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Image Map Pro – SVG Map Builder

Image Map Pro is a lot greater than simply one more photo map plugin. Place areas, include message, yeah certain – that’s true. But
that’s where the regular quits. Image Map Pro features its very own function abundant internet application, so you can rapidly and also conveniently produce
one of the most detailed choice of customized photo maps, pins, SVG and also polygon forms, and also promptly export them to your internet site.

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Image Map Pro for WordPress - SVG Map Builder - 2
Image Map Pro for WordPress - SVG Map Builder - 3
Image Map Pro for WordPress - SVG Map Builder - 4
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Image Map Pro for WordPress - SVG Map Builder - 7
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Top Features

  • 50+ Maps of Countries and also Continents Included
  • Custom Polygon Shapes
  • Over 600 High Quality FontAwesome Icons
  • Super Advanced Backend Editor
  • Content Builder for Tooltips
  • Fully Responsive
  • JavaScript & HTML API
  • Click/Mouseover Actions
  • Custom Styles for Shapes
  • Image Map Import/Export
  • Undo/Redo Functionality
  • Zooming in the Editor
  • Fullscreen Capability
  • Rename & Reorder Shapes
  • Copy/Paste & Duplicate Shapes
  • Automatic Updates

1. Super Advanced Drag-and-drop Editor

The User Interface is instantly-familiar-Drag & Drop with self informative actions, symbols and also form devices at hand
– it couldn’t be any kind of much easier. Just to ensure however, we’ve additionally consisted of a very sharp detailed video clip overview in instance you
require your hand held adoringly, along the road. Check it out currently by trying the Editor live!

Try the Editor!

50+ maps of nations packed in.

We have actually consisted of over 50 maps of nations with areas, continents and also the globe, all prepared to utilize and also very adjustable.

You can include pins, modification shades, enable/disable areas, perform customized code on click and also also attract polygons, message and also various other forms on the top.

2. Add Anything to the Tooltips with a Content Builder

Image Map Pro features Squares – our bespoke web content home builder that allows you include abundant web content to the tooltips of your photo
map. Add Video, YouTube web content, Images or Buttons and also obviously Text snappy too. You can also prepare your web content
in a 12 column Bootstrap design grid. Go nuts, you’re welcome.

3. Draw Your Own Custom Shapes

Image Map Pro is the only plugin that enables you to attract customized polygon forms. You can also focus for optimum accuracy!
Of program you can still attract the great old-fasioned circles and also rectangular shapes, however that is so 2007…

Try the Editor!

4. Over 600 High Quality FontAwesome Icons

In the Editor you will certainly locate a collection of over 600 excellent quality FontAwesome SVG symbols consisted of totally free. You can transform their dimension and also shade and also they will certainly scale completely.
Need to utilize your very own symbol? You can do that as well!

5. Endless Combinations of Styles and also Animations

With the Editor you can personalize buildings like opacity, fill, stroke and also edge distance to match the layout of your website.
You can additionally have different designs on mouseover, or make the forms entirely unseen.

6. Looking for Even More Features?


Image Map Pro will certainly scale magnificently on every type of gadget, and also if you have tooltips that require to show a great deal of info
you can also make them complete display with the flick of a switch.

JavaScript and also HTML API

Run JavaScript when a customer clicks a form or cause a tooltip to show up by including an HTML credit to any kind of aspect on your
web page.

Custom Actions

Tooltips can be made to show up on mouseover or click – function driven to fit your. Of program that may suggest transforming them
off entirely, additionally a choice with ROGUE. Or you can make them web links. It’s as much as you!

Free Customer Support for 6 Months

We are below to aid!
If you have any kind of concerns mounting or utilizing our item,
please send us a ticket and also we will certainly react asap!

Submit Ticket

Change Log

    - Minor insect solutions
    - Fixed a pest where a picture history of a form would certainly show despite the presently chosen layer
    - Fixed a pest where photo history countered and also range would certainly be overlooked for mouseover designs
    - Added missing out on instance video clips for the web content home builder
    - Minor insect solutions
    - Minor insect solutions
    - Minor insect solutions
    - [Other] Limited the elevation of the forms checklist to max 50% of the home window elevation
    - Critical insect repair pertaining to the freshly consisted of maps
    - [Feature] Added 50+ maps of nations, continents and also the globe
    - [Feature] Added a choice to disable a form (make it non-interactable)
    - [Feature] Added a choice to have a picture map with no photo (clear history)
    - [Feature] Newly produced forms have even more easy to use names and also the default web content has the title of the form
    - [Feature] Added assistance for importing "path" SVG aspects
    - [Feature] The forms food selection is currently receptive
    - [Bug] Tooltips will certainly no more blink when altering forms rapidly
    - [Bug] Fixed setting of tooltips when "sticky tooltips" is made it possible for and also the tooltip comes from a pin form
    - [Bug] Fixed a pest when dragging a component to a container in some cases obtains stuck on the computer mouse
    - [Other] If there is no form chosen, form setups are concealed and also a message is shown
    - [Other] Limited the elevation of the forms checklist
    - [Other] Reworked the new/edit layer home window. In WP it will certainly currently utilize the media uploader, as opposed to just a message area for a LINK
    - [Bug] Improved compatibility with maps produced prior to variation 5.0
    - [Bug] The "Tooltip" setups tab no more reveals for Text forms
    - [Bug] In the editor in Edit setting a tooltip will certainly no more reveal for the chosen form, if it has a moms and dad and also "Use Parent's Tooltip" is made it possible for
    - Fixed a pest where pictures in the "What's New" trip would certainly disappoint.
5.0 - Jan 15, 2019:
    - Fresh face-lift for the Editor
    - Gutenberg assistance
    - When choosing a form in Edit setting, you can currently see the tooltip of the form and also some switches over it
    - Moved tooltip design setups to a drifting home window, which can be opened up by clicking the Tooltip Style switch over a tooltip
    - Tooltips can have customized settings by clicking the Transform Tooltip switch over a tooltip
    - All tooltips currently utilize the web content home builder by default. "Plain Text" choice has actually been gotten rid of and also all existing tooltips with "Plain Text" have actually been transformed to utilize the web content home builder. There is no modification in performance and also no extra job is called for on customers' component.
    - Content home builder can currently be accessed as a drifting home window in the Editor, without getting in a different "content builder mode". You can drag and also go down aspects straight on the tooltip and also see the outcomes promptly.
    - Default cushioning of tooltips transformed from 20px to 15px
4.4.5 - Jul 14, 2018
    - Fixed a pest pertaining to several tooltips having YouTube video clip aspects
4.4.4 - Jul 6, 2018:
    - Minor insect solutions
4.4.3 - Jul 5, 2018:
    - Fixed a pest that triggered layers not to pack their very own photo
    - Fixed a pest that protected against layers from operating appropriately when a layer has actually been erased
    - Fixed a pest with mouseover designs on fontawesome symbols
    - Floor pick food selection is currently functioning as meant in Firefox
    - Videos will certainly currently quit playing when tooltip is shut
    - Other small insect solutions
4.4.2 - May 9, 2018
    - Fixed a number of pests when switching over floorings
    - All flooring pictures are currently being preloaded on web page lots
    - Added JavaScript API for switching over floorings
    - Added HTML API for switching over floorings
    - Added the brand-new API features to the paperwork
4.4.1 - April 12, 2018
    - Minor insect repair

4.4.0 - April 10, 2018
    - New function - several floorings.
    - Minor insect solutions.

4.3.1 - February 15, 2018
    - Fixed a pest that would certainly in some cases avoid scrolling when the computer mouse arrow mores than the photo map.

4.3.0 - February 6, 2018
    - Added zooming performance
    - You can currently attract fixed message on the photo
    - Import SVGs from Illustrator to Image Map Pro

4.2.0 - January 17, 2018
    - Replaced the symbol collection with FontAwesome!

4.1.4 - December 14, 2017
    - Improved assistance for shortcodes.
    - Fixed a pest that would certainly avoid fullscreen tooltips from showing appropriately in particular problems.

4.1.3 - December 8, 2017
    - New line personalities will certainly no more be changed with "br" HTML tags in customized JS/CSS areas, published shortcodes and also "run script" area. As an effect, if you wish to have a linebreak in the tooltip materials, you will certainly require to by hand put a "br" tag.

4.1.2 - December 7, 2017
    - When tooltips are closed, they are currently entirely concealed, as opposed to "visually" concealed.
    - New lines in the message area for form's run manuscript on-click activity no more obtain published as "br" HTML aspects.
    - Fixed a problem where a particular feature from the API would certainly return the form's ID, as opposed to its title.

4.1.1 - October 14, 2017
    - Added alternatives to disable details tooltips, by choosing a form and also mosting likely to Shape -> Tooltip Settings -> Enable Tooltip.
    - Added alternatives to disable all tooltips, by mosting likely to Image Map -> Tooltip -> Enable Tooltips.

4.1.0 - September 18, 2017
    New Features

    - Connected Shapes. To attach forms with each other, pick a form and also open its General setups tab. From the "Connected To Shape" food selection pick one more form to function as the "master" form. Connect as lots of forms as you desire to the "master" form. Additionally, you can pick to utilize just the master's tooltip, or maintain the initial tooltip for each and every "slave" form.
    - Multiple form highlighting. More than one form can be highlighted at the exact same time, utilizing the plugin's API. Note that when a form is highlighted with the API, it needs to additionally be unhighlighted utilizing the API. An exemption to this policy is when you highlight forms utilizing the HTML API.
    - Multiple tooltips can currently be opened up with the plugin's API. Note that when a tooltip is opened up with the API, it needs to additionally be shut utilizing the API. An exemption to this policy is when you highlight forms utilizing the HTML API.
    - Added a "Run Script" click activity.
    - Optimized front-end code.

    Bug Fixes and also Minor Improvements

    - Fixed an accident that might take place when importing a map from the WP variation of the plugin.
    - The Border Radius kind control no more reveals for Ellipse forms.
    - Removed the Late Initialization function, considering that it has actually been out-of-date considering that variation 4.0.
    - Removed the "Mouseover" activity trigger from the Actions setups tab.
    - Added a choice in Image Map Settings -> Tooltips called "Show Tooltips On" to define whether to reveal tooltips on mouseover or click.
    - Greatly enhanced the functionality of non-sticky tooltips when they are connected to polygons, and also there are various other polygons alongside it. The tooltips are smarter and also need to reveal and also conceal even more with ease. There is a brand-new setup, called "buffer", which identifies the dimension of the barrier room avoiding the tooltip from concealing. This setup can be modified from image-map-pro-defaults.js (look for "buffer").

    API Changes

    - $.photoMapProConcealTooltip currently needs a criterion - form title.
    - $.photoMapProUnhighlightShape currently needs a criterion - form title.
    - $.photoMapProEventClosedTooltip currently returns an added criterion - form title.
    - JavaScript API - All forms that have actually been highlighted utilizing the JS API, should additionally be unhighlighted with the JS API.
    - JavaScript API - All tooltips that have actually been opened up utilizing the JS API, should additionally be gathered the JS API.
    - HTML API - Shapes highlighted with the on-mouseover HTML API, immediately come to be unhighlighted when you computer mouse out of the aspect.
    - HTML API - Tooltips opened up with the on-mouseover HTML API, immediately close when you computer mouse out of the aspect.
    - HTML API - Shapes highlighted with the on-click HTML API, can come to be unhighlighted just if you click one more HTML aspect, utilizing the on-click credit to unhighlight a form.
    - HTML API - Tooltips opened up with the on-click HTML API, can shut just if you click one more HTML aspect, utilizing the on-click credit to shut a tooltip.

4.0.9 - August 1, 2017
    - Minor insect solutions associated with the customized JS/CSS input areas.

4.0.8 - July 24, 2017
    - Added input areas in the editor for customized CSS and also JS code.

4.0.7 - June 16, 2017
    - Fixed a pest in the API that would certainly trigger inaccurate information to be sent out.
    - Custom form symbols will certainly currently appropriately show with their customized dimension, as opposed to the default 44x44 pixels.

4.0.6 - June 14, 2017
    - Fixed a pest in the editor that would certainly in some cases trigger the editor to not operate in Safari or Firefox.

4.0.5 - June 12, 2017
    - Fixed a pest pertaining to shortcodes and also HTML code in the tooltips.

4.0.4 - June 9, 2017
    - Made modifications to the folder framework to enable much easier debugging from the WP Dashboard.

4.0.3 - May 28, 2017
    - The photo map will certainly currently appropriately enter fullscreen setting from the Preview setting in the Editor.
    - Fixed a pest pertaining to activation.

4.0.2 - May 26, 2017
    - Minor insect solutions.

4.0.1 - May 25, 2017
    - Added a choice to focus the photo map on the web page.
    - When the photo map remains in "responsive" setting, it will certainly no more utilize the size and also elevation formerly established from the editor.
    - Fixed a pest with the "start in fullscreen" function.
    - Added tooltips to show key-board faster ways for zooming.
    - Fixed a pest that might trigger the incorrect photo to be shown after upgrading.

4.0.0 - May 22, 2017
    New Features

    - Automatic Updates & Activation
    - Editor Zooming
    - While attracting a rect or oval, hold CHANGE to secure width/height
    - Rename checklist products
    - Fullscreen ability (front-end)
    - Default setups for forms and also tooltips (through external .js documents)
    - HTML-based API
    - Added a choice to maintain initial photo dimension, together with responsiveness
    - The plugin currently makes use of PHP sessions to lots just consisted of photo maps on a web page
    - Improved paperwork

    Bug Fixes

    - Tour does not reveal any longer if there is a currently produced photo map
    - (Improvement) Added alert to click the very first factor when attracting a polygon
    - Full assistance for shortcodes in tooltip web content
    - Full assistance for HTML code in tooltip web content
    - Special personalities for a picture map no more avoid the checklist of conserved maps from packing
    - Fixed small concerns on smart phones
    - Improved the precision of the "ghost" factor when editing and enhancing a form
    - The editor no more makes use of arbitrary numbers for form IDs
    - Spots currently have a minimal dimension of 44x44 pixels
    - If a fullscreen tooltip is open, the internet site behind it can no more be scrolled
    - Various small solutions

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