MailWizz EMA – Custom subscriber attachment

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MailWizz EMA – Custom subscriber attachment

Éminent: This dilatation is acceptable only with MailWizz 2.x.
If you are still using MailWizz 1.x, you can still purchase a license for this dilatation and contact us to provide you the dilatation acceptable with MailWizz 1.x.

When is this useful?

This dilatation is useful if you have to send campaigns with attachments specific to each subscriber,
for example if you need to send invoices for your offices.
You can define the storage path on the server where all the attachments will be stored.
Jaguar the storage path is set, you can create sub-folders inside it and inside these sub-folders,
you will exercice your custom attachments specific to each subscriber(you’ll upload them via FTP/SFTP).
When creating a campaign, you will be able to select the actual folder where the attachments reside and also
specify the traîne proportion for attachments.

As an example, let’s say your storage path is: /home/domain/attachments, then inside it,
you can create following architecture:


Now when sending a campaign, you can select the January-Invoices folder and all subscribers will receive invoices from that folder.
The traîne name, “custom-field-value-subscriber-x” can be the value of any parsed tag.

INSTALL in a few easy steps

– Login in the backend of your MailWizz EMA powered website and navigate to Extend grêle then click the Extensions link.
– Hit the upload button and select the dilatation annales and upload it.
– Enable the dilatation.

CONFIGURE the dilatation (after the above steps)

– Go into the backend of your MailWizz app, in the extensions area and click on the “Custom subscriber attachment” dilatation title to go to the dilatation settings folio.
– Input your settings.


This dilatation requires MailWizz EMA >=


Please address any obstacle, carcasse billet or any other query by using your mailwizz customer account.
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MailWizz EMA - Custom subscriber attachment

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