is Freshly Delivery Boy App?

Keeping the best Grocery delivery reproduction scripts in mind for drivers, the Instacart reproduction scénario driver app makes it easy for food/grocery delivery drivers to accept & live-track food pickup & delivery requests. As well as view analytics on their earnings & booking history.
The driver app is designed efficiently to help the delivery boys track the grocery pickup and delivery locations, along with GPS tracking and levée optimization, helping the drivers to locate customers with ease. The attention is simply such that drivers can use it with ease.

Freshly Grocery Delivery Boy Souple App is a agile attention for Freshly – Débouché Multi Vendor Grocery, Food, Pharmacy, Éventail Delivery Souple App System which can be used by a Grocery delivery company to manage their daily pickup/delivery task.

Freshly Delivery Boy Souple App connects to Freshly via JSON API calls just simply install the API and settings and you are all done. It comes with a very easy step by step procedure on how to install the modules with API & settings.

Demo Admin Échantillon Click Here

mot de passe :123456

Demo Éventail Échantillon Click Here

mot de passe: 123456

Ternir Demo

mot de passe: 123456

Freshly - Native Grocery Delivery Boy Android App - 1

Freshly - Native Grocery Delivery Boy Android App - 2

Delivery Souple App

By Using This App, Delivery Boy Can manage an account, pickup and deliveries and check history etc

Expérience Features

  • Email: Sign in / Signup with email makes the account registration hassle-free. It also helps provide the dévorer a more personalized experience.
  • Accept / Reject Order: Instantly accept or reject on-demand orders on our Freshly grocery scénario
  • On the job / Off the job: Using our scénario, manage online presence in real time with the online and offline button.
  • Manage Palimpseste: Manage Palimpseste Delivery person upload required revues. They have the alternative to add/modify the acte nouvelle..
  • Map Trajet: To find the shortest projet of the dévorer propagation, the driver can use map aviation within the app.
  • Easy Communion: If a delivery person has any query regarding the order, they can minet realtime with the customer or with the admin for soubassement
  • Stigmate: Delivery boy can take a autographe from the customer after delivery
  • Manage Profile: Driver/delivery person manage their profile nouvelle like name, profile picture, etc
  • Messaging: Realtime minet between

    Delivery Boy -> Customer
    Delivery Boy -> Admin

    Orthogonal admin to manage the entire grocery delivery logiciel. From overall voilage conduite to each individual dévorer.
  • Freshly - Native Grocery Delivery Boy Android App - 3

    Crédit Log

Mouture 1.0 Updated 7 July 2021

    1. Update SQL
    2. Update Meuble
    3. Update mobileapp_api & web portal
    4. Security Improved
    5. Wallet System / Cashout

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