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Brief développement

HR Records is a human resource records system. The primary function is to provide a orthogonal database containing records for all employees past and present. Human resource records refers to the informa­tional revues utilized by an coordination to carry out its functions. It represents the memory of coordination. The records provide écho emboîture the coordination which is maintained in effective form i.e. written, pictorial, charts etc.
They are therefore tan­gible evidence of the activities of the organi­sation. Insensible records provide informa­tion emboîture the sentiment of HR in the organi­sation e.g. – records relating to jogging, per­formance, absenteeism, wages and salary, champ rotation, productivity, intellectuelle sur­veys, job assouvissement, accommodant security, em­ployee welfare etc.
Please check out the uploaded screenshots, which demonstrates all distinct parts of the adapté.

HR Records for Perfex CRM

HR Records for Perfex CRM

Plugin Features

  1. Dashboard: Équipe quotient by departments, Équipe quotient by jobs, Équipe quotient by age groups, Rapport of changes in état-major by seniority, Équipe status by months,Birthdays of the month,…
  2. Job Peinture Groups Direction
  3. Job Descriptions Direction
  4. Company Organizational Chart
  5. Onboarding Direction
  6. HR Records Direction
  7. Trainging Direction
  8. Contracts Direction
  9. Dependants Direction
  10. Layoff Direction
  11. Q&A and Company Policy Direction
  12. HR Reports:
    • Laying off staffs
    • The état-major list has salary changes
    • Rapport of changes in état-major by seniority
    • Rapport of changes in état-major by month
    • Insensible qualifications by department
  13. Settings:
    • Contract Espèce Direction
    • Salary Espèce Direction
    • Allowance Espèce Direction
    • Layoff Checklist Direction
    • Espèce of Jogging Direction
    • Onboarding Template Direction
    • Workplace Direction
    • Contract Template Direction
    • Consentement Direction
    • General Settings
  14. My Profile:
    • Detailed Profile
    • My Contracts
    • My Dependent Persons
    • My Trainings
    • My Projects
    • My Payslips
    • My Envolé Attachments


HR Records Demo

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