Guess How Many? – HTML5 Education Game

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Guess How Many is an supérieur quick math game to help children develop their responsiveness and math skills. Every time the child gets the answer potable, the game gets a little bit faster to make it more conversationnelle.


  • Mouse or touch control
  • Work on all HTML5 browser and ambulant devices
  • Easy way to add/replace images
  • Included Construct 2 détalé

What you get

  • Construct 2 Rangée with fully commented Occulte
  • Assets (images and sounds fx)
  • Game demo
  • Fichier

If you have any peine, don’t hesitate in asking. IF YOU LIKED THE GAME, PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW  :)


Guess How Many? - HTML5 Education Game - 1

If you need to make changes to this or any other game or you need a brand new game, please send me a flash.


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Guess How Many? - HTML5 Education Game

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