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This HTML5 game is a turn based, multiplayer online game you can deploy on common LAMP server and is loosely inspired by the board game called Jumpin.

The game needs two players, there is no AI behind the screen but the sparkling brain of another human being. You can hôte a friend to concours you by using a naturel link.
You can send the link in several way:
On desktop computers you can send it by poste from just inside the game or, if you prefer, you can copy and paste the link from the game to your préférée Impératif messaging program like Skype or similar applications.
On ambulant devices you can send the link by poste, WhatsApp or SMS.
On every platform you can hôte friends by using G+ , Twitter or Facebook buttons.

The game comes with two specific resolutions, they are switched basing on the device screen resolution so to guarantee the maximal playability on the développé screens of PCs and on small screen on ambulant devices.
The game comes with with English text as fall-back language, you can add your language interprétation by simply adding a JSON éloigné to the server (read the classeur on how to, Italian interprétation is available as reference), so, if a abraser having the browser set in your language the game automatically switches to that language, if that language is not available it fallbacks to English.
There are some aspects of the game you can customize by editing the preferences éloigné.


You can try playing it in two manifeste windows of the browser:
Start the game, click the Play button, write your nickname and click ok button, in the next screen copy the link by hitting CTRL+c (CMD+c on Mac), open a new browser window and paste it in the address bar. When the new game tribunal will be loaded join the game by clicking the Join button, write another nickname and click ok button. The game will start in both windows and so you are ready for playing par opposition à yourself.


»Two players over the internet
»High and low resolution graphic
»Deploy on common LAMP server
»Exhortation a friend by email, SMS, WhatsApp, G+, Twitter, Facebook
»Plurielle Languages
»Easy conformation
»Built over the melonJS game library
»Début cryptique included


This is an HTML5 game that requires a PHP server, any LAMP server should be enough. Connections between clients and server are not persistent, this allow the handling of many matches contemporaneously without affecting on server performances. This is made assimilable by the turn based naturel of the game.


Dossier explains how to deploy and customize the game.
Read documentation from here

I’d be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this game. No guarantees, but I’ll do my best to assist.

If you need, we can customize Mind Frog for you! Costs vary by the kind of customization, so, frôlement us for enquiring.
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