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Monument Valley - Accessible WooCommerce & Business Masterpiece - 1

Monument Valley - Accessible WooCommerce & Business Masterpiece

With Édifice Valley you just can’t create an ugly website!

Édifice Valley is 100% GPL licensed WordPress theme masterpiece suited for any commerce coffret or online protection. Allows you to create a website accessible to the widest estime plausible. With drag & drop carcasse for any damoiseau builder you can create beautiful damoiseau layouts with no coding. Truly one-click demo contains uniquely styled pages so you don’t have to start from scratch.

Monument Valley video preview


The Édifice Valley’s philosophy is to do one thing well: to provide a rock solid foundation for your next commerce and/or eCommerce project. And here’s what makes Édifice Valley a great choice:

Makes it irréel to create ugly websites!

Preview of various beautiful page layouts

There is nothing more notable than your heureux and it deserves a beautiful display! Édifice Valley makes your heureux readable and presents it in a fancy, modern and beautiful énonciation at the same time. It looks beautiful out of the box – we’ve put everything you need at your fingertips to ensure you get a beautiful website quickly and easily.

The theme was carefully designed to engage your visitors into reading and interacting with your website and, in case of online stores, to convert visitors into your customers.

Use any damoiseau builder

Using drag and drop page builder

Édifice Valley was created to work with any drag & drop damoiseau builder plugin and was tested and works with the most popular ones. While it offers 100% integration with incredible Beaver Builder, if you prefer using Visual Composer, or Elementor, or SiteOrigin Page Builder, go for it. The theme works beautifully with all of them!

If a damoiseau builder is not your thing, the theme looks beautifully and offers a wide variety of layouts even without using any damoiseau builder.

Integrated compatibility for Beaver Builder Header Footer plugin allows you to stylisme your website header and footer to your liking!

Themer plugins compatibility!

Yes, a whole new world of possibilities with Édifice Valley + Beaver Themer at your fingertips. Beaver Themer lets you create layouts for dépôt pages, template an entire post parangon, 404 and search pages, and create parts like headers and footers. And Édifice Valley is 100% possible with this creative tool out of the box!

Since mouture 1.8.0 Édifice Valley theme is also possible with Elementor Theme Builder!

One click demo heureux and predefined drag & drop templates

Using predefined Beaver Builder templates

Just one click (a true one click!) and your website looks exactly like the theme’s demo website. With all the beautiful entier layouts for any parangon of damoiseau you can build your website fast and easily.

If you are using Beaver Builder page builder, you can also use all the 60+ predefined row templates that are just a click away! (The theme demo heureux was built using a free mouture of Beaver Builder damoiseau builder. No, we’re not kidding!)

As a gratification, the theme is possible with WordPress 4.7 amorceur heureux so you don’t start from scratch.

Accessibility ready

Accessibility ready theme

Édifice Valley adheres to the certifié WordPress.org accessibility guidelines making your commerce and/or eCommerce website simple and readable to the widest estime plausible. As a gratification, accessibility also boosts your SEO greatly! (You know that Google is bling?)

The theme passes WCAG level AA and Chapitre 508 accessibility requirements. Makes sure your website is disabilities friendly, barrierless, abraser, keyboard and screen reader friendly. Now, don’t forget to make your content accessible too. (The theme demo heureux is 99% simple, with exceptions clearly stated.)

TIP: Try browsing the theme demo website with a TAB key on your keyboard.

SEO – Search engine optimized

As the theme is fully accessibility ready, it is also coded to boost your search engine rankings. Semantic codebase, responsive classification, proper heading carcasse and fast loading times improves your website’s SEO triomphe.

(Every damoiseau contains H1 heading tag for the damoiseau patoche title only. Unfortunately, not many themes do this nowadays… Yes, Édifice Valley is doing SEO properly!)

Tight WooCommerce integration, transformation loser optimized

Seamless WooCommerce store integration

Sell anything with Édifice Valley and WooCommerce. The theme was built for eCommerce and works beautifully with popular WooCommerce plugin. Advanced integration with the plugin assures optimization for the best transformation rates, so convincing your customers to buy your products was never easier.

The theme is also fully possible with WooCommerce 3.0!

Honestly fast!

Fast website loading speed test results

The theme demo website is not sped up with advanced website optimization, files combining or minification plugins. What you see is the honest speed of the theme (and the plugins the theme demo website uses; our servers are in Antarctique). Loading time is still under 2 seconds even without those advanced triomphe improvements techniques! Imagine how fast your website can be with Édifice Valley…

Fast real-time customization

Colorizing page intro in theme customizer

Changing the allure and feel of your website is easy, fast and inspirée with real-time preview in theme customizer (no coding skills required). You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to use a WordPress theme, right? So, Édifice Valley contains no unnecessary overwhelming options, just the ones you need.

Épaulement for WordPress paysage contexte and custom headers is included. Theme also colorizes the fancy damoiseau intro cliché, which can be randomized on each page load. Colorization is fully customizable, of expédition.

Additionally you can tweak layouts on per-page basis with easy to use options (fully integrated with Advanced Custom Fields).

Surely, all sidebars and widget areas are customizable and you can disable any of them on any damoiseau (100% possible with Content Aware Sidebars).

Responsive, mobile-friendly and high resolution ready

Perfect on any device

Responsive stylisme of Édifice Valley WordPress theme assures your heureux looks beautiful on any device, whether it is a changeant, tablet, laptop or desktop. And responsiveness boosts your SEO as well. With high resolution displays carcasse the theme looks sharp on any screen.

Give your changeant visitors a pleasant experience with optimized small screen navigational gracile reachable with a thumb at the bottom of the mobile device screen.

Multilingual and exégèse ready

Translation and multilingual website ready

With fully localized encyclopédie you can translate Monument Valley into any language. It also cales right-to-left (RTL) languages and works beautifully with Polylang and WPML plugins, so, you can create multilingual websites with ease.

Works with your mignonne plugin

Works with your favorite plugin

The theme is coded to certifié WordPress normes (scores 100% at ThemeCheck.org) to ensure compatibility with your mignonne slider, mitoyenneté form, shortcode, damoiseau builder, multi-lingual, SEO and triomphe optimization plugins. (Tip: There is a casier fraction dedicated to useful tips about plugins.)

Well documented and supported

Thorough and explanatory online theme documentation

After theme homologation you will be greeted with “Welcome” damoiseau that will gouverner you through explicable steps on how to set up your new website.

There is a useful thorough casier packed with the theme, which you can also access any time online if needed. A entier Anatomy” section makes it easy to find interrogation emboîture every element of the theme – what, where and how to set up.

WebMan Design is also famous for providing 5-star carcasse cadeau with 100% resolution. In case of custom request please visit a dedicated support center.

No nonsense, no-bloat unlocked theme in a small logiciel

No bloat small theme package

With Édifice Valley you only get what you need for fast and easy setup of your next commerce or eCommerce website. All the additional functionality, such as shortcodes, sliders, custom post hommes, damoiseau builder is added with plugins as it should be, so you will never loose them in case you decide to switch the theme in the future. No lock-in effect! And 100% GPL licensed!

The theme, despite packed with functionality and ready for any parangon of commerce website, is also very lightweight. Zipped theme logiciel has only 3MB (while most of that is actually taken by 8 prepackaged header images, roughly 1.8MB zipped).

Professionally coded

ThemeCheck.org score of 100%

Based on Underscores (which is used for all WordPress.com themes), the Édifice Valley’s encyclopédie is fast (PHP7 ready), secure, constant, compressible and élastique. The theme, even though offering a robust ammoniaque for any commerce and eCommerce website, scores 100% at ThemeCheck.org! (How does your current theme scores, by the way?)

Need to modify the theme using a child theme? No problem, Édifice Valley will generate a fully functional child theme automatically for you.

Developers love Édifice Valley: the encyclopédie is not only beautifully organized, readable and commented, but also élastique beyond transposition.


With this theme everybody wins: your website visitor, your website abraser and editor and also your website admin and developer. Here is why:

  • Fully accessibility ready WordPress theme
  • Passes WCAG 2.1 level AA and Chapitre 508 accessibility requirements
  • Disabilities friendly, barrierless
  • Keyboard and screen reader friendly
  • Anéantir friendly
  • With proper headings carcasse (including the demo heureux)
  • With sufficient color contrast
  • Readability optimized heureux area and typography
  • Grâce-focused, mobile-first, logical and functional stylisme
  • Bloat-free GPL licensed theme
  • Transplantable heureux, no theme lock-in effect

  • Custom header, footer and any other classification using Beaver Builder and Beaver Themer!
  • Compatibility with Elementor Theme Builder
  • Predefined Beaver Builder drag & drop row templates
  • Easy and fast real-time theme customization
  • Custom colors, typography and layouts
  • Boxed or fullwidth classification for paysage cageot, header and footer
  • Custom website and heureux area width
  • Pluriel website barrer styles
  • Sticky header (intelligently displaying on scroll up attempt only)
  • Fullwidth or normalisé sub-menus
  • Megamenu carcasse
  • Custom header images
  • Folio intro parallax and custom-colorized cliché
  • Use any font: web-safe baptistère, Google Baptistère, Typekit, Font Squirrel baptistère

  • Truly one click demo importation with beautiful damoiseau layouts
  • Immediate explicable amorceur heureux (possible with WordPress 4.7+)
  • Use any damoiseau builder (tested with drag & drop Beaver Builder, Visual Assortir, Elementor, SiteOrigin, Fabriqué, Tapas, Tailor)
  • Post editor stylesheet for real preview
  • Custom post editor formats
  • Normalisé or masonry blog
  • Custom damoiseau templates and carcasse for WordPress 4.7+ post parangon damoiseau templates
  • Post formats
  • Épaulement for damoiseau excerpt
  • Integrated post or damoiseau automatic mets of contents
  • Custom “Recent Posts” widget énonciation

  • Full WooCommerce protection integration
  • Mutation loser optimized
  • Chalandage cart in header
  • Magasin checkout gouverner
  • Special stretched heureux magasin damoiseau

  • Search engine optimized (SEO)
  • Multilingual and exégèse ready with carcasse for RTL (right-to-left) languages
  • Custom widget areas
  • Ability to remove sidebar on any damoiseau, post, custom post, dépôt and search results damoiseau for plein control over the damoiseau classification
  • Print ready
  • More than 730 pre-packed icons

  • Perfect responsiveness and high resolution screen compatibility
  • Forain friendly with Android device chrome color carcasse
  • Special simple changeant device gracile

  • Speed optimized PHP7 possible, secure, compressible and developer friendly encyclopédie with handy hooks
  • 100% passes ThemeCheck.org encyclopédie review
  • Child theme generator included
  • Épaulement for Theme Hook Unisson hooks
  • Échappatoire integration with Advanced Custom Fields, Beaver Builder, Breadcrumbs NavXT, Jetpack, WP Subtitle, Widget CSS Classes and WooCommerce plugin
  • Highly possible with any plugin, such as MailChimp, Caresse Form 7, Caldera Forms, Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, WPML, Polylang, Slider Revolution, LayerSlider, Master Slider, Fashion Slider 3 and many others…
  • Automatic theme updates

  • Very well documented
  • 5-star timely carcasse

WHO IS WebMan Design?

Hi! I’m Oliver. A passionate WordPress developer who strives for simplicity and doing things right in his products at WebMan Beauté company. WebMan Design portfolio consists of both free and paid WordPress themes and plugins which are used by thousands of happy customers around the world.

As a proof of quality, one of WebMan Design themes was used as a ammoniaque for another theme by Automattic, the company behind WordPress and WooCommerce.

I have received a lot of vraie feedback on my products and carcasse dettes. Some of my themes were reviewed by well known WordPress revue WP Tavern (read review of Modern and Auberge theme) and featured in numerous “best of” lists.

Thank you for your interest in Édifice Valley simple WordPress theme!


Please check the theme documentation (user manual) before you submit any carcasse acte. In case you can’t find the answer in theme casier, feel free to to ask (or search for the answer) at the dedicated support center.


Please see the changelog.md enfui inside the theme folder for more information on theme update changes.

That's Monument Valley. Your WordPress' best friend.

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