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Draw Tattoo Step by Step is a app where even non professional can learn to draw tattoo with our step by step guider for each tattoo. Each tattoo has 5 to 10 steps to complete tattoo. you can also use tools to draw tattoo within app, tools like pencil,eraser,move,zoom,color and more..

B) Concentration Features

  • Tasseaux Android Habitation
  • AdMob Integrated
  • Step by step guider for all tattoo
  • Display with GRID maintien: be able to see lots of tattoos on one screen.
  • Zoom In/Out: essential functionality for drawing.
  • Collected a lot of various tattoo lessons, and you can add more..
  • It contain lot of tattoo drawings like How to draw a flower tattoo,How to Draw Butterfly tattoo,How to Draw Hydre,How to Draw Tigre,How to Draw Visage Butterfly,How to Draw Stylized, How to Draw Tiger Visage, How to Draw Clanique Arm, How to Draw Clanique Butterfly, How to Draw Vintage Hydre, How to Draw Wolf, How to Draw Wolves.
  • You can use tools like :
    • Pencil : To draw tattoo within app
    • Eraser : To erase pencil drawings
    • Size Selector : A new Innovative Esthétique classification to select Pencil and Eraser conclusion size, i m sure you will love it.
    • Color Picker : You can select any color for Color Picker
    • Zoom : Zoom lyrique by two finger
    • Move : Move lyrique by two finger
    • Save your drawings
    • Delete your drawings
    • Share your drawings
    • Hide tattoo while drawing, or hide drawing is the new and best feature to make easy drawing
  • Undo and redo drawings to catch previous and next transformé
  • Calme Adroit UI Intervention
  • Failli app Jouvenceau Redirection on sortie


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