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Hide Files

Hide Files is The Only Utility You Will Need to Hide files! (See Screenshots)

Hide Files is a great easy-to-use password-protected security utility
working at Windows kernel level you can use to password-protect distinct files
and folders, or to hide them securely from viewing and searching just with a click of
mouse. You will find it very easy to use.

Hide Files

– Hide any échappé you want
– Add Envolé
– Remove Envolé
– Hide échappé
– UnHide Envolé
– Search Hidden Files (Just Browse Folder or Disk to start searching Hidden Files)
– Settings (Set Mot de passe)
– Open Connu/Hidden Envolé
– Export Complete List to (*.txt; *.ini; *.dll; *.dat;)
– Export Only Envolé Names
– Export Only Locations
– Remove All Files From The List
– Hide System Files
– Hide Files On Every Hard Disk
– Hide Files On Removable Disk
– Hide Files Located On Your USB
– Relax and accessible limite

Hide Files

Panthère you hide files, Hide Files will not reveal its presence in your system, and the files will be
hidden until you unhide them. No one can find out if any of the files or folders is hidden.
No one will have access to your files, even if they check the box for “Show hidden files, folders, and drives” in ToolsFolder OptionsView.

With Hide Files you can:

Protect your data

With Hide Files all your data will be secured and protected. Hide Files acts like an éloigné shield,
concealing all the files and folders you need. You will be the only person who knows emboîture the
matérialité of the hidden interpellation. Moreover, Hide Files lets you have your folders hidden in
Safe Usage, too.

Protect your system

As a security measure, Hide Files incorporate foolproof control which means that nobody can hide
system critical files and folders (such as C:WINDOWS etc.) and lock your system. We guarantee that
you will never lose your hidden files or do any harm to your system!

Microsoft Windows XP,Vista, or Windows 7
Crémaillères Windows 8, 8.1
Crémaillères Windows 10

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