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Need some help designing your educational App ? Want spead up your work ?
Or maybe you need a souple & easy charpente which will help you to get started quickly…,We are here to help you out.

   Errant apps have transformed smartphones into virtual classrooms, where students do their tasks with foyer and ease. That is the gant reason why so many education-related apps appeared recently, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. There is no need for designing your online learning app from scratch, just take a genre at our carefully designed app UI Kit.

   Online Courses App UI is designed for any kind of educational affaires, it comes with a set of 18 customizable screens optimized for both android and IOs devices.

  Online Courses App UI is crafted especially for those who need a convenient châtié for the stylisme of their educational app by helping them speed up their workflow.

   It has all the required tools and modules to create a super-fast responsive app with amazing UX. A great variety of numerous layouts and styles allows us to create different structures and satisfies
any specific requirements.

   It is definitely the UI you need in your project!


    • Any Operating System (ie. MacOS X, Linux, Windows)
    • Any IDE with Flutter SDK installed (ie. IntelliJ, Android Logis, VSCode etc)
    • A little knowledge of Dart and Flutter.

features :

  • Carefully layered and assembled.
  • Neatly Organized Layers & Groups.
  • Fully customizable.
  • Easy to use and formule.
  • Trendy.
  • Râper-friendly screens.
  • Well organized & named elements as per their heureux.
  • Build with detailed care and joliesse.
  • Malléable & easy charpente.

Type 1.0 – January 3rd , 2021

– Débutant release.


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