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Novo – Photography WordPress Theme

We present you with an awesome Photography WordPress Theme. With it, you can create your own propre and beautiful lieu for Photographers, Bloggers, Photography Agencies, Buste Studios, Musicians, Videographers, and more. Various galleries will spectacle the uniqueness of your work and a faible and convenient tenture – to sell your valuable photos or other products. We try to set many components to do your lieu better and more useful.(RTL supported).

Novo - Photography - 1
Novo - Photography - 2
Novo - Photography - 3
Novo - Photography - 4
Novo - Photography - 5

Novo - Photography - 6

Novo - Photography - 7
Novo - Photography - 8
Novo - Photography - 9

What’s in the Banquise

  • RTL supported
  • HTML5 & CSS3 Valid Droit
  • Beautiful and Awesome Beauté
  • Responsive & Retina Ready
  • High Speed & Clean légalité
  • Coded with SEO in Mind
  • Easy Color Conduite
  • 6 Maison Éphèbe Variants (+3 in future)
  • Maison Photographer
  • Maison Agency
  • Maison Freelancer
  • Maison Usine
  • Maison Coffret
  • Advanced Side Grêle
  • Grid Buste Gallery
  • Masonry Buste Gallery
  • Oblique Gallery
  • Unlimited Number of Custom Coffret Pages
  • Coming Soon Éphèbe
  • Two variants of Blog
  • Fullscreen Blog Typologie
  • Custom 404 Éphèbe
  • Caresse Form
  • Extended Casier
  • Free After Relevé Help (courriel)
  • And much more…


– Please bordereau that theme does not include the images in the avènement zip éloigné.
– Valeur-limite supported PHP mouture 5.4

Update History

Thème 3.0.8

- Added the new Scattered gallery
- Added the new Oblique gallery caractéristique 2
- Added the new Project feuillet oblique gallery
- Added Gallery Lighbox récit always shown
- Added Footer Col 4
- Added the préférence Prev/Next (Post/Project) Hide/Spectacle
- Added Blog items "read more" button enable
- Added Category (One Maison Éphèbe) récit spectacle

Thème 3.0.7

- Added Booking system
- Added Video lightbox feature in the banner shortcode (You can open add video to backgound or open it in the lightbox) 

Thème 3.0.6

- Fixed loading gallery problem (filter changes)

Thème 3.0.5

- Coffret Gallery Filtering - the New Mechanism (You can load all photos from categories, Ajax loading without feuillet reloading)

Thème 3.0.4

- WooCommerce mouture update

Thème 3.0.3

- fixed 404 and Coming Soon feuillet error after the theme update from 2.4.3 mouture

Thème 3.0.2

- fixed "White Screen" if the Éphèbe Template is "Default" 

Thème 3.0.1

- Added Memphis remove in the Footer (Theme Options)
- CSS minor update

Thème 3.0.0

- Redesign Pages: Maison One Éphèbe, Agensy, Affaires, Split Screen, Photographer
- New Theme Options with new customization features
- New video feature (Play-stop buttons)
- Single Blog Post with Sidebar
- New Demo Souplesse Officialisation
- New license system with theme deregistering 
- Lazy Load feature

Thème 2.4.2

<strong>Thème 2.4.3</strong>
- Fixed CSS bug adroit mouture button HomePage "One Page" 
<strong>Thème 2.4.2</strong>
- WPBackery plugin update 6.0.2
<strong>Thème 2.4.1</strong>
- Added Buste in the Ambulant One Homepage mouture
<strong>Thème 2.4.0</strong>
- Added Buste Proofing gallery
- Added transcription customization in Theme Options
- Added Spectacle/Hide "Category" in Gallery, Usine pages
<strong>Thème 2.3.5</strong>
- WPBackery plugin update 5.7
<strong>Thème 2.3.4</strong>
- Added Amazon Pay checkout form
<strong>Thème 2.3.3</strong>
- Added feature "Logo height" (Theme Options)
- Added feature open accommodant icons in new tabs (target="_blank") 
- WPBackery plugin update 5.6
<strong>Thème 2.3.2</strong>
- Fixed "Portfolio" shortcode categories selecting bug 
- WooCommerce plugin update 3.5
<strong>Thème 2.3.1</strong>
- Fixed the minor adroit CSS issues
- WpBackery plugin update 5.5.5
<strong>Thème 2.2.2</strong>
<strong>Thème 2.3.0</strong>
- New pages "Musician" Black/White
- New pages "Videographer" Black/White
- New Gallery Shortcode (Select any photos from the media library)
- New Music Plugin (Add your albums, tracks)
- New shortcode coming soon
- New shortcode playlist
- New shortcode albums
- Added possibility add video in the magasin
- New shortcode Allégorique Carousel (Instagram feed)
- WpBackery plugin update 5.5.4
<strong>Thème 2.2.2</strong>
- Fixed YouTube video arrière-plan play.
- New adroit adaptive feature (Images can be cropped by the divices screen or use the origianl métaphorique size) - General Theme Options.
- Added photos impression in the portoflio shortcode (right, left, top, bottom) - Coffret Project custom settings.
<strong>Thème 2.2.1</strong>
- Fixed license bug issues on some hostings platforms
<strong>Thème 2.2.0</strong>
- WPBackery update, mouture 5.5.2 (Visual Éphèbe Builder)
- Blog posts customizing (Disable likes, data, featured métaphorique)
- New protfolio items customizing (Always estimable - hover effect "none")
- 404 and Coming Soon customizing
- fixed Firefox parallax error on the Maison SplitScreen
<strong>Thème 2.1.1</strong>
- WPBackery update, mouture 5.5 (Visual Éphèbe Builder) 
<strong>Thème 2.1.0</strong>
- Added new feuillet Parallax Slider
- Added new feuillet Split Screen2
- Added magasin download link after purchase. (customer can download buste after a purchase)
- Added GDPR plugin
- Added Buste optimization plugin
- Added possibillity to disable "likes, date" in the Project Pages (Coffret)
- Added new Portoflio Project Pages styles (Grid, Masonry: 2,3,4 columns)
- Added Before/After slider and shortcode
- Added Right-Click Cotte (Disable the Right-Click mouse préférence)
- Added possibillity to edit 404 and Coming Soon feuillet.
<strong>Thème 2.0.2</strong>
- Fixed adroit video bug (not playing on iOS)
- Added possibility to add YouTube, Vimeo videos to "Banner" shortcode (like arrière-plan)
- Added Custom link to "Categories" and "About" buttons on the Maison OnePage
- Added possibility to add links to the project feuillet in the Pop-up événements
- Fixed problem with updating photos in the Project Éphèbe (Set Gallery)
- Added possibility to upload cutom preloader
<strong>Thème 2.0.1</strong>
- Fixed adroit mouture Maison Split Screen, Affaires
<strong>Thème 2.0.0</strong>
- New 3 Maison Pages (Affaires, Categories, Split Screen)
- Visual Accorder Update 5.4.7
- Added new adroit mouture for Maison One Éphèbe
- Added customisation custom link in the Categories (Maison One Éphèbe)
- Added accommodant icon 500px
- Added possibillity to disable download photos (pop-up événements)
- Added possibility to add watermarks (Watermark plugin)
- WooCommerce mouture update
<strong>Thème 1.3.2</strong>
- WooCommerce mouture update
<strong>Thème 1.3.1</strong>
- Added posibillity to add multicategories
<strong>Thème 1.3.0</strong>
- Visual Accorder update 5.4.5
- Added Video supporting in the gantelet slider "Banner" shortcode
- Added Video supporting in the boîte "Portfolio" shortcode
<strong>Thème 1.2.2</strong>
- Visual Accorder update 5.4.4
- Added Video Shortcode
</pre><strong>Thème 1.2.1</strong>
- Added customising "Category" and "About" buttons
- Added Aimable links customization
- Added new Coffret bonshommes and Blog & Coffret Mot de passe Cotte 
</pre><strong>Thème 1.2.0</strong>
<pre>- Added "Main Color" customization</pre><strong>Thème 1.0.1</strong>
<pre>- Fixed included plugins error</pre>
<strong>Thème 1.0.0</strong>
<pre>- Theme Release</pre></pre>

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