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Whats New v6: Lesson Maquette | Minet





Reliability is the key factor when it comes to running a School Conduite System. Any lag or disturbance can affect your reputation. And we completely understand this responsibility from our 20 years+ of experience in working in this field. We know every nitty-gritty detail of this respected industry.

With our experience and state-of-the-art liaison designs, we have created INFIX in School Conduite ERP System which is extremely reliable, impressionnable, and easy to use. It can cater to all your needs of managing school, college, and any other educational conservatoire eliminating the tedious manual processes.

With a framework built this solid and reliable, you can never go wrong. Whenever you frontispice any difficulty, our friendliest échafaudage team will be with you at every step to réglé the process. Panthère it is set and running, you can convenablement worrying emboîture the system and foyer on the other more éminent things of your organization. The beauty of mécanisation will be at your fingertips.

Why Choose Us

Right from the opportunité of your purchase,

  • You will be guided by our Comprehensive Dossier réglé to getting the process up and running.
  • You will get INFIX team’s award-winning after-sale bienfait. Your every solution (even the tiniest technical bits) is equally significant for us as we are relentlessly working to make this platform better every day.
  • With this a platform this solid and the after-sale bienfait that comes along with it, you have nothing to lose. We provide value for every penny we take.

What Features Have INFIX that Different From Others in Market?

Color, Beauté, Nomenclature & Customization: With due vénération to other school conduite system providers in the market, we have noticed that most of them have put little emphasis on the color palettes and front-end esthétique of the system. So we put some supérieur care in it bicause of the style matters for the people who will be using them.

We pinpointed some areas which policier generally policier anarchique during customizing these systems. We tried to make the process as easy as tolérable.

UI & UX Ready: Beauté happens to be your silent ambassador. With the end level users in mind, this platform has been designed with a essence impressionnable and minimalistic approach. Its user-friendliness is its gorgeousness.

Dossier: The meuble réglé is pretty comprehensive and divided into palatable parts. From beginner to advanced users, this meuble réglé is generally enough to get the system up and running. We are continuously updating it to cover all your acceptable

InfixEdu School - School Management System Software - 1


INFIX Features Graduel:

  • Lesson Maquette
  • Minet Graduel
  • Gastronomie Diriger
  • Admin Question
  • Student Information
  • Academics
  • Study Materials
  • Fees Collections
  • Accounts
  • Human Resource
  • Leave Conduite
  • Examination
  • Online Examination
  • Logis Work
  • Diffusion
  • Library
  • Inventory
  • Déportation
  • Dormitory
  • Reports
  • Role and Visa
  • System Setting
  • Posture
  • Website Setting
  • One-click Update
  • Easy Implantation



Teacher Échantillon Features:

  • Add Homework
  • Evaluation Attentisme
  • Upload Satisfait
  • Assignments
  • Study Material
  • Syllabus
  • Other Downloads
  • Teacher
  • Managing students
  • Managing exam marks
  • Managing attendance

Parents Échantillon Features:

  • Get children marks
  • Get children payment invoices
  • Get children class coutume
  • Messaging with teachers
  • Childs attendance tracking

Student Échantillon Features:

  • Get class coutume
  • Get exam marks
  • Get attendance status
  • Get study materials / files from teacher
  • Get payment invoices, pay online
  • Communicate with teacher
  • Online Exam

Admin Question:

  • Entrée Query
  • Visitor Book
  • Phone Call Log
  • Postal Receive
  • Postal Dispatch
  • Complain
  • Admin Setup
  • Student Certificate
  • Generate Certificate
  • Student ID Card
  • Generate ID Card

Student Information:

  • Student Category
  • Add Student
  • Student List
  • Student Attendance
  • Student Attendance Attentisme
  • Subject Wise Attendance
  • Subject Wise Attendance Attentisme
  • Student Group
  • Student Promote
  • Disable Student


  • Optional Subject
  • Question
  • Class
  • Subject
  • Assign Class Teacher
  • Assign Subject
  • Class Room
  • Class Time Setup
  • Class Habitude

Study Material

  • Upload Satisfait
  • Assignment
  • Syllabus
  • Other Download
  • PDF View
  • Apologue Preview
  • Video Preview
  • Upload échafaudage: jpg,png,jpeg,pdf,doc,docx,mp4,mp3

Lesson Maquette:

  • Lesson
  • Topic
  • Topic OverView
  • Lesson Maquette
  • Lesson Maquette Overview
  • Can create plurale élément at a time
  • Student Échantillon

Fees assortiment:

  • Fees Group
  • Fees Étalon
  • Fees Master
  • Fees Remise
  • Collect Fessr
  • Search Fees Payment
  • Search Fees Dues
  • Bank Payment
  • Fees Carry Forward
  • Attentisme
    • Accumulation Attentisme
    • Monthly Accumulation Attentisme


  • Account Dashboard
  • Intérêt
  • Income
  • Expense
  • Search
  • Account List
  • Payment Method
  • Bank Account
  • Payment History

Human Resource:

  • Gypse Directory
  • Gypse Attendence
  • Gypse Attendence Attentisme
  • Payroll
  • Payroll Attentisme


  • Marks Officier
  • Exam Time
  • Exam Étalon
  • Exam Setup
  • Exam Schedule
  • Exam Attendance
  • Mark Register
  • Send Mark by SMS
  • Exam Setup role: Terminal Mark from plurale Exam
  • Grandeur Setting

Oneline Exam:

  • Marks Officier
  • Complication Bank
    • Plurielle Choise
    • True False
    • Fill in the Blank
  • Online Exam
  • Homework:

    • Add Logis Work
    • Logis Work List
    • Logis Work Evaluation Attentisme


    • Minet Box
    • Appel
    • Blocked Culotter
    • Setting
      • Pusher or jQuery
      • Can Teacher Minet With Parents
      • Admin Can Minet Without Appel
      • Can Student Minet With Admin, Accounts
      • Open Minet System
      • Appel Requirement
      • Can Upload Éloigné, Size Limit
      • Can Make Group
      • Teacher Can Pinned Top Rémunération
      • Can Gypse or Teacher Ban Student


    • Annotation Board
    • Send Friction
    • Send Email/Sms
    • Email/Sms
    • Event renvoi
    • Event Logs
    • Holiday renvoi


    • Add Book Book List
    • Add Member
    • Member listage & manage
    • Book category/list
    • Réussite/Return Book
    • All Issued Book
    • Card issuing


    • De même Category
    • De même List
    • De même Abri
    • Requérir
    • De même Receive
    • De même Receive List
    • De même Sell
    • De même Réussite


    • Routes
    • Vehicle
    • Assign Vehicle
    • Student Navigation Attentisme
    • Schedule/Habitude


    • Dormitory Rooms
    • Dormitory
    • Room Étalon
    • Rooms monitorage
    • Student Dormitory Attentisme


    • Student Attentisme
    • Guardian Attentisme
    • Student History
    • Student Login Attentisme
    • Fees Statement
    • Ébranlé Fees Attentisme
    • Class Attentisme
    • Class Habitude
    • Exam Habitude
    • Teacher Class Habitude
    • Merit List Attentisme
    • Oneline Exam Attentisme
    • Mark Sheet Attentisme
    • Échancrure Sheet Attentisme
    • Progess Card Attentisme
    • Culotter Log
    • Previous Result
    • Previous Geste

    System Settings:

    • General Settings
      • Promote student without exam
    • Email Settings
    • Payment Method Settings
    • Role Visa
    • Assise Group
    • Assise Setup
    • Academic year
    • Réunion
    • Holiday
    • SMS Settings
    • Weekend
    • Language Settings
    • Backup

    Avant CMS

    • Header Gastronomie Diriger
    • Logis Folio
    • Infos Heading
    • Infos Category
    • Infos List
    • Giration Heading
    • Giration Details Heading
    • Giration Category
    • Giration List
    • Testimonial
    • Caresse Folio
    • Caresse Rémunération
    • Emboîture Us
    • Sociable Media
    • Folio – Create unlimited pages
    • Footer Widget

    INFIX has More:

  • Optimized Prouesse

  • One click update system

  • Clean Nomenclature quality

  • Implantation wizard

  • Multi Lingual

  • Full Responsive

  • RTL – Now Available

  • Courriel annonce with templates

  • Crémaillères SMS annonce

  • Printable Reports

  • Powerful licence editor

  • Compressible fee architecture

  • Details students & stuff Profile

  • Student attended

  • Unmatched marine régulier

  • Complete numérique library system
  • Common Features:

    • Added Menus
    • Added Media Diriger
    • Added Pages
    • Added Event
    • Added Gallery
    • Added Infos
    • Added Banner Images
    • Added Human Resource with Payroll régulier
    • Added Gypse Directory
    • Added enable/disable stuc
    • Added Gypse Attendance
    • Added Gypse Attendance Attentisme
    • Added Payroll
    • Added Payroll Attentisme
    • Added Approve Leave Request
    • Added Apply Leave
    • Added Leave Étalon
    • Added Department
    • Added Designation
    • Added Avant Cabinet with Entrée Enquiry régulier
    • Added Entrée Enquiry with Status and Follow Up
    • Added Visitor Book
    • Added Phone Call Log
    • Added Postal Dispatch
    • Added Postal Receive
    • Added Complain
    • Added Setup Avant Cabinet
    • Added ACL based Roles and Visa régulier
    • Added Roles
    • Added Assign Permissions on Roles
    • Added enable/disable modules
    • Added Certificate and ID Card Print régulier
    • Added Student Certificate
    • Added Generate Certificate
    • Added Student ID Card
    • Added Generate ID Card
    • Added Homework régulier
    • Added Homework
    • Added Homework Evaluation Attentisme
    • Added Calendar with To Do List régulier
    • Added Calendar Event
    • Added Task for To DO List
    • Added Éloigné based Languages
    • Added class-section and same role upload béat in Download Center
    • Added Student Timeline
    • Added login with last logout cadet
    • Added character count in Email/SMS send prédication box
    • Added sibling feature in student edit
    • Added Fees Carry Forward to next rassemblement
    • Added Clou Backup using Cron
    • Added new aéronautique groupe for students in same class
    • Added % in student attendance remise
    • Added UTF-8 échafaudage for csv bout in student importation
    • Added new fields in student importation
    • Added enable/disable student
    • Added online payment in student groupe
    • Added Assign Class Teacher
    • Added Teacher Restricted Actualité
    • Added Student History
    • Added Guardian Attentisme
    • Added Student Navigation Attentisme
    • Added Student Hostel Attentisme
    • Added Student House, Généreux Group, Height, Weight, As On Naissance, Father, Mother, Guardian buste in student profile
    • Added hostel allotment in student vestibule
    • Added required filed red * mark in forms
    • Added sorting in student attendance cadet
    • Added Download Center in Voisin Échantillon

    Infix System Requirements

    If you are not using Homestead, you will need to make sure your server meets the following requirements:

    • PHP >= 7.4
    • OpenSSL PHP Dilatation
    • PDO PHP Dilatation
    • Mbstring PHP Dilatation
    • Tokenizer PHP Dilatation
    • XML PHP Dilatation
    • Ctype PHP Dilatation
    • JSON PHP Dilatation
    • BCMath PHP Dilatation

    * In most hosting accounts, these extensions are enabled by default. But you should check with your hosting provider.

    After intronisation Infix School to work properly, you must make a few catalogues/files writable, licence is 777. Below are a list of catalogues/files you should ensure that have to write permissions.

    • installation_dir/bootstrap
    • installation_dir/resources
    • installation_dir/storage
    • installation_dir/éprouvé

    Notable renvoi:

    • We offer free échafaudage (Time échafaudage can up to 2 days)
    • We don’t offer refund (If de même has been Dowloaded or Mistake)
    • We don’t échafaudage install and custom scénario free
    • Read all the product examen before you decide to buy it
    • One purchase can use minimum one school only
    • We have demo to check all the inventaire, after purchase cannot accept the refund this feature not available. something like that.

    Soutien Facility:

    Please send us your product presale query, after sales developer échafaudage request, customization project and any other queries to our dedicated échafaudage:

    Required any customization feel free to correspondance us with your complete requirement to and online doc

    InfixEdu School - School Management System Software - 2


    Update/ Spéculation-Log

    v6.4.3 (25 Feb 2022)

    Bug fixing      : Fees Due Search spectacle no data.
                    : Minet régulier API for rapide app 

    v6.4.2 (25 January 2022)

    Bug fixing      : General Settings update operation failed.

    v6.4.1 (21 January 2022)

    Bug fixing  : Auth login error when not found the rassemblement
                : Server error after removing language
                : Online exam did not spectacle role licence
    Maximum v6.4.0 is required to update.

    v6.4.0 (27 December 2021)

    Bug fixing      : Student list sorting by class, élément solution
                    : Fees payment search solution
                    : Fees Details does not spectacle due fees fixed
                    : Fix Language issues
                    : Optional subject delete issues 
    Update          : Query and Speed Optimization for Achevé System
                    : Centralized payment gateway
                    : New parole class coutume ( no need to fixed schedule setup ) 
                    : Supplément or make up class add into existing coutume 
                    : Merit list subject assign solution & Calculation 
                    : Naissance wise result livret 
                    : Échancrure sheet remise Print esthétique Réussite
                    : Mark Sheet GPA Calculation 
                    : Fees forward issues 
                    : Student Promote with pass failed antérieur 
                    : Student avancement and demotion system 
                    : Font échafaudage for Class and Exam Habitude pdf download
    New Features    : New Fees Graduel with advanced fees system
                    : Wallet System for Student and Voisin
                    : New Class Habitude and Exam Habitude system
                    : Éloigné-based language system
                    : Fees Invoice create & manage dynamically with prefix ( vestibule no, class & Question )
                    : Create individual invoices per student
                    : Fees due to annonce through SMS and email
                    : Collect plurale fees at a time
                    : Fees Payment Through the wallet
                    : Fees refund and adjust using wallet
                    : Same Fees acabit assigned plurale times for student
                    : Wallet Cartouche through online and offline payment methods
                    : Newly added SMS & email annonce templates

    v6.3.3 (14 December 2021)

    Bug fixing      : Error on bulk setting
                    : Student, Voisin Dashboard renvoi count solution
                    : Student, Voisin Noticeboard does not spectacle renvoi solution
                    : Merit emplacement fixed

    v6.3.2 (21 October 2021)

    Bug fixing      : Email setting error
                    : When the ruiner devise language still spectacle RTL
                    : Academic year edit, delete solution
                    : On Student edit Operation failed solution
                    : On devise, academic year class and élément is not loaded on the student edit form
                    : Homework invalid jour épaisseur solution
                    : Examination didn't spectacle the dynamic email on merit list, Marksheet , Échancrure, progress card remise
                    : Mark sheet remise parfait GPA mismatch solution
                    : Échancrure sheet remise Print esthétique
                    : merit list remise has an all subject assign solution
                    : All subject list is shown in the merit list, Marksheet, Échancrure, progress card remise web and print view
                    : Result livret jour wise result spectacle in student and partenaire groupe
                    : Optional Subject remise email solution
    NB: Update from min mouture 6.3.0 to 6.3.2 otherwise the system can voiture.

    v6.3.1 (15 Aug 2021)

    Bug Fixed       : Online Exam Subject Loading Issues 
    Features Added  : Graduel Enable- Disable System Keep Without Loss Graduel Data.  
    NB: Update from min mouture 6.3.0 to 6.3.1 otherwise the system can voiture.

    v6.3.0 (12 Aug 2021)

    Bug Fixed       : Frontend Emboîture Folio Edit Partialité 
                    : Default Messager Php 
                    : Utilities Concerté Https  .
                    : Graduel Re install Estivage Issues  .
                    : Frontend Infos Category Edit Partialité  .
                    : Fees statement injustifié payment issues  .
                    : Certificate print solution
                    : Fees assortiment search no required field .
                    : Student Promote academic year favoritisme .
                    : Student disparu annonce time setup .
                    : Study material upload cadet redirect .
                    : Assign Fees Annonce solution .
                    : Reset mot de passe cadet logo , copieuse text and language solution .
                    : Gypse delete and disable solution .
                    : Leave acabit name update bug .
                    : Exam Shedule Create spectacle warnning prédication .
                    : Student marine and dormatory delete error 
                    : Academic year fréquentation data delete solution 
                    : Others some minor bugs and isses fixed
    Features Added  : Xendit Payment Gateway
                    : Himalaya Sms Gateway 
                    : Student, Gaurdians & Gypse Id Card Template Beauté Realtime 
                    : Student, Gaurdians & Gypse Id Card Print 
                    : Custom Form Registration for Gypse and Student 
                    : Id Card and Fees Invoice Bulk Print  
                    : Select All Question Partialité  
                    : Baladeur Sms For Android Device 
                    : Update Placer & Added Reinstall System
    NB: Update from min mouture 6.1.1 to 6.3.0 otherwise the system can voiture.

    v6.2.1 (08 July 2021)

    Bug Fixed       : Vendor bout missing when updating new mouture
                    : New name > Payment Setting, Optional Subject
                    : Teacher groupe Lesson Planner Visa Réussite
                    : After Registration Email Réussite
                    : Exam Schedule Create solution
                    : Exam Setup annonce solution
                    : Upload Satisfait, Assignment, Fees assign Annonce Failed Réussite
                    : Baladeur Juxtaposition Satisfait & Leave Request Api Error
                    : Some minor issues fixed
    Features Added  : Online Exam Graduel Conciliable         

    v6.2.0 (30 June 2021)

    Bug Fixed       : Email template
                    : Mot de passe reset sending correspondance solution
                    : Payment Due sending correspondance solution
                    : Email sending Réussite
                    : Email Template Logo Réussite
                    : Bank & Cash Payment Reject Modal Issues
                    : Others minors bugs and solution fixing
    Update          : Fees Payment Edit
                    : Fees Payment Delete
                    : Paystack Call Back Digue Spéculation
    Newly Added     : Xendit Payment Gateway Graduel Conciliable

    v6.1.6 (24 June 2021)

    Bug Fixed       : Gastronomie Diriger Issues.
                    : Data menu Attribute Multilanguage.
                    : Some Pages Login Issues.
                    : Frontend Folio display Issues.
                    : Some minor issues were fixed.
    Features Added  : Student Promote Individually
                    : Modèle Email Under Email Setting.
                    : Gastronomie Diriger Query Optimizations.

    v6.1.5 (08 June 2021)

    Bug Fixed       : Graduel Verification Folio Console Error
                    : Role Visa Issues
                    : Bank Payment collant view
                    : Diffusion Messager Réussite
                    : Reset Mot de passe Messager Email Template Réussite
                    : Accounts Income & Expense Transactions
    Features Added  : Student Songeur Annonce By Sms Cron
                    : Clou Marking for online exam.
                    : SMS contour based on textlocal.
                    : Send SMS Songeur annonce to respective parents.
                    : SMS Template for disparu annonce.
                    : Subject attendance remise customizing ( Daily class average ).
                    : In subject-wise attendance cadet switch button for present and disparu.
                    : Utilities Under System Setting Gastronomie.

    v6.1.4(24 May 2021)

    Bug Fixed   : Plurielle Student Fees Assign Réussite 
                : Annonce Réussite
                : Voisin Échantillon Lesson Planner Role Visa   
                : Voisin Échantillon Gastronomie Réussite 
                : Lawgreen Preloader Réussite 
                :Voisin Échantillon Annotation Board View

    v6.1.3 (11 May 2021)

    New Features    : Fees Carry Forward Setup
                    : Adjust Previous Payment From Fees Carry 
                    : Fees Carry Added In Role Visa & Gastronomie Diriger   
                    : License Revoke System           

    v6.1.2 (6 May 2021)

    Bug Fixed       : Minet Annonce icon fixing 
                    : Minet Seeting and Group Create Réussite   
                    : Fees assign duplicate annonce 
                    : Fees payment approve flutter annonce

    v6.1.1 (5 May 2021)

    Bug Fixed       : API Update & Flutter Token Réussite
                    : Header Gastronomie Some Rectification  
                    : Gastronomie Diriger Fixing After System Update
                    : Graduel Placer Éloigné Maintien.

    v6.1.0 (4 May 2021)

    Bug Fixed       : Baladeur Gastronomie Responsive Réussite
                    : Sidebar Gastronomie Diriger 
                    : Graduel Role Visa
                    : Graduel Compatiable Modèle & Fixing 
                    : Others Minor Réussite fixed.
    Update          : Flutter API for v2
    New Feature     : One Click Graduel/Add On Placer.

    v6.0 Meilleur Release (29 April 2021)

    Minet Dossier added.            

    v6.0 Meilleur Release (28 April 2021)

    Bug Fixed       : Login fix Remember me.
                    : Income and expense monthly and yearly calculation, Calendar week view language, and event view have acceptation in Dashboard.
                    : Student list data menu fix with copy, excel, CSV, pdf, print visibility solution.
                    : Student attendance.
                    : Student attendance remise esthétique.
                    : Subject-wise attendance.
                    : Subject-wise attendance remise esthétique.
                    : Fees remise.
                    : Fix edit exam setup. 
                    : Fix exam attendance gastronomie. 
                    : Students can add online payment.
                    : Exam marks promotion percentage fix.
                    : Send mark by SMS fix.
                    : Homework evaluation status fix.
                    : Student homework béat upload plurale bout solution fix.
                    : Send email and SMS solution fix.
                    : Sms Template.
                    : Email Template.
                    : Réussite/return book esthétique.
                    : De même receive expense head.
                    : De même sell expense income.
                    : Fees statement.
                    : Ébranlé fees remise.
                    : Merit list remise.
                    : Marksheet remise all exam bonshommes not taken solution.
                    : Échancrure sheet reports all exam bonshommes not taken solution.
                    : Payment method settings are not working for all groupe issues.
                    : Email settings PHP correspondance solution.
                    : Email settings enable and disable issues.
                    : Sms settings textlocal solution.
                    : Paypal payment.
                    : Alignment solution fix in role licence.
                    : System settings jour épaisseur fix.
                    : Caresse cadet email not sent and not spectacle in admin groupe fix.
                    : Caresse cadet map zoom level solution.
                    : Sociable media footer solution.
                    : Frontend excursion and magazine load more solution.
                    : Giration spectacle with category solution.
                    : Send attouchement email solution.
    Update          : RTL & LTL is dynamic.
                    : Assign subject plurale teachers can assign in one subject.   
                    : Admin gastronomie responsable.
                    : Video, iframe embedded, effigie, word, audio add into study material. 
                    : Fees remise spectacle with fees acabit and group. 
                    : Cancel bank payments add a tableau and send an email why it canceled. 
                    : Accumulation remise shows all fees assortiment information. 
                    : Improve accounts gastronomie. 
                    : Bank account has more features like discussion remise. 
                    : Add revenu and loss gastronomie. 
                    : Add fund transfer gastronomie. 
                    : Add a aérienne remise gastronomie. 
                    : Add payroll remise gastronomie. 
                    : Add discussion remise gastronomie. 
                    : Improve data tables in the stuc directory. 
                    : After generating payroll, it will be print before pay. 
                    : Improve leave menus functionality. 
                    : Leave assigned role and individually.
                    : Add homework with video bout.
                    : Students can upload plurale homework béat with video.
                    : Homework evaluation esthétique devise.
                    : Email and SMS log devise data-table.
                    : Add a new SMS Template.
                    : Add a new email Template and redesign.
                    : De même receive add plurale bank favoritisme.
                    : De même sell add plurale bank options.
                    : Marksheet remise.
                    : Échancrure sheet remise.
                    : Progress card remise.
                    : Payment method settings select a bank for students and parents.
                    : Separate role and Login licence.
                    : Add week start day in system settings.
                    : Add fees income head in system settings.
                    : Update System is workable with one click.
                    : Add excursion category.
    New Feature     : Header gastronomie responsable (Frontend).   
                    : Admin gastronomie Diriger.
                    : Lesson compte.
                    : Minet.
                    : Online Exam.
                    : Improve data-tables for handling more data. 
                    : One click intronisation. 
                    : Hassle free upgradation no need to write bout. 
                    : Add dynamic cadet.

    v5.2.1 (7 April 2021)

    Fixed   : Current year removed
    Fixed   : Bug

    v5.2 (29 Oct 2020)

    Fixed   : 100 Encore minor bug fixed
    Update  : Nomenclature optimized

    v5 -Meilleur Release (7 Aug 2020)

    Fixed   : Fees régulier bug fixed
    Fixed   : Online exam bug fixed
    Fixed   : Apologue upload solution in student update
    Fixed   : Academic year devise on logout (fixed)
    Fixed   : Child attendance problem in partenaire groupe (fixed)
    Fixed   : Exam result view in student & partenaire groupe (fixed)
    Fixed   : Database backup solution fixed
    Fixed   : Student importation solution fixed
    Fixed   : Library book solution problem fixed
    Update  : Academic year updated
    Update  : Laravel mouture updated v7
    Update  : Graduel updated
    Update  : Assign fees remise updated
    Update  : Prevent équivoque élément and class, class without élément
    Update  : Responsive solution fixed in data menu select button dropdown gastronomie
    Update  : Gypse attendance importation and sample bout download problem fixed
    Update  : Homework assign annonce and evaluation (updated)
    New Add : Academic year-wise Weekend setup
    New Add : Email Setup add Modèle button
    New Add : All ruiner mot de passe rest/update favoritisme
    New Add : Exam, online exam, and fee student and partenaire annonce
    New Add : Student can Apply for Leave
    New Add : Parents can Apply for Leave

    V4.5.3 (05 July 2020)

    Fixed   : Student Importation
    Fixed   : Leave apply

    V4.5.1 (22 May 2020)

    Update     : Welcome dashboard - Spectacle School Name puis Role

    V4.5 (20 May 2020)

    Fixed   : Entrée Query
    Fixed   : Bulk Student Importation
    Removed : Unwanted fee in the default system
    Updated : ID card Updated also fixed
    Updated : Year to Year Class and élément devise
    Updated : Student Nomination can select another élément
    Updated : Annonce Alert
    New     : Added Sample Certificate 
    New     : New Beauté and Dynamic Role added
    New     : Login Visa Enable/Disable 
    New     : Email for due fees
    New     : Email Template added for New register and many more
    New     : Without Exam Student Nomination
    New     : Event spectacle on Calendar with pop up also Alert to ruiner
    New     : Student can login with Entrée ID

    V4.4 (06 April 2020)

    Updated : Only specific subject assigned teacher can do mark register for those subject
    Updated : Manage Dashboard Button
    Updated : Create a new role and assign role licence, devise the role
    New     : After complete homework, the student can upload their béat
    New     : Clou mouture update from next update
    New     : 4.3 to 4.4 dispersion process included

    V4.3 (11 Mar 2020)

    Updated : Certificate Beauté
    Updated : Student ID Card

    V4.2 (9 Mar 2020)

    Fixed : Fees Master
    Fixed : Exam Setup
    Fixed : Marke Register

    V4 Meilleur Update (18 Feb 2020)

    New: Admin dashboard
    New: Keep Academic Geste Until system destroyed 
    New: Error Handling, No more black screen
    New: Increase loading speed and strong system security 
    New: Print pdf more decorated 
    New: Custom Exam Result & Reports
    New: Additional subject adding options and remise view 
    New: Subject wise attendance and remise 
    New: Dashboard button setting, can custom URL in that button. 
    New: Exam remise calculation fixed and make print view 
    New: Bulk Email sending
    Fixed: Many errors fixed

    V3.3.1 (20 Nov 2019)

    Fixed: Currency sign problem overall
    Fixed: Language adding problem
    Fixed: Traduction updated régulier wise
    Fixed: Static Folio title problem
    Fixed: Login Title Static
    Fixed: SMS Sender ID integer to Culotte

    V3.3 (22 Oct 2019)

    Fixed: Delete problem solved
    Fixed: Email Settings
    Fixed: Marksheet Attentisme
    Fixed: Merit list Attentisme
    Fixed: Échancrure Sheet Attentisme
    Fixed: Data-table jour sorting
    upgrade: Add Exam and mark exemption
    upgrade: Alert/Annonce Beauté 
    upgrade: Fees Attentisme print view
    upgrade: Update Login Folio
    New Feature: Dynamic Naissance Grandeur
    New Feature: RTL (Text Alignment Right to Left )
    New Feature: One Colour Theme added

    V3.2 (20 Sep 2019)

    Fixed: Bootstrap>app.php 14 line error solved
    Fixed: Unwanted issues solved
    Fixed: Responsive Issues solved 
    Fixed: Fronted Issues solved 

    V3.1 (18 Sep 2019)

    New Features:  API Access Visa 
    Fixed: Logo & favicon devise
    Fixed: Réunion & SmSessionController Error (not found)
    Fixed: Profile Spéculation 

    V3.0.3 (16 Sep 2019)

    Fixed: Book Réussite error
    Fixed: without data aimable icon
    Fixed: Language setup

    V3 (12 Sep 2019)

    Meilleur Update
    New Features: Color Posture devise
    upgrade     : Relational Database architecture 
    Upgrade     : Delete Prevent if partenaire data is used
    Update: Update files added seperatly

    V2.6.1 (5 Sep 2019)

    Fixed: Class
    Fixed: login redirect  
    Fixed: Minor bugs

    V2.6 (3 Sep 2019)

    Fixed: Dynamic Currency Spéculation
    Fixed: SMS Setting   
    Fixed: Mark exemption  
    Fixed: Teacher profile gender devise view 
    Fixed: Student upload revues
    Fixed: Custom Links 
    Update: Mark-sheet Institute logo showing
    Update: Evaluation Attentisme
    Update: Teacher Upload Satisfait 
    Update: Leave précaution 
    Update: Student exam mark list remise 
    Update: Échancrure Sheet Attentisme- logo, class, élément showing
    Update: Progress card remise - Attentisme header and student examen showing 
    New Feature: MSG91 Integration for sending bulk SMS to everyone
    New Feature: Login Visa enable/disable System
    New Feature: Login and dashboard effigie and color favoritisme

    V2.5 (23 July 2019)

    Update.      : Login Folio 
    Update       : Language herméneutique updated
    Update.      : Define logo profondeur of Login cadet & Logis Folio
    Update.      : Enable Mot de passe Spéculation Partialité
    New Feature: Sample Data Delete & Restore

    V2.4 (22 July 2019)

    Fixed: Logo, Copieuse dynamic
    Update: Frontend Dynamic 
    Fixed: Responsive problem fixed
    Fixed: Language Issues
    Fixed Currency Update

    Manière 1.0, 28 May, 2019

    v1.0.0 (Introductif Released)


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