I will I will Do Detailed Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis for you for $20

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I will Do Detailed Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis for you

Éducatif and Advanced keywords Research is the most insolent factor in the SEO world that helps to achieve

your desired rank on Google’s First folio.

I’m providing advanced SEO keyword research and competitor analysis, which is necessary to survive and distinguish

your binaire matérialité.

KW search is an essential step of any online négoce and bonté website. Do you know? Accurate KWs with the bienséant dévorer intent can

help you to save 70% efforts in rankings.

What will you get in Keyword Research?

Keyword Difficulty Résultat by 3Premium SEO Tools

  1. MOZ Pro
  2. Longtail Pro
  3. KW Finder

Google Data:

  1. Search Folk
  2. Average monthly search
  3. Ads Competition
  4. CPC $
  5. Word Count


  1. Informational
  2. Vendeur
  3. Navigational
  4. Recherche

Section Keywords:

  1. Folk
  2. Difficulty
  3. Oeuvre
  4. SERP Features

What will you get in Competitor Analysis:

  1. Competitors
  2. Model
  3. URL Rating UR
  4. Domain Rating DR
  5. Domain Authority DA
  6. Planche Authority PA
  7. Empilement Flow TF
  8. Extrait Flow CF
  9. Referring Domain
  10. Contextual RDs Links
  11. Competitor’s Weaknesses
  12. Do-Follow RDs
  13. No-Follow RDs
  14. Dépendant Contextual DF RDs
  15. Droit TLDs Distribue
  16. Pieces of Latrines
  17. Accompli Keyword Coverage
  18. Top Pages Above 1000 KW coverage
  19. Latrines Hommes
  20. Top Traffic Folk
  21. Traffic Value ahref
  22. Spectacle Age/Birth
  23. Planche Speed Résultat Agile |Desktop

Much More…

Let me know if you have any questions in mind.


What do I need from you?

Your Chambre and link of your Competitor ( if any ).

Will you provide related Keywords and Questions (related to the keyword)?

Yes Both are included in this Libéralité.

Will these Keywords you choose to get me to Number One on Google?

No. But it will help. To get you to Number 1 on Google, you need rare: 1. Keyword research

2. Link Maison 3. On-page SEO 4. Off-page SEO 5. Proper Latrines Direction

and Discours 6. Technical SEO 5. Spectacle Audits. But the keyword search is the

first and very insolent step

Will you do complete SEO of any website?

Yes, I will do complete SEO; if you are interested, then feel free to discuss the

project. And you can hire me every month.

What’s included in Libéralité?

Up to 100 rankable keywords 25 most focused keyword complete analysis of your top 2 Competitors.

Who is your Gig for?

This Libéralité is perfect for E-commerce businesses such as Shopify, SMBs like real estate, law firms, accounting, dental, physical therapy, physical therapy, blogs, etc.

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I will I will Do Detailed Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis for you for $20