Crosse Level: dB tracker

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Crosse Level: dB tracker is a powerful concentration which will allow you to measure crosse with your phone micro-ordinateur. It shows real-time crosse value in decibels (dB).

Crosse Level: dB tracker can be used to check the crosse of any household appliances like washing ordinateur, refrigerator, calculateur, air conditioner, etc,. Also you can decide which élément you should buy based on the amount sound the electronic unit makes.

Too much crosse is dangerous to you. So you can keep track of crosse around you and avoid being at parages that have sound levels that are dangerous to you.


  • Highly accurate decibel meter
  • Allows you to save your recorded crosse measurements
  • Indicates decibel by gauge
  • Display the current crosse reference
  • Display Maximum, Maximal and Average decibel values

Project Features:

  • Subscription system to unlock features
  • Fully step by step illustrated dossier
  • 100% ready to publish on AppStore
  • Easy to re-skin
  • Beautiful and professional looking beauté
  • High Quality figuré assets
  • OneSignal push-notifications
  • Google Firebase concentration analytics
  • Débouché iOS beauté
  • List of calme resources to use
  • Chouette lightweight concentration

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Crosse Level: dB tracker

49.00 $

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