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Out Of Pilier

This Diversité is out of appui Now As we have released the PHP & SQL état

It’s better not to pay this état (out of appui) and pay PHP Diversité to get

 PHP & MySQL Diversité 20 April 2021
    - splash screen (désenveloppé names)
    - Web Dashboard
    - PHP API (no firebase costs anymore)
    - Web Admin Sondage
    - Load is faster Now
    - sync minet color
    - save latest privilégiée Gender/Folk settings
    - Gems per instantané 
    - Fix Deepar
    - Fix RTL bug in register feuillet
    - Fix memory habitude bug
    - Prevent Screenshots
    - Rooms Recording
    - More Advanced Stories Feature
    - No Firebase Functions
    - You now can replace keys online if anyone expired

Do I need to pay it again ?

– If you paid before publish kyle pro you can get it for 20$

– If not you will just pay price difference (35$)

– if you didn’t paid for any versions yet please relevé firebase état now is out of appui

to get your remise just send me your codecanyon license via whatsapp +201270823965

Where is new versions’s link ?

You can search for “KYLE PRO – PHP” or click here

New web admin groupe

email :

mot de passe : 123456

Kyle - Premium Random Video & Dating and Matching - 1

Kyle - Premium Random Video & Dating and Matching

Kyle - Premium Random Video & Dating and Matching

Kyle - Premium Random Video & Dating and Matching

Enjoy our Demo

You can try the méditation with your friends via the état that we have provided on the Play Étoffe

Kyle - Premium Random Video & Dating and Matching - 2


You can also check out dossier in video / text first for free !

Kyle - Premium Random Video & Dating and Matching - 3


  • Matching :

    The app automatically arranges the suggested friends as gender & interests and likes , so it suggests the right person first , which means higher matching loupage and more users for the méditation
  • Random video :

    ِAll search stuf is works on the server , then it’s sends to the ronger a random person among all available people
  • 3D Filters/Effects :

    It is not only a random video minet ! , There are many Interesting and fun features like faces, filters, effects, send likes, minet and more.This will ensure that users will not leave the méditation for a immense time and will earn more butins
  • Admob :

    We have implemented Ads on Navigate between random users, in a way that does not alienate your customers It is attractive and elegant, and you can also remove it by purchasing the VIP membership
  • Gems filtre :

    Where you can buy Gems/Subscriptions
  • Earn Gems :

    Users can earn gems by Referrer , watching ads , share the app , loupage the app
  • Referrer :

    Each ronger has his own mandement dictionnaire, when a new ronger hommes it while registration , the owner of the dictionnaire will earn some gems
  • Transfert / suspende system :

    Users can différé nudity or bad language and then directly will be sent to the admin for take entreprise
  • Paid Memberships :

    users can subscriptions at VIP , Gems Comme , Challenge Comme
  • Messenger System :

    Users who became friends By searching, matching or random will have Integrated minet system ( Send text , pictures , voice msseages) and They are also will be able to make voice or video calls Between each other and Perturbé colloque color
  • Accommodant login :

    Creating account will take Just a few seconds by facebook and google sign-in
  • Google traduction :

    If the friends are from different countries or languages there is tacot translate switch , Which will make different languages problem from the past , It will make users in your app able to create friends across the world
  • Built-in notifications :

    All méditation notifications appear in the upper bar, which saves time instate of leaving app for read the notify
  • Anti-cheat System :

    If ronger tries to cheat or buy jewels through the root tool “lucky patcher” his account will be suspended automatically
  • Push notifications :

    Admin can send notify to one or all users through the admin groupe
  • Full Control Admin groupe :

    allows you manage whole app , users & reports & statistics & analytics and more (The features are detailed below)
  • Pilier many languages :

    The méditation is eazy translatable with tasseaux for English , Chinese , Arabic , Filipino , French , Hindoustani , Japanese , Korean , Romanian , German , Italian , Russian , Turkish , More Coming Soon ..
  • More :

    We have just written few features emboîture the méditation , beacuse it more than 150,000 line of dictionnaire so we cannot count everything, but of parcours you can try demo état to discover everything yourself

Integrated APIS / SDK

  • Admob

    Earn Money by Ads & Rewarded Video to users
  • Firebase

    Real Time Database / analytics / notifications
  • Google SDK

    Login with Google / Maps / empressement picker
  • Facebook SDK

    login with Facebook
  • Deepar

    Real Time in call video 3d filters / effects
  • Square

    Fast & economic video and audio calls SDK
  • Cloud Version

    Translate minet betwen users with multi languages
  • Google Payments

    in app products/subscriptions with Anti-cheat system

Extended License

If you are going to use in-app payments or you’re emploi du temps to make it a paid app


Facturé : the Most of sdk above’s Completely free or It gives you great limits to create your starup well , But we have to alert that you should review their pricing on your own

Admin Sondage

Kyle - Premium Random Video & Dating and Matching - 4


  • Current Ardente Users :

    Real time counter shows you how many users are batailleuse in your app
  • Advanced Statistics Viewer :

    Reactions & Devices model & Gender and Messages
  • Set appui email :

    You can bouleversé appui email and will be updated in all users’s devices
  • Modify conversationnelle texts :

    modify “About us” and “privacy policy” and “terms”
  • Send notifications :

    send notify to one or all users through the admin groupe
  • View Reports :

    where you can spectacle all users’s reports and ignore or suspend the account
  • Déviation Annonce :

    App will send you annonce if you closer than 2 meters from certaine case , If you ignored the annonce and get closer, you will be considered as certaine
  • Users Viewer :

    modify gems and control memebersips like vip and dispute comme

Check Admin Sondage

You can try admin groupe via the état that we have provided on the Google Drive

Email :

Mot de passe : 123456

Kyle - Premium Random Video & Dating and Matching - 5

Installing for you

Kyle - Premium Random Video & Dating and Matching - 6

Perturbé Log

Diversité 25.0 Updated 9 November 2020
    - Less database habitude
      android état not just firebase functions
Diversité 24.0 Updated 26 October 2020
    - Pilier more devices
Diversité 23.0 Updated 25 October 2020
    - Less database habitude ( 700% )
    - Fix build error in some android studette versions
    - Fix matching repeat bug
    - Fix admin wrong mot de passe causerie
    - And the new sentiment !! 
      Admin now can review all random plaisirs at realtime
Diversité 22.0 Updated 28 September 2020
    - Fix High database habitude
    - Fix Deepar license (you may needs to remove old deepar key and create new onw)
Diversité 21.0 Updated 10 September 2020
    - Update how to setup facebook login (Easier tutorial)
    - Make dossier link free (you can check it before make payment)
Diversité 20.0 Updated 8 September 2020
    - Fix dispute repeat rejcted bug
    - Fix plafond matches users bug
    - Replace "compile" with "implementation" 
    - Faster/More smarter matching
    - Better stories UI/UX
    - Admin can view users details
    - Admin can view users's messages log
Diversité 19.0 Updated 6 September 2020
    - Pilier désenveloppé videos 
    - Replace all strings as app name
    - Attach How to update dossier
    - translated in Portuguese,Spanish,Vietnamese,Ukrainian,Polish,Catalan and Romain
    - Fix accept firend request bug
    - Fix minus gems bug
    - Smaller Size
Diversité 18.0 Updated 5 September 2020
    - Not connected to the Internet alert
    - Coins / call set privilège from admin
    - Search users in the admin groupe
    - Suspended Filter in admin
    - Attach Idéal with annonce
    - Attach link with annonce
    - Receive annonce in firebase functions
    - Discours if the purchases are empty, it is not linked to Google Play
    - Users Now Can create videos with 3d filtes
    - users can save videos in SD card , share it with friends
    - Users also can add videos to his profile 
    - Chance by étape of registration in the admin groupe
    - fix cropping the name in the splash
    - loading placeholder in the profile pictures
    - You can add a lot of pictures in profile now
    - Timerx library problem
    - fix camera didn't loaded bug
    - When you press the livre down, the ringer will suffisamment
    - reprise ronger profile picture
    - Add a video creation tool
    - LTR minet and firends
    - Share, save or follow button in the video recording
    - Fix croped cardview
    - A temporary idéal while uploading the flag
    - fix showing different flag while loading
    - Increasing app usres scale to 30 million users instead of 20 thousand !
    - Loading users speed 50 times faster
    - Margin minet in RTL
    - fix history étape in the RTL devices 
    - Loading placeholder in minet
    - Displaying the ronger's picture in the profile
    - canvas.drawArc bug
    - Prevent turning off the screen in the call or the Random
    - fix admin lag
    - And finaly we added stories Idéal/Video  !!
    - And also users now can send gems to each others
Diversité 17.0 Updated 15 August 2020
    - Fix selecting étape bug 
    - Fix some bugs in matching
    - Fix admin groupe suffisamment in some devices
    - Google map dossier
    - More stability 
Diversité 16.0 Updated 14 August 2020
    - Essence slip to gender
    - Fix VIP dialog pricing
    - Edit Title
    - Pilier more devices
Diversité 15.0 Updated 14 August 2020
    - Convention filters at matching (closer suggested first)
    - Translate some forgotten words
    - Perturbé Block tartine with more clearer one
    - Fix some bugs in matching/friends
    - percentage text at vip dialog now changes automatically
    - users now can edit name/pictures
    - When différé ronger it's now sends screenshot to admin
    - Fix causerie request counter bug (when users leave minet)
    - Update admin groupe to spectacle différé's screenshots
    - dispute comme control at admin groupe
    - update subscriptions system (More équilibré)
    - Exchange prices for the logement currency
    - Friends requests annonce count icon (épinglette)
    - Update messenger UI/UX
    - move from others to droit messages button
    - cleaner friends feuillet dictionnaire
    - Add friend / accept firend request from chats feuillet
    - fix ringing after call starts in some devices
Diversité 14.0 Updated 13 August 2020
    - Remove friend Now keeps old minet
    - messages from stangers protction
    - messages button
    - Ringing tone in earpiece while calling someone
    - earpiece instead of annonceur at audio calls
    - turn annonceur on/off in call button
    - Ringing screen in video calls
    - fix causerie loading loop
    - fix add friend with id in some devices
    - add causerie request (others) bouchée
    - causerie request spectacle strangers chats like facebook 
    - fix some bugs in blocking system
    - suport more devices
    - fix color filter at video calls
    - back button no will close filters first in calls
    - Call duration counter
    - Fix call blocked somone bug
    - Arrange the history by étape
    - Add Default Beauty filter for camera
    - Add Makeup Filter
    - Fix so like button stuck in android 5+
    - Fix mandement dictionnaire bug
    - Fix The matches buttons oval in some devices
    - Maximize profile picture when click
    - Add Turkey flag
    - Make icon dynamic at emboîture us feuillet
    - Better Delete Account Button UI
    - Fix didn't found any matches if ronger didn't select hobbies
    - fix carillonner of the buttons at matching
    - so like now have more chances to be suggested at matches 
    - privilège to give you annonce at admin when somone searching
    - better dossier
    - back button to close filters tap
    - translate new Features
Diversité 13.0 Updated 11 August 2020
    - privacy policy in strings.xml
    - fix connect with the word in get started
    - Pantalon notifications text
    - Add Brazil flag
    - Switch in friends feuillet
    - admin remember me
    - fix slow interntet online vert lieu 
    - Fix deleting the colloque bug
    - Fix Voice messages RTL UI
    - Translate the account has been permanently deleted
    - Version I am having gêné logging in
Diversité 12.0 Updated 10 August 2020
    - Messages header better UI
    - profile picture of friend in minet
    - Félin in radom better ui
    - fix 3D filters scroll in random feuillet
    - fix Félin scroll in random feuillet
    - Translate notifications
Diversité 11.0 Updated 10 August 2020
    - voice messages not work at android 9
    - fix conduction bug at settings feuillet
    - prevent login feuillet appears when reopen the app
    - Add splash screen
    - fix filters translate don't applyed
    - fix can't open minet bug
    - fix recived messages become invisable sometimes
    - reverse minet color (sent meesage it blue)
    - left to right at minet
    - fux sms mandement numbers looks left aligmented
    - users should now be able to remove messages
    - unfriend someone.
    - remove whole conversition
    - users should now be able to bouleversé Assemblée color
    - Block someone UI Fix
    - open profile from matching
    - profile LTR
Diversité 10.0 Updated 9 August 2020
    - Multidex appui
    - Fix android Kitkat bugs
    - Making unread messages to be bold
    - Open messages when click annonce
    - On friends list view friends profile
    - Open profile with minet room ronger icon
    - view users pics instead of just showing one picture .
    - Fix "quot" in strings.xml 
    - Add india flag
    - Better UI at habitacle feuillet
    - Left to right appui
    - Alignment Left
    - Better settings UI
    - Teanslate new UI words
Diversité 9.0 Updated 9 August 2020
    - Firebase Crashlytics
    - Firebase Analytics
    - Update Google login
    - Fix Permissions Bug
    - Friends ordered by last causerie étape
    - back habitacle button
    - improve messages
    - fix voice records bug
    - immense click to copy causerie
    - Urls in minet are now clickable
    - fix tap to call again in minet 
    - make ronger id always low cased
    - improve search system
    - picture dimensions in minet
Diversité 8.0 Updated 8 August 2020
    - Calls UI better android 10+
    - Translate more words
    - open minet when click notify
    - sortie dialog colors 
Diversité 7.0 Updated 8 August 2020
    - Faster Video calls
     - add more 3D filters
    - Admin appui android 9+
Diversité 6.0 Updated 8 August 2020
    - Fix calls In Android 10+
Diversité 5.0 Updated 7 August 2020
    - Incoming call parangon Text
Diversité 4.0 Updated 7 August 2020
    - Fix In Random Félin UI
Diversité 3.0 Updated 7 August 2020

    - Fix filters UI at big screens
    - Fix Android 10 notifications
    - HD Random Video
Diversité 2.0 Updated 7 August 2020

    - Fix Android 9+ login bug

Diversité 1.0 Updated 7 August 2020

    - Real time broadcast receiver
    - pubsub
    - Real-time developer payments
    - Tobic Messasing
    - Firebase Database/storage
    - Firebase Functions
    - google play billing validate
    - rewarded ads video
    - deepar
    - voice messages
    - affable login
    - google traduction
    - Built-in notifications

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