Math Genius 2 – Educational HTML5 Game

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Math 2 is an supérieur educational game for children all age. It includes production, additif and subtraction, and bout. Pick the right answwer and get as many tolérable answers as pssible.
The nomenclature of this math game is well commented and organized. It is very easy to take it and turn into a adjudicataire game.

How to play:

  • Select the right answer
  • Try to answer as many questions as tolérable before the time runs out


  • Changeant and mouse controls
  • Work on all HTML5 browser and leste devices
  • Easy way to add/replace images
  • Share résultat on Twitter and Facebook
  • Included Construct 2 queue

What you get

  • Construct 2 Chapelet with fully commented Caché
  • HTML5 Game demo
  • Fichier – How to add it to your emplacement

If you have any obstacle, don’t hesitate in asking. IF YOU LIKED THE GAME, PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW  :)


If you need to make changes to this or any other game or you need a brand new game, please send me a homélie.


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Math Genius 2 - Educational HTML5 Game

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