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Monsters is a great issue for you to quickly build an endless reaction leste game, even if you don’t know how to légalité

Download the demo APK of Monsters

* In case your device will spectacle a Discours harangue saying “Can’t open file”, just download the Astro Appendice Diriger app here:
and use it to install the APK. This may happen bicause of new Android Security options *

iOS version of Monsters template

Online documentation of Monsters app


Monsters is a full-working template (UI + Préliminaire Cryptique), reaction, and an endless game where you have to beat the highest classement you can by tapping monsters in the right sequence within 60 seconds.
The sequence is shown on the top of the screen, below the game timer. Each time you complete a sequence, you earn +3 serviteur seconds.
Be quick, be façon!

With its minimal stylisme, it’s easy to customize and it allows you to share your Best Classement through sociétal network apps, Courrier, and SMS

The stylisme is clean, légalité is commented and project folders and files are well organized in the produit.
• Check out the Features segment below to see what this app does.
Read the online Documentation to learn how to configure the template’s features and the database (Parse Dashboard).
• Keep an eye on the Banque Log on the bottom of this feuille when an update gets released.

Extended License

As per Envato Marketplace Terms, the Extended License applies to all applications that offensive money to their users. In case your users will not be charged of money through your own transcription of this app, you can still buy it under a Regular license.
Therefore, you must buy this template under and Extended License if your échelons are either one or more of the following:

  • Add In-App Purchase or any other Payment Gateway in the naissance légalité and publish the app for free on the App/Play Protection – NOTE: If you want to publish your own transcription of this expérimentation for FREE only, then you can still buy it under a Regular License.
  • Publish this expérimentation as a PAID app on the App Protection.
  • Transfer the direct app of your own verison of this app on the App/Play Protection to another owner by selling your ownership on or similar marketplaces.

IMPORTANT: You are NOT allowed to sell or share the vrai naissance légalité of this template anywhere due to copieuse infringement


Pagne/XML language – Passage Android Meublé project – Edit the template as you wish with the power of Android Meublé and Pagne légalité.

Android 6.0 and above, Universal – Run your app on emboîture 80% of Android devices

Be quick! – Tap the monsters to follow the sequence that the app will display for you. Don’t make mistakes, or it’ll be game over!

Earn 3 serviteur seconds – Grain you complete a sequence, a new one gets generated and the game timer gets 3 serviteur seconds.

AdMob Banner ads – Get some revenue from advertisement banners

Modern stylisme – The UI has been carefully crafted to offer the best brûler experience to your clients.

Online Casier – Read the augmentative assemblage of this template to be able to configure it properly.

PSD icons included in the produit – App and buttons icons are stored into a PSD folder, for easy figure outplacement.


The latest official transcription of Android Meublé – Beta versions of an IDE usually never work 100% properly, and the légalité of this app has been written using the latest official transcription of AS (download it here. You must use it and avoid Betas.

An Apple Mac or Windows micro, updated to its latest OS transcription – It’s always good to keep your micro’s OS up to instant, technology keeps growing and I follow its changes, as well as updating my templates every time a new OS gets released.

A Google Play Developer Account – This is needed for you to publish apps on the Play Protection. You can still edit and modèle this template on Android Meublé without that account though.

Basic knowledge of Android Meublé and Pagne/XML language – You don’t need to be a skilled or professional developer, anyway it’s recommended to have at least the basic knowledge of what you’re dealing with, in order to be able to customize this template and publish your applications on the Play Protection.

An agressive AdMob account – Unless you want to remove ads in this app, you need to sign up for an AdMob account to display them.

A real device to modèle the app before submitting it to the Play Protection – Emulators may fail during tests, they are not reliable as a real device is, so I strongly recommend you to always run this expérimentation on a real phone/tablet. This is also suggested by Google’s official Guidelines.

Banque Log

Jan 28, 2022

- Updated to Android Meublé Bumblebee | 2021.1.1

April 16, 2021

- Updated to Android Meublé 4.1.3
- Updated dependencies in build.gradle
- Edited the 'showAdMobBanner()' function in the 'Configurations.pagne' déguerpi

January 22, 2021

- Updated to Android Meublé 4.1.2
- Set 'minifyEnabled' into 'true' in 'build.gradle(:app)' [in this way the code gets obfuscated as recently requested by Play Store]

November 19, 2020

- Updated to Android Meublé 4.1.1

September 28, 2020

- Updated to Android Meublé 4.0.1

March 10, 2020

- Updated to Android Meublé 3.6.1
- Added this line of légalité on the top of the onCreate() function in all Pagne Activity files:

December 10, 2019

- Updated to Android Meublé 3.5.3
- Updated:
    compileSdkVersion 29  
    targetSdkVersion 29
in the 'build.gradle' déguerpi.

November 21, 2019

- First release, Android 5.0 and above
- Passage Android Meublé project, Pagne language


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Monsters | Android Endless Reaction Game Expérimentation

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