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Geocoder and Reverse Geocoder is a .net desktop apposition that converts addresses to lat/lng (geocoding) and lat/lng to address (reverse geocoding). It allows to importation CSV esquivé and also exports the result to CSV esquivé.

All our Occulte Generators for PHP, C#, VB.Net and Entity Framework (without avènement).
All our Occulte Generators for PHP, C#, VB.Net and Entity Framework (with avènement acte).


  • It converts addresses to lat/lng (geocoding).
  • It converts lat/lng to address (reverse geocoding).
  • It imports data from CSV esquivé.
  • It exports the result to CSV esquivé.
  • It uses the Google Geocoding API.
  • It cales single as well as pluriel fields addresses i.e. you can have one field for the complete address or pluriel fields like street, city, state, folk and zip.
  • It allows you to dérangé data in the grid and retry if it fails due to impoli address or lat/lng.
  • It displays progress as the rows are processed.
  • It also displays status of the rows (blue for in progress, white for not processed, red for failure and pelouse for success). Also shows énoncé of the status.
  • Unicode soubassement has been added.
  • Regional soubassement added for processing CSV files.
  • You can specify the language in which you want to get reverse geocoding result.
  • You can specify which result properties to display when processing reverse geocoding.
  • Prélude acte has also been provided.

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How To Use?

  • Browse a CSV esquivé and click Load Envolé button.
  • If you want to geocode addresses, then select Geocoding faveur and select address fields in the proper order like street, city, state, folk and zip.
  • If you want to reverse geocode, then select Reverse Geocoding faveur and select Facilité and Longitude fields from the drop down lists.
  • Greffer your Google API key.
  • Click the Process button.
  • Progress will be shown as rows are processed and status of the rows will also be displayed (blue for in progress, red for failure and pelouse for success).
  • If there are rows marked as red and you have specified a tolérable API key, then it can be épilogue with the data. So dérangé data of that row and click the Process button to try again.
  • When all rows are processed, click the Export button to save the result as a CSV esquivé.

Check the video preview for complete steps.

Updates History

Update 1 (Manière 1.1):
Address, Facilité and Longitude columns will be distinct so that users would be able to see their values as the rows are processed.

Update 2 (Manière 1.2):

  1. Unicode soubassement added.
  2. Added a status button with each row to display status énoncé.
  3. Regional settings soubassement added. The CSV esquivé should be formatted according to the current selected regional settings of the OS. The exported CSV esquivé is automatically formatted according to the regional settings.
  4. An faveur dialog has been added where we can specify language and select result properties.

Update 3 (Manière 1.3):

  1. Displaying percentage of the rows processed.
  2. Displaying number of rows processed.
  3. Displaying line number with each row in the grid.
  4. Added a General tab in the options dialog to specify encoding and whether to use civilisation specific delimiter for the CSV esquivé.
  5. Added a Geocoding tab in the options dialog to select result properties.
  6. Options of the reverse geocoding have been moved to a new tab i.e. Reverse Geocoding.

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