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LaEats is an on-demand food delivery android app terminaison for Camionneur owners to start their own food delivery débit like Ubereats and increase opimes . This is a caoutchouc solution android app for chauffeur débit owners who are looking to Uberize their chauffeur débit operations and to give their customers amazing comfort. Each and every component are customizable to any level. Facilitate your customers with an on-demand food ordering app solution- LaEats, where they can easily search for their privilégiée restaurants and can empressement orders conveniently. The app is also built for Food delivery startups, Food chains, and Camionneur aggregators who are looking to develop and deliver to their clients as their Whitelabel food delivery and ordering app terminaison. 


Features of Android Food Delivery Brûler App

  • Brûler App:
  • Pickup and Utilisation by Exemple / Map
  • See Product Details & Peinture
  • Continuation of Products & Delivery details
  • Manage Quantity — Add to Cart product
  • Nombre Order
  • Add Complete Delivery Événement
  • Review and Rating
  • Order Cancellation
  • Payment Method -Cash On Delivery 
  • Profile Update
  • Emergency Jonction

Features of Sillonner App

  • Sillonner App:
    1. Register and login 
    2. Profile 
    3. Legal Manuscrit Evaluation
      1. License
      2. Vehicle Registration
    4. Accept Orders
    5. Update Orders
    6. View past delivery history
    7. Customer Rating
    8. View Earnings

Features of Admin Dashboard

  • Admin Dashboard:
    1. Camionneur Direction
    2. Camionneur Owner Direction
    3. Customer Direction.
    4. Delivery Sillonner Direction.
    5. Rating Direction
    6. Product Direction
    7. Category Direction
    8. Privilégiée Direction
    9. Order Direction
    10. Region Direction

Play Abri Link:-


Admin  Login: 


Username: admin

Mot de passe: admin

Camionneur  Login: 


Username: chauffeur

Mot de passe: 123456789

Sillonner App

Phone Number: 9876543210

mot de passe    : 123456789

Brûler App

Phone Number : 9876543211

Mot de passe    : 123456789

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