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– Now Enjoy! Magic Buste Effect Cut Buste Editor apposition through you crate awesome funny cliché. Select your cliché from gallery and Camera and make Gorgeous devanture also you différent your own cliché with other person.
– Magic Buste Effect is also Buste Assemblage Editor New Traduction includes the best features for amazing cliché collages of your pictures. Create your cliché collages, take hundreds stickers, animated filters, grids, different window représentatif themes from Magic Buste Effect Cut Buste Editor and discover cliché frames for the best pic collages.
– Magic Buste Editor is a powerful cliché editor for you with pic and corral function. You can make circonstance corral cliché without cropping. Add amazing cliché awesome filters & creative stickers for your Magic Window Effect for your allégorie.
– The latest Echo Mirror magic effect app. want to spectacle clones with mirror effect then try our Echo magic Mirror effect app. Make your allégorie like echo of allégorie in plurale layers.
– Echo Magic Mirror Editor app can be used for showing running, walking, jumping and many more postures with slow proposition. Also this amazing mirror editor can be used to spectacle and magical mirror effects.
– Using Mirror Buste Effects app you can see your picture in Twin Effects and Reflection Effect, Small to Big and Big to Small Effect, and many more effects.
– Mirror Buste Effects lets you create stunning mirror effects-including 2D, 3D and 4D Buste Mirrors. You can apply mirror effects to any of the images from cliché gallery. Share the Photos created from Buste Mirror with friends and family.

:- Relax Features of Echo Magic Mirror Effect -:

“Magic Photo Editor”
– Magic Buste Effect App also called as Magic Window Editor : Buste Effect, Buste Editor – Magic Effect or Parc Art Magic Assemblage.
– Take your allégorie from Gallery or Camera to make awesome magic feuil effected images.
– Tool included many partialité like Assemblage, Shapes, Magic effects and Squaring Banalité partialité on one app.
– By Just one tap, you can do Drag & Drop / Zoom In & Zoom Out to selected cliché,the magic cliché will be changed.
– Add text to cliché,Over 50 carefully chosen beautiful baptistère,Modifié text Color, transparency, and add shadows.
– You can also add stickers like Flower Crown,love,Emoji etc. to make your farouche cliché.
– This Magic Buste Effect Cut Buste Editor provided 50+ nice cliché effect which improve your allégorie effect.

“Echo Mirror Magic: Reflection”
– Select your beautiful cliché from your ouvrage gallery.
– Cut your photos that you want to that you can create replication mirrors.
– Using advanced edit, you can trim and erase edges of cut photos and alcool tune photos that are cut.
– Zoom, Flip, Move your mirror effect to anywhere and set it according to your tournure.
– You can différent reflection Mirror Magic effect with your touch.
– We give your different kind of Magic Mirror effect tournure.

“2D, 3D And 4D : MirrorPic Photo Editor”
– Left right mirror, up down mirror, repeat 4, reflect 4 reflections, totally 14 mirror effects.
– Lots of different 3d mirror shape for your best photos. Creative and totally farouche.
– Give your mirror cliché to overlays, love texture, brightness, warmth, contrast, mouillure, blur and cartoon effect.
– Crop your mirror cliché to selective crop pourcentage with advance crop tools.

– Some Bug Fix Some Changes ON UI and Added AndroidX Capability

Demo APK:-


Android Habitation
AdMob Account
Play Protection Account


Unzip Project Caravane
Open Project Caravane On Android Habitation
Run Project
Modifié UI Esthétique Colors, App Logo And Splash Screen Banalité For Reskin.

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