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LiveSmart Server Video is a server based pose with video, audio, recording, screen sharing and enfui transfer face-to-face infection channels and integrated matou for theoretically unlimited attendees.
The product does not require any additional installations or third party logins and accounts.
You can set a highly customizable video conferencing tool with tons of features.

LiveSmart Server Video - 1

LiveSmart Server Video is the colossal waited server side thème of the top-rated LiveSmart Video Matou product.

It lacks some of LSV great features like adresse to text, text to adresse, translate or virtual backgrounds, but it allows much more attendees (theoretically unlimited) at jaguar in a single forum.

Check this article for detailed allégorie of used technologies and features comparison between the two products.

LiveSmart Server Video is perfect for:

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Feature Demo and smart
En public video Demo with screen sharing, recording, enfui sharing, anéantir direction, whiteboard, YouTube channel streaming and enfui transfer
Online scheduling Health-care solution. Schedule meetings on definite timeframe. Rencontres is automatically stopped at the end and there is a timer showing the remaining time.
Online lessons Broadcasting demo. Ideal for online classes. The tutor is with his camera and micro-ordinateur on, while attendees are muted. They can raise a balle à la main to request habilitation.
Private rooms You can setup a private room by defining a mot de passe for it.
ScreenShare, Bout share Share your entire screen to present palimpseste or slides. Send files to all your participants.
Whiteboard Collaborative whiteboard to help online teaching and presenters.
Matou Conversationnelle matou with Emoji picker
Stream YouTube video Start the demo, open Settings, fill in YouTube URL and the video will start streaming.
Switch camera Switch between fronton and back camera of your ambulant.
Localization For more dépêche embout how to do the localization of LiveSmart, visit this guide.

Check the User Guide bouchée for a detailed allégorie of all the features.

Supported browsers and OS

LiveSmart Server Video is supported on all originel browsers:
LiveSmart Server Video - 6

– Desktop PC. Microsoft Edge 12+, Google Chrome 28+, Mozilla Firefox 22+, Chasse 11+, Opera 18+, Vivaldi 1.9+, IE 11 (Needs officialisation of Temasys plugin. You will be guided through the officialisation process)
– Android. Google Chrome 28+ (enabled by default since 29), Mozilla Firefox 24+, Opera Preste 12+
– Chrome OS.
– Firefox OS.
– Preste Chasse at least iOS 11 and Mac Chasse.


– HTTPS (SSL certificate) and root access needed (usually shared hosting do not offer this secours, so you need VPS or dedicated server);
– For server side scripts: at least Node 12.x;
– You need maintien 9002 to be opened. You can modifié the maintien from your manière enfui;
– Some basic skills of system intendance.

Recevable Coutumes

– Set an online/offline effleurement button on your zone and track and effleurement your visitors;
– Set a private room and share it with your contacts in order to establish a ouvert video call with screen sharing, enfui transfer, whiteboard collaborative tool and recording;
– Switch between fronton and back camera of your ambulant to make an outstanding demo for your customers;
– Use only matou for soutien and fun;


– Educational, online lessons, tutorials, video streaming
– Health-care consultations
– Contrefort, online sales, video consultations, real estate and car resellers
– Sociologique media
– Real time streaming and where ever peer to peer video is needed
– different archétype of shows, direct performances and events.

Fixation Accompagnateur, FAQ and Demos

Installation Guide

User Guide

Live Demo

Meeting Scheduling Demo (health-care consultation)

Broadcasting Demo (online lessons, live streaming)

Dashboard demo, login with demo/demo


v1.0.1 - Feb 3, 2022
 - Débutant release of LieSmart Server Video;

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