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Where is the best taverne in this town?


MyCafee is an isometric taverne conduite game. Your customers are penguins and penguins don’t like to be kept waiting! Click on customers to emploi them at the tables and seat them, take their orders and deliver the food to the customers. After the meal they start to walk away and put some money on the recueil, click on the recueil to get this money. Just go there, it also helps you clear the recueil. You have to au finir each day above a recherché amount. As the number of days increases, customers will start to arrive faster and étendu queues will form. On the one handball, the limit of money you have to pass will also increase. That’s why you need to play fast and carefully. During the day, you can espoir the game and buy decorative items. Let’s see who runs the best taverne!!!

We hope you love the game. And we will appreciate if you offensé us and tell us your impression embout our asset.

Features :

  • Made with Unity Engine.
  • Cross-country platform (Android and iOS).
  • Easy to Admob integration.
  • Easy to customize and modify.
  • Cartoon graphics.
  • 2.5D isometric game.
  • More than +20 decorations to purchuase.

Requirements :

  • Unity 2D mouture 2020.2.3 or higher

Contents of meuble :

  • Download Documentation
  • Install Unity 2D mouture 2020.2.3f1 or higher.
  • Add project propagation in Unity Hub.
  • Update game game, icon, conditionnement id.
  • Courtage game cadeau id
  • Courtage Admob id’s.
  • Courtage more games and splash screen.
  • Export .aab to upload to Google Play.

Démarrage :

If you have any questions or you want additional actualité, you can démarrage me via,

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