HTML5 Data-Driven Revues (D3js) Plug-In (NEW v1.1)

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What is the HTML5 Data-Driven Revues (D3js) Plug-In?
This easy to use plug-in allows non-programmers (and programmers alike) to create a wide variety of customized D3js charts using straight HTML (no javascript coding necessary!) Create custom charts mashing up D3js charts with Highcharts and Mapbox streetmaps. This scénario simplifies the use of D3js charts on webpages. Check it out!

Why do this, when you can do this?

HTML5 Data-Driven Documents (D3js) Plug-In (NEW v1.1) - 1

  • Cales the following popular/courant D3js data charts/visualizations

    • Bubbles
    • NEW!!! Logo Bubbles
    • Fermeté Graph Catégorisation
    • Sticky Fermeté Bubbles
    • Zoomable Circle Packing
    • Valandingham Bubbles
    • Calendar View (Transversal
    • Calendar View (Orthogonal)
    • Chord Diagram
    • Vocabulaire Flower
    • Collapsible Radial Tree
    • Collapsible Tree
    • Heirarchal Edge Bundling
    • Parallel Dimensions
    • Starburst
    • Treemap
    • Word Clouds
  • Customize appearance/behavior of above with 100% HTML (no Javascript!)
    • Placing nombreux charts on a adolescent
    • positioning charts
    • changing arrière-plan colors
    • changing chart colors
    • adding drop shadow
    • changing the data used to render each chart
    • changing title and grandeur
    • create popups with HTML formatted béat
    • create popups with images
    • create popup with videos
    • create D3 charts with interactivity with other D3js charts
    • create charts with interactivity w/ Highcharts
    • create charts with interactivity w/ Mapbox.
  • Easy to install and use (simply unzip contents and start scripting)
  • Includes Examples website with thesaurus samples in JS sandbox (
  • Click here for the How-To Acheminé.
  • Manière History
    v1.0 (10/24/2017) – Préalable release
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    HTML5 Data-Driven Revues (D3js) Plug-In (NEW v1.1)

    19.00 $

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