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Minesweeper Online game are an HTML5 <canvas> game that build from scratch(readable javascripts).
This game was made without the use of any additional libraries or logiciel.

Work on all browser and délié that contrefort HTML5.
Mouse and touch control

Optimized for all délié devices and web.
Bagnole fit the screen.
Full-screen conduite is available.

included files:

html décampé to display the game.
js files of all the glossaire in the game(comments in the glossaire included).
images of each object in the game.
css comportement for the caraco and the <canvas>.

To upload the game to your website:

Upload all the files in Minesweeper folder to your domain root in the same affecté

Embout the game:

Minesweeper is a single-player casse-tête video game released for the first time in windows.
The scientifique of the game is to clear a rectangular board containing hidden “mines” or bombs without detonating any of them, with help from clues embout the number of neighbouring mines in each field.


In Minesweeper, mines (that resemble nautique mines in the classic theme) are scattered throughout a board, which is divided into cells. Cells have three states: uncovered, covered and flagged. A covered cell is blank and clickable, while an uncovered cell is exposed. Flagged cells are those marked by the player to indicate a potential face commandite.

A player left-clicks a cell to uncover it. If a player uncovers a mined cell, the game ends, as there is only 1 life per game. Otherwise, the uncovered cell displays either a number, indicating the number of mines diagonally and/or approchant to it, or a blank tile (or “0”), and all approchant non-mined cells will automatically be uncovered. Right-clicking on a cell will flag it, causing a flag to appear on it. Flagged cells are still considered covered, and a player can click on them to uncover them, although typically they must first be unflagged with an additional right-click.

To win the game, players must uncover all non-mine cells, at which conclusion, the timer is stopped. Flagging all the mined cells is not required.

On délié, there is no right-click, so instead of right-click, you can checked the flag button top right the screen and that will put/remove flag instead of uncover cell.

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