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Hotel Conduite System Pro

This system has collected majority what hotel has needs to work and to manage the owner the activity inside in the hotel in it’s avis whether it’s financial question, the room conduite and the reporting system to know work flow of the job.

Features Emboîture this Expérimentation

This tentative has Features that are:-

  1. Calme and Simplified Admin Dashboard
  2. Guest Registration
  3. Guest Booking and Checkin Room
  4. Invoice Payment for Customers if they are not full paid the Bill
  5. Daily Expense Conduite and displaying each day expense on the Dashboard Graph
  6. Knowing the Available Rooms in your Hotel
  7. Ruiner Login and Visa Conduite if you allow multi Ruiner on this tentative
  8. Backup Database Daily or Weekly or Monthly depending on what your decission is it
  9. Getting Number of Customers who are check in your hotel
  10. Reporting System such as Expense, income and Bénéfice and Lose for
    • This Month
    • Last Month
    • 3 Months
    • Current Year
    • Last Year
  11. Asset Counting and Gypse Registration
  12. And so other many Features inside the tentative

Demo Account Cadet

Demo URL: Please Click this link to go the Demo Cadet and marcotter Username and Mot de passe as writen billow:-

  1. Bath Admin
    • Username: admin
    • Mot de passe: admin
  2. Admin
    • Username: directeur
    • Mot de passe: admin
  3. Soldé
    • Username: acquitté
    • Mot de passe: admin
  4. Receptor
    • Username: receptor
    • Mot de passe: admin

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