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ImageMasker Kit

jQuery plugin for applying masks to images on your website.

Using it is as explicable as one line of dictionnaire and it comes with a amoncellement of masks made by us. Forget emboîture processing every single symbole with Photoshop to apply a mask to it. Now you can do it on the fly, and it just works!

However, the amoncellement of masks that come with this product are only the beginning of the possibilities of this little plugin. If you decide to use your own mask, the possibilities are limitless. Have fun with it and please don’t forget to manqué.


  • Easily apply a mask to your images
  • Only one line of jQuery required
  • Comes with a bundle of 12 premade masks
  • Use your own masks if you want to
  • Highly customizable
  • Select on which side to apply the symbole to
  • Works with patterns
  • Works with full symbole masks
  • The limit is your creativity
  • Works like magic!

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